Stuff I Think, And Shouldn't Say: Back Again…

Guess Who’s Back

I’ve created a monster.

When I moved to New York City, I could never have imagined that the last three weeks of my life would be this damn crazy.

If I am not staying in Queens with Tracy, my buddies are getting me drunk in Brooklyn. I even found a bar that has NOTHING but old-school videogames and micro-brew. If you are ever in Williamsburg, check out Barcade. That place is pretty damn cool!

Last Tuesday, my buddy ATP and I decided to head to the infamous Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg. Upon stumbling into the joint, I cruised back to the Tiki Room area in the back, only to discover a crew of stand-up comedians peddling their wares for the assembled crowd.

Kinda ironic, in the fact that I was JUST talking about looking out for new groups of people to bounce material off of. Now, after talking to those guys, it appears that I might also be able to perform with them as well.

Allow me to say this just this once: nice.

Granted, I moved down here without a job and can’t seem to find one, but my spirits are still high. I may have dipped into my savings, but no worries. If it gets bad enough, I can always sell a kidney.

Now, I just got a GORGEOUS new apartment to pay for, so I am not sure if I am going to throw up or not. Yeah, that’s right, I am going to puke. The pressure is getting to me, as I have submitted over 300 resumes, but I haven’t heard a damn thing. I know it may be too soon to start hearing back, but I NEED money NOW!

First of the Gang to Die!

Who would have thought that someone else here on InsidePulse would care as much about Coachella than me? Evidently, Kyle David Paul does, but he is doing an awesome job of introducing the casual fan to all the artists that have signed up to perform at this summer’s biggest concert. He deserves a big-ass hug, and some chocolate milk.

Chocolate Milk: It does a body good! Even for the guy with three first names.

A lot of good shows coming up here in NYC. Feel like giving me tickets to one? Obviously, I am not ABOVE begging, so hook me up.


You know what’s really been pissing me off the past two weeks? I can’t seem to find any frigging Bloc Party CDs, save for the one EP, aptly titled, EP.

I guess that the “Trans-Continental Curse” has struck again. (In the event that you aren’t familiar with this “curse,” imagine if you will, a world in which an entire catalog of an artist who records primarily overseas suddenly disappears when they sign with a US-based record label. If that doesn’t help, piss off. I made it pretty simple to understand.)

Wrestling is Fake, but Rules!

Anyone out there looking for a cool PC game to play? I was searching online, and just happened to stumble across this AWESOME site, and wanted to sob when I realized that none of these games can be played on a Mac.

You pick a computer, and you can’t even get INDEPENDENT games made for it? Ugh…

Anyone, the aforementioned site hosts two games that I had heard a lot about, Wrestling and Booking MPire, but I forgot about. Now I need money, so I can download those two games to a shitty laptop and play like the closet wrestling enthusiast I am.

Wait, I can’t be a “closet” wrestling fan if everyone knows, can I? Shit, so much for that idea.

You Can Dance, You Can Dance

Last week, I went everywhere you can possibly think of to find employment. I just wanted to take any job I could get in the immediate future, so that I could start saving some money for the cruise, which is coming up in two months.

I went to Tower Records in the Village…no dice.

I went to Virgin Megastore in Times Square…they couldn’t find any applications, and once they did, they suddenly remembered that they wouldn’t be hiring for another 30 days.

Since I have a background in retail/sales with this shithole company and I managed one particular store for 2 and a half years, so I was kinda hoping for something.

No one cares.

Ah, New York City. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.

Dooby Dooby Doo

Remember Mac Tonight? I used to have this buddy in college that looked JUST like him.

This is my opportunity to remind him just how ugly he is.

I will relish it.

Some Guys Have All the Luck

Salty, my buddy from Upstate, got a friggin’ job down here. Wanna know why this is a big deal?

He got a job at the first place he went into. He wasn’t looking for any cheesy job, either, like I am. He is a paramedic/EMT and he came down for THREE days, got hired, and then Tracy and I found a new kickass apartment for the three of us, so I just wanted to take a moment and scream.


Well, I am happy for him. I really am. Honestly, though, if you had been seriously looking as well, wouldn’t you be pissed that you hadn’t gotten anything, and your pal saunters down for a short stay, and gets something HIS FIRST DAY LOOKING?

If not, I already knew I was a spiteful dick. Besides, Salty deserves to have something nice happen for him. He deals with my shit.

Short People Got No Reason to Live

Mathan reminds me just how uncool and white I am. What’s up with that?

No hip-hop beef gets squashed without Mike Eagle’s permission. They say its due to pressure from Reverend Al Sharpton? Ha.

As always, Gloomchen makes me laugh. Yes, I chose Debbie over Tiffany, but this time, we agree: Duran Duran kicks ass.

What More Can I Say?

With that, I am out. Keep your eyes and ears here at InsidePulse as the countdown begins to…

Ssquared’s First NYC Job!

…by the way, in case you cared, Fuse didn’t call. Evidently, I just didn’t have what they were looking for the Ultimate VJ Search. Oh well, guess I have to do it the hard way, eh?

Until next week, keep it real


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