Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 4

Ulong, Night 8.

The Ulong members comment on how they keep losing.

Kin says it was hard to lose Jeff but it was what he wanted.

James tells the tribe they aren’t going back to TC.

James says morale is low, but he hopes they can turn it around.

Koror, Day 9.

Tree mail.

Choose only one tribal representative to make some important decisions about the tribe.

They decide Ian will go.

Coby comments that others volunteered but no one listened, and now there’s a clear demarcation among the tribe.

Back at Ulong, no one can decide who should go.

They all decide to head over as a group.

JP rolls up in a boat onto the Koror shore. He picks up Ian and tells him the reward challenge is building a bathroom with some Home Depot supplies. Ian gets to pick six tools to use. Jen, Coby, and Janu are sitting. Winner gets a shelter built for them by the Survivor craft crew.

Ian feels fantastic about the upcoming challenge.

Ulong is fishing and when they get back JP is waiting for them. He asks them for their representative and they admit they hadn’t picked one. JP tells them to pick one and they choose James.

James says he didn’t ask to be leader but they chose him, and it was a good thing as his background is construction.

Back at Koror, Ian says they’re pulling all the stops out.

Willard says Ian and Tom make sure to always compliment everyone.

Caryn says people are always fawning over Tom, and it’s a bit crazy.

Back at Ulong, James says being the boss is a big responsibility, but he’s glad he has the skills to help them win a shelter.

Steph says she’s glad to have James as a team leader, but he can be fatherly at times.

Angie says James patronizing her is annoying her.

Kim complains she needs to eat.

James says Kim is useless at anything other than sewing.

Bobby Joe is chopping timber. He says he puts his heart and soul into his work.

Kim says it sucks to be on a team full of workaholics. She says she’s the smart one in the center of a group of people running around with their heads cut off.

Koror, Day 10. Time to judge.

Jesse, the production designer for the show, is judging.

Tom shows off the bathroom.

Katie says the tour went well. She would be shocked if they didn’t win.

Ian shows off their adjustable shower.

JP says if they win, they’ll soon find out.

Ian thinks they impressed Jesse.

Ulong. JP and Jesse show up and Ulong isn’t ready.

James takes them on a tour.

JP tells them if they’re not back by sundown they didn’t win.

James thinks they won, no doubt.

Back at Koror, they wonder how long before they find out if they win.

Ian says he doesn’t know who won.

The crew shows up at the Koror camp. Koror wins the challenge!

Tom says there was a lot of joy in the camp.


The tribe is sitting around wondering when the crew is going to show up.

Ibrehem says it’s looking grim.

Back at Koror, the tribe watches their new shelter go up. Ian says it’s the Taj Mahal.

Katie says she can’t even describe how good their shelter is.

The crew brings a housewarming gift of champagne.

Tom says they had a good.

Back at Ulong the tribe finally realizes the crew isn’t coming.

Tree mail.

A David vs. Goliath type battle.

Bobby Jon says all he knows is fight fight fight.

IC is a sumo-style battle on a platform on the water using a pillow. First team to six wins.

Tom vs. Bobby Jon. Tom pushes Bobby Jon off. Koror 1-0.

Steph vs. Jen. Steph pushes Jen off easily. Tied 1-1.

Gregg vs. Ibrehim. Gregg pushes Ibrehim in. 2-1 Koror.

Caryn/Angie. Angie wins and it’s a 2-2 tie.

James vs. Coby. Coby blows James away.

Kim/Janu. Janu wins. 4-2 Koror.

Bobby Jon/Tom. Tom wins again. 5-2 Koror.

Steph/Jen. Steph finally pushes Jen in. 5-3 Koror.

Gregg/Ibrehim. Ibrehim wins quickly. 5-4 Koror.

Angie/Caryn. Angie wins and we’re tied.

James/Coby for immunity. Coby shoves James off, and Koror wins Immunity for the fourth straight time!

JP gives Koror the Immunity idol. He has nothing to say to Ulong except he’ll see them tonight at TC.

Back at Ulong, the tribe comments they didn’t know Coby was that much stronger than James.

James says it’s embarrassing to get his ass kicked by a homosexual.

Steph says she’s sick and embarrassed of losing.

Angie says she and Steph did their parts and the guys let them down.

James says forget the game, just go in and write a name down. He says it’s time for Kim to go.

Steph says that is Kim is gone then it would be 3 men to 2 guys, and that worries her.

Kim says she’d be glad to see some guys go.

Ibrehim says Kim’s the weakest link.

Angie says she’s having to deal with the lesser of two evils, keeping Kim or getting rid of a guy.

Kim says this group can’t make any final decisions until it’s time to pick up a pen.

Time for Tribal Council.

JP says he saved their seats for them.

Steph says it’s very frustrating for them to lose 5 out of 7 challenges.

Angie says she was really upset they lost the two challenges.

Bobby Jon says things aren’t good and his head is on the chopping block.

JP says it’s time for accountability.

Kim says Bobby Jon and James do all the fishing. JP asks her what she does, and she really can’t answer.

Steph says they rely on the guys but they can be self-sufficient.

Angie says she thinks the guys underestimate the women’s abilities.

Bobby Jon says he knows the women are just as strong as him.

James says it was very frustrating to lose to Coby and the women carried them today.

Time to vote. Ibrehim is first. James votes for Kim. Says she’s just not putting the effort in. Steph. Kim votes for James, calling him a dictator. Bobby Jon votes. Angie is last.

JP tallies the votes. Person with the most votes, you know the drill.

First vote, Kim. James. Kim. Kim. Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Kim. Tribe has spoken, get to steppin’.

JP asks them what they’re going to do to change their fortunes after a demoralizing first 11 days, then sends them back to camp.