Age of Apocalypse #1 Review

Writer: Akira Yoshida
Penicler: Chris Bachalo
Inker: Tim Townsend
Colorist: Studio F’s Edgar Delgado
Letterer: Chris Eliopolous
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: Dan Buckley

Title: Like Father…
Published by: Marvel

Okay, here it is – the book I’ve been waiting for at least a few months for. Age of Apocalypse #1.

Why aren’t they dead?

What new AOA versions of characters are we going to find?

Chris Bachalo artwork.



Twice on Sundays.

Now, to be fair the good and the bad outweight each other – because Akira Yoshida is writing it, and I really hated His X-Men/Fant 4 crossover. So let’s get into the telling tale of woe that is – the AGE OF APOCALYPSE!


We start off with a shrouded figure moving through the Canadian snow. Given the sound effects of ‘Sniff’ – fine, it’s Wolvie. Page two and I’m already lost.

You see, page two (and three) is a big splashpage of this huge hulking baddie and his cohorts. (Who if you pay attention – one is Puck!) The art of the page gets a bit jumbled though since the hooded figure from page one looks like a rock at first. You get over it. Wolverine kicks some ass and we move on.

Back on the otherside of the world (aka America) – there is a new White House and a new President. Who is the Pres? Why Kelly of course. He assures the country that, where yes, mutants can sometimes suck – many of them have their heart in the right place. So he has hired a mutant task force to take down other mutants. That taskforce is… THE X-MEN. (Storm, Gambit, Sunfire, Nightcrawler, and Wolfsbane)

So to prove they are as good as they say they are – they go and we see a quick mission of their’s taking down a group of baddies known as the Hellions.

So – this proves that it all works, right? Well not entirely – you see Mags assures that they have a foolproof tracking device. Who?

Well, back in Canada, Wolverine wants nothing to do with rejoining the X-Men – but the hooded figure from the beginning of the issue won’t take NO for an answer…



Wasn’t that Wolverine at the beginning…. NO!!!! (Dramatic fanfare)

To find out who.. join us.. NEXT WEEK! (or look at the cover.)


Chris Chris Chris – man, you still look good.

Truth be told, I love Bachalo’s X-Men work. His Gen X stuff was great and had this indy comic feel while still being all the rage. So it’s great to see his very typical character designs. No, he doesn’t do anything exceptional in the least – but what he DOES do.. he does well.

Aside from his splash 2/3 looking a bit jumbly the first time through it – I’m glad to see him back with the mutants.


So after all is said and done – did I hate it? NO! I was kind of expecting to, given the amount I hated X-4. Yoshida shows a love of the history of AOA, and a want to tell an interesting multi-layered story. That really is all that matters to me. So I can now officially feel good about looking forward to the rest of this anniversary event. Yay!

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