[Deconstructing the Moveset] – Is This Really News?

Let’s hear it for another week of Deconstructing the Moveset! What makes this week any different? I’m sick and on medication!

Have you seen this thread yet? Just wondering.

Check out possible Wrestlemania match spoilers, Gordi continues his psychology columns with another home run (do they have those in Western Canada?), and Hevia throws the Crucfix in the air to take away my column idea for the week. In his defense, he IS earlier in the week than I am and he also did a better job than I wouold have done.

And as always, we’ve got two other thursday IP columnists…

David Brashear looks back at three title changes in Great-ing Gimmick of the Past and Kevin Bufton lookat a 2004’s Hall of Fame inductees in Truth or Consequences.

Anyway…… Let’s get into this Nyquil induced column!

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Is Mick Foley a legend?
Yes 77%
Not yet 04%
No 17%

Is Shawn Michaels a legend?
Yes 71%
Not yet 15%
No 13%

Is Bret Hart a legend?
Yes 91%
Not yet 02%
No 06%

lessthenpleased had this to say:

I said “not yet” for all three, simply because I don’t believe that enough time has passed from the end of their careers to adequately judge whether or not they are legitimate legends. Hart stopped wrestling maybe 5 years ago, Michaels is still wrestling, and Foley is still wrestling on occasion: there isn’t enough distance for me to effectively judge how influential they were in pro wrestling and, in Foley’s case in particular, whether or not that influence was good.

Ask me again in five years and I suspect that I’ll say “yes” to all three. Right now, though, I’m not willing to commit to a “yes” or to a “no.”

I voted yes for all three because that’s how I feel. All three have had legendary careers and all three are also legends.

THIS WEEK’S BIG WEEK! is all about current events.

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This week’s Tivo Gems are dedicated to a guy whose nickname is “Jazzmatazz”. (He’s one of those actor types.)

#1 is courtesy of Velocity
Paul London/Funaki vs. Chavo Jr./Akio
I’ll sum this up in calling one of the moves. Dropsault (London’s drop kick into a back flip) into a standing moonsault pin! Case closed, Tivo Gem of the week right there.

#2 is Courtesy of RAW
Benoit vs. Shelton
Holy crap, it’s like it’s still 2001 during this match. Benoit’s dive onto the ladder was phenomenal and those two wrestlers have legs I tell you! That’s a PPV match waiting to happen once Shelton drops the IC strap, which hopefully won’t be for a while.

#3 is courtesy of RAW
Rosey vs. Triple H
No, the match wasn’t great, but did you see how HHH sold for that first minute? Woo! alright, it was kinda crappy, but at least Chris Masters didn’t wrestle!

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My suggestion from my week of downloading

WWF – Dark Match – Brock Lesnar & Ron H2O v. Rico & Randy Orton.mpg
I saw this match at a house show and it was pretty entertaining but not great. It was just fun to remember seeing this match years before either of these guys were famous. And who’s Ron H2O? Ron Waterman, no one of note as of the moment.

The 2001 royal Rumble would have been there, but the avi files were corrupted. OH well. A weak week for downloads for me.

Have a suggestion? E-mail me not only the match, but where I can get it from and why you like it as well.


So let’s talk about the news this week. THE news. You know what I’m talking about. But let’s take a look further than what happened.

Saturday morning I sat down at the computer checking out the Wrestling Weekly Pulse I filled in on this week and saw that somehow it has gonna round that Edge was the guy that Lita was sleeping with that made her and Matt Hardy’s relationship disappear.

Is this really news?

Well, you can argue that it is because it concerns what happens in front of the curtain. Well never know why, but Edge has been pulled from personal appearances. Why is only speculation. InsidePulse.com’s own Jeremy Lambert got an “EDGE SPEARED LITA” sign taken away. So this is having some kind of impact. The crowds are chanting “You screwed Matt” and “You screwed Lita” at Edge. Even PK is pissed at anyone who calls Lita slut.

But is it really news? No one cared so much when Test and Stacy broke up. Well, some did, but not too many. Most people guessed it would happen once Test was fired.

But is this really news? I mean, we could be being worked here. The WWE could just be throwing us all a curve ball by starting this thing up right before Wrestlemania just to perk interest up in wrestling. If they’ve done that, it worked! IP has been posting anything we find on the situation. The Torch says it’s not a work, but when was the last time you trusted everything you read in the Torch?

I mean, shouldn’t we be talking about the real news here? The WWE is starting up a new developmental territory! Michael (Shane) and Kid Kash are on the TNA PRE-SHOW! Shouldn’t these guys have PPV slots? Michael (Shane) is supposedly slated for a baby face push. Nothing says “push” like “curtain jerking”.

Heck, if we feel the need to bitch about something, why don’t we bitch about a nameless jobber that lost to Chris Masters some more? Never mind that the only people who recognized him as Pre Champion John Walters are the people who know he would wipe the floor with Masters with his ability.

Despite his former criticisms, the WWE has hired Ted Dibiasi as a consultant for Smackdown! Doesn’t anyone care? The WWE is releasing a DVD about the Montreal Incident!

Even news-poster extraordinaire Kurtis Osterlund said he wanted to stay away from it initially. But alas he’s a slave to the news, AND Matthew Michael. Heck, Double M even got me to post news Saturday morning before Kurtis woke up.

So next time we read the latest developments on this ongoing saga, or when you post to The Wrestling Blog or talk about it in the forums keep all that in mind.

Let’s talk about this in THIS WEEK’S BIG WEEK!

I’ll see ya next week, same Blatt time, same Blatt channel.