Exiles #60 Review

Writer: Tony Bedard
Pencils: Jim Calafiore
Inker: Mark McKenna
Colors: JC
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: Dan Buckley

Published By: Marvel Comic

More AoA?


Exiles has gotten stale these last few months… and I really was considering dropping it. Now Bedard has taken the reigns of the Timebroker and is screwing with the original layout set by Winick. I’m ok with that! I loved Winick’s set-up, but at 60 issues of a story that has miraculously survived the cullings countless times – I appreciate a bit of a status quo switch.


So here we are in THE AGE OF APOCALYPSE! This is ‘punishment’ for disobeying the order to kill Morph last issue.

Beak… GONE!
Sasquatch… GONE!

Gone for good? Hope not – I don’t like Beak, but I’ll be damned upset if this is all he could think of to get rid of them – especially when Beak is supposed to have this weird destiny attached to his tenure in the Exiles. Anyway, just because the Broker is taking away two teammates – he’s letting them KEEP Sabretooth, AAAND he’s giving them a brand new spankin’ member.

Your everyday neighborhood Holocaust!

Holocaust – as in the Ghost Rider lookin S O B from the original AOA – who ended up in the 616 and X-Man killed… THAT Holocaust. So they exchange pleasantries – (and one one-liner by Holocaust that floors you) – and off they go to fight their mission.

Well, that’s not entirely true – they go to stop Holocaust from doing their mission. You see, the evil timebroker wants them to kill the X-Men.

Yeah, not the nicest guy lately…

So this entire book more or less has the Exiles bounding about with their new leader (Sabretooth) against their new teammate (Holocaust) WOW! For a book that’s been travelling the longroad to boringville, it sure picked up in a hurry. All of this not only ties in with the AOA mini, but is pushing along the ANTI-TIMEBROKER story beautifully!


Jim Califiore is a man who needs a regular title. I mean, yes – he does pretty much every issue of Exiles that Sakakibara doesn’t get done. Why? Because, honestly, Exiles doesn’t need Sak – Calafiore is great!

He’s picked up the nuances of the AOA world without fail – not to mention he adds his own special little flair to all of the work. Find a guy who is as consistant as Jim and I will find you a guy who probably has his own title. Why doesn’t Jim and Mark McKenna?


Exiles is picking up steam. It has been hit up as a lameduck X-Title for a few months, but it seems Bedard has now moved past putting his pieces into play. He’s ready to play chess, and the Exiles are at stake against the Timebroker. What is at stake… WE ALL ARE – MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough**hack*

..okay, well at least it’s better than the demon inside Sasquatch.

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