The Apprentice – Recap – Episode 8

In the condo, everyone celebrate the demise of Audrey.

Kendra will be project manager for Magna.

Angie says it’s time for Craig to be project manager, but Craig wants no part of it.

Chris will be project manager for Net Worth.

In the boardroom, The Don says after 7 weeks the teams are tied, and they’ve proven that college or no, smarts are smarts. The project managers will send two people from their team to the other to form new teams.

Kendra sends Stephanie and Erin are sent to the other team.

Chris sends Tana and Craig to the other team.

The challenge will be to produce a live 11-minute auction for the Glazer AIDS foundation on Fuse TV. Stephanie is exempt.

Tana is thrilled to be on the new team with Craig.

Net Worth gets Barenaked Ladies, Gene Simmons, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, and Fat Joe.

The girls will meet with the artists. John says the hotter the chicks they send the better off they are. Angie and Chris design the segment, while John, Stepahnie, and Erin meet with the artists.

Magna heads to Fuse to plan.

Lil Kim, Lil Jon, Moby, Eve, and Jadakiss are the artists for Magna.

John, Stephanie, and Erin head to meet the artists. John suggests the women act giggly around the artists.

Stephanie comments that John does not respect women.

The Don believes in thinking big.

Tana, Craig, and Kendra head to meet Lil Jon.

Carolyn thinks Tana trying to talk Ebonics with Lil Jon is funny.

Tana digs Lil Jon’s pimp cup.

Lil Jon suggests auctioning for cupbearer for a day.

Tana says she’s going to have fun with their project.

Kendra felt that Tana and Craig were a good duo, so she leaves them to help set up the production.

Craig and Angie are setting up the show for Net Worth.

Craig says the look is key. They’re going for a backstage look.

John, Stephanie, and Erin are meeting with New Found Glory. Stephanie and Erin try to pitch ideas to the band but John keeps running over Erin and Stephanie.

George says that Net Worth made some big errors by deviating from their original ideas.

John makes more sexist comments about Stephanie and Erin, telling New Found Glory he’ll sell them Stephanie and Erin if they do a live gig for their auction.

Craig asks John to try to get some of the artists to show up on the show.

John gets the drummer from Barenaked Ladies to agree to show.

Kendra suggests that Tana and Craig pitch Eve about appearing on her show.

Kendra says Craig and Tana were not to make any decisions without asking her first.

Tana and Craig pitch being a roadie for Jadakiss.

Tana says she starts small and builds big in negotiations.

They get Lil Kim to agree to a week with Lil Kim.

Tana says Moby was very Zen. He agrees to a week with him.

For Net Worth, John says it’s time to pimp Stephanie and Erin.

John tries to tell a story to Gene Simmons and it falls extremely flat. Stephanie rescues the interview by asking Gene what he wants.

John says Stephanie’s purpose was to be a fluffer for Gene Simmons.

Gene Simmons agrees to have the winner come to his CD release party.

John tells more stories about himself to Fat Joe. Fat Joe agrees to have the bid winner drink some Cristal with him backstage.

Stephanie was shocked that someone with a music background like John was coming up with such lame ideas.

Tana and Craig are appearing on camera for Magna.

Tana tries talking Ebonics, with embarrassing results, but The Don likes it.

The two weeklong specials are getting big numbers.

Kendra’s a bit worried but knows it will get more competitive when the bids near close.

For Net Worth, Erin is appearing on camera with one of the Fuse VJ’s.

The Don notes that Erin is great on TV.

Tyler from the Barenaked Ladies and Gene Simmons appear on the auction for Net Worth.

Angie is happy about the show.

The Don shows up at the Fuse studio.

The Don is proud of both teams.

Net Worth raided over $11,000.

Magna raised over $21,000. Magna wins!

There’s no reward as their reward was raising money for AIDS research. The Don says he’ll see Magna in the boardroom. Stephanie is exempt.

Erin says the failure was John’s.

John says that the girls salted him. He says that it’s going to be between him and Chris.

Angie says Chris was stressed out because he and John are buddies. She says that she wouldn’t be surprised if Chris throws himself under the bus for John.

Chris says he and John understand that if it gets brutal they may have to go after each other.

Boardroom time.

George and Carolyn are waiting. The Don makes his entrance.

Angie says that Chris did a good job. The Don says that Chris and Erin did a great job on TV, but something went wrong because they lost.

Carolyn says that Net Worth had better prizes.

Chris says he focused on the show rather than the negotiations. Chris says he thought John did a good job but it wasn’t enough.

George says that John didn’t push hard enough. He should have set a harder top spot for the acts to back down from.

Erin says John spent too much time talking about himself. She says he didn’t have it. Stephanie and Erin say that John never let them speak.

It’s time for Chris to pick. Chris picks John and Erin. The Don is a bit surprised at the choice of Erin, but Chris says that with Stephanie exempt he didn’t have much choice on whom to pick and Angie did an incredible job. The Don tells Stephanie and Angie to head up and tells the rest to wait outside.

Carolyn says John could have done better with the negotiations. George says Chris should have never delegated negotiations.

They come back in.

John says at the end of the day he was the only one with any ideas.

Erin says that John lacks business acumen. She says Chris was good but not great.

Chris says he had confidence in John. George says that Chris should have gone. Chris says that he was the best negotiator at the table. Carolyn says if Chris was the best negotiator he should have gone. Chris says he was focusing on the production of the show.

The Don asks Erin and John if Chris could have done both negotiations and production, and they both say no. The Don says that if he couldn’t do both then the onus of negotiating fell squarely on John.

The Don tells Erin that she probably won’t be fired. He asks her if she feels safe. She says no and tries to explain and The Don says if she keeps talking she might not be so safe.

The Don says he is disappointed with Chris, but the failure lied with the negotiations, and that was John. He’s sorry to say it, but John’s fired.

John and Chris hug, then John grabs a cab. He says he knew it was down to him and Chris. He says when you continually put yourself out there, you take the chance of getting bitten.

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