[Beats] Jadakiss "Claps Back" at 50 Cent

Rapper Jadakiss has struck back at his new rival 50 Cent on a recently released track that has hit the internet.

The record is already being played on national radio airwaves in the United States. The dis track is Jadakiss’ response to 50 Cent’s dis record Piggy Back, which took shots at Jada, Fat Joe, Nas and others.

50 Cent reasoned that both Jadakiss and Fat Joe were in his cross-hairs because of “New York, New York,” the hit song they recorded with his rival, The Inc.’s Ja Rule.

“I had beef with an old head, he been around forever and everyone know who he is,” 50 Cent recently told AllHipHop.com, in apparent reference to a feud with Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. “That is beef. Because of the extent our beef, we are married until death do us part. And if they [Jadakiss and Fat Joe] want to stand so close to him that they become a part of our relationship, then I make their life hard.”

Both Jadakiss and Fat Joe have stated that they will not back down from 50 Cent.

Jadakiss’ newest track opens with him congratulating 50 Cent on his new album The Massacre selling a million records in just four days.

Then the verbal assault begins.

Jadakiss labels 50 a snitch and questions his claims of being the king of New York, now that the Queen’s bred rapper resides in Mike Tyson’s former mansion in Connecticut.

“I don’t have a problem with clout/You aint get shot again so what’s your second album about/Your rap’s are preschool, You made a lot of money now be cool/Before I swell up your lips like seafood,” the rapper says.

The record is the latest in the verbal battle between 50 Cent and some of rap’s most popular artists.

Yesterday, the rapper ended a beef with Game, a former member of 50 Cent’s own G-Unit, after 50 accused Game of being a traitor for aspiring to record a song with Nas.

The problems between the two chart-topping rapper’s escalated last Monday (Feb. 28), after a Compton, California man affiliated with Game was shot in front of Hot 97’s offices.

That dispute was ended yesterday (March 9) at the Schomburg Center in Harlem New York, where the two rapper’s held a press conference and buried the hatchet.

50 Cent and Jadakiss are label mates, as both have deals with Interscope Records. Fans are bracing for the dispute to escalate.

credit: allhiphop.com