Shanna the She Devil #2 Review

Story Title: World Against One Chapters 1-4
Reviewer: Paul Sebert
Plot: Frank Cho
Art: Frank Cho
Inks: Frank Cho
Colors: Frank Cho
Editors: Cory Sedlmeier, Axel Alonso
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This comic is rated PSR+ which means Parental Supervision is Required for readers under the age of 13. Which makes me feel sorry for the readers between the ages of 10 and 12 that have to read this title under their parents’ supervision. “Timmy you’ll have to put that comic down right this instant, there’s too much half-nudity.” “Aw… mom!”

As for any lucky, lucky 13-year-olds who manage to get their mitts on this comic, well they’ll be gleefully reading it again and again behind closed doors. In fact if I had this comic at the tender age of 13, I might not have been seen again for years.

Fair warning, this comic has nothing really to do with the classic Ka-Zar character and every thing to Frank Cho drawing a blond nubile athletic woman in various states of undress.

And for this Frank Cho deserves an Eisner, a Harvey, an Academy Award, and a Nobel Peace Prize. His art stunning, painstakingly detailed in each delicious cheesecake flavored curve. In fact in my book the title’s much debated edits and air-brushings over some of the more gratuitous scenes actually work in its favor. Often a tasteful tease is more alluring than a straight-up nudie shot.

Oh sure there’s some holier-than-though who may think it’s wrong for Marvel to show nudity. But I don’t care. And yes there are fans of the earlier incarnations of Shanna who might be upset, but let’s be perfectly honest here; if you see a piece of Frank Cho pin-up art and all you can think of are continuity errors, you’re either gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or an robot masquerading as a human being.

Shanna The She-Devil is the text book definition of a guilty pleasure. The art is wonderful, the story is bare-bones but sufficient, and there’s loads of toobular boobular joy for the entire family.