TNA At Ringside – Destination X Preview


Welcome back to ringside my friends.

First off at Raw this past Monday, they stole my “InsidePulse.Com” sign. Stupid security guy said “No .Com signs, I have to take it.” Fags. So let’s focus on the better promotion: TNA

3/4 Impact! Recap

*Dusty Rhodes Interview: Authority bitches about Heel Champ. Been there, Seen that
*Chris Sabin defeated Michael (Shane): Good match. Put Sabin in Ultimate X and put a last name on Michael
*Brown Interview: Tryton vs Brown at Destination X. Should be a good time to get a drink and such
*Chris Candido & The Naturals defeated Elix Skipper, Mikey Batts, & Petey Williams: What the hell kinda team is that? Thats confusing booking
*Dustin Rhodes defeated Eric Young: We knew that was coming
*DDP Interview/Brawl: Another brawl? Just book them all in a Triple Cage Match with David Arquette as the ref
*AJ Styles defeated Kid Kash: Awesome match. Now why is Kash on the PPV Pre-Show? WHY?!?!?

So Destination X is this Sunday, so here’s your Destination X Preview. Note that I will not reveal my picks, check out the Roundtable on Sunday for that

NWA World Title Match
Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Diamond Dallas Page: I still want David Arquette. I expect a decent match out of these two. I know they are a couple years passed their prime matches is WCW but hey, Kevin Nash got up for the World Title match so I’m expecting the same out of DDP.

No DQ Match
Kevin Nash vs The New Age Outlaw: This will either be a ok match or a total train wreck. Last time I saw NAO wrestle, he was married to Chuck Palumbo. I don’t expect Nash to deliver two straight good PPV matches. I’m expecting a train wreck.

Ultimate X Challenge Match
AJ Styles vs ??? vs ??? vs ???: Since there’s nobody in this match except AJ Styles im gonna say Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, and Petey Williams join him. Expect the teams to be Styles/Skipper vs Daniels/Williams as Triple X can no longer be a team. This match should be awesome as we should all expect.

Falls Count Anywhere
Jeff Hardy vs Abyss: This should be a good brawl. Hardy is not afraid to take a bump which means there’s plenty of possibilities for these two. I expect Hardy to get thrown around in this match. Horrible wrestling match, very good brawl.

Bullrope Match
Dustin Rhodes vs Raven: I hate bullrope matches or any matches with a rope. It seems like we’ve seen everything out of the matches. Another decent brawl with the usual stuff you see when a rope is involved.

Challenge Match
Monty Brown vs Tryton: As I stated in a previous edition I think this is a lose lose situation. This will be a fist fight and power moves match. Let’s see if 3 months of promos pay off for Tryton.

Team Traci vs Team Trinity
Phi Delta Slam vs Disciples of Destruction: I could care less about this match, it should suck

I dont care about the pre-show, Im still wondering why Kid Kash is on it but whatever. More matches will be announced on todays Impact! and for my opinion on those matches check the Roundtable which should be up Sunday if not before.

That’s all for this edition folks. You can drop me a line at Join me next time, At Ringside