Remote Destination


So I finally began watching the episodes of Dream Job that I missed. Apparently I missed the first week, which bugged me to no end. But as it stands right now I’m kind of digging the show. Clearly the star is Steven A. Smith. His bluntness is hilarious. I hold my breath waiting for him to critique. What’s really funny is how the ball players just laugh at his remarks, as opposed to the wannabes who cringe.

And that is as positive as you’ll ever see me about “reality” tv.

Viewed Last Week

Law & Order: Trial by Jury – I’m still enjoying this show. I love how it focuses on the legal aspects rather than the cops. It’s way fun to see L&O alums making appearances.

Real Time With Bill Maher – Dave Foley seemed kind of out of place on the show. Many of his points went unnoticed. But it was still entertaining.

The Simpsons – This show always makes me laugh. And I’m a sucker for wacky songs.

Arrested Development – Thank god this show has returned. Even an hour of this show seems too brief. How this show manages to cram so much into 22 minutes is beyond me. Oh my god, this is the funniest show on television.

Carnivale – So Sophie is immune to Brother Justin? Ben uses his powers to help Jonesy. That “tar & feathering” was way brutal. I’m honestly saddened that the season is coming to an end.

Jack & Bobby – I finally caught the episode from a few weeks back. I liked how they used the future scenes to foreshadow the present. I kind of feel badly for Grace, she’s between a rock and a hard place. Jack probably shouldn’t have poked his nose into Courtney’s business, but the way they were tonguing each other down a few episodes back clearly the two still have feelings for each other.

24 – I also caught up on two of the last three weeks worth of 24. I got to see Jack do his thing, but more importantly I got to see Curtis get some action. Curtis gained some respect in my eyes. I feel pretty bad for Edgar, his mom died and Erin is bossing him back to work. Speaking of Erin, I’m glad her daughter is off the show (what a boring story.) CTU has got to be the worst place to work in the world; your mom dies; get to work. Erroneously tortured; get to work. But Tony is back and bossing people around. Yee Haw, this show is fun.

Tilt – This poor show got it’s finale pushed up. Is it me or is anyone else getting the feeling that the show is venturing toward The Wire territory. Perhaps because this week’s episode was written by Rafael Alvarez who also contributed to The Wire? The Matador is no joke, but it was nice to see Eddy catch an “L.”

Now here’s a question; why is the Matador’s daughter so sprung on Eddy? Um, they didn’t really have any insightful conversations. They didn’t “do the town” or go out at all. But they did shag. Perhaps Eddy should be known as “The Plumber” because he apparently lays the pipe.

Oz(edited for Somebody) – I have to admit, I was entranced when _______ was living out his last days before execution. That may have been one of the most riveting, poignant sequences this series has ever had. Ok, so not only does the guy who killed _______ get share a pod with _______ but he also kills him? What’s up with that? It’s nice to see that _______ is readjusting to life in Oz. _______ wants __________ to head up ________? That would be very interesting. I have to agree with Cam; how does ________ get shanked? I’ll pretend he was caught by surprise while getting dressed (but I’d say it was for messing around with ______ women.) ______’s pop is in Oz? That should be very interesting. And by this point _______’s mind games with ______ has me completely confused. Is he plotting against _______ or _______? Damn you!

Greatest Show Ever”¦this week: Deadwood – I have so been waiting for this season debut. Now I’m guy who can appreciate the urban sensibilities of The Wire but the Tucsonan in me is loving this look at the Old West.

I really felt for Bullock having to deal with the awkwardness of his “wife” and his “girl” after getting his ass handed to him by Swearingen. And how priceless was Al calling out Bullock? That was worth the wait alone. Cy is a ruthless one. He’s just plain evil. And is anyone else waiting for Jewell to actually say “Mrs. Garrett?”

Less Than a Week Away!

I can’t wait! The Shield is coming back! I’m so excited. Seriously. This is one of the few shows that I actually look forward to or get pissed when I miss an episode. This show excites me.

I was hooked from the first episode. I actually taped every episode of the first season and forced my roommate to watch them. Needless to say she’s addicted as I am. Was there anything more difficult to watch than Aceveda’s “service” last year?

Dude, I can’t wait for what happens this season.

Quincy M.E. vs CSI

Last week I posed the following question;

Bad News; I’m pissed at y’all for your lack of response. Good News; I can’t really do anything about my anger. Bad News; you’re dead, again. Maybe it was a hit and run. Perhaps it was a murder set to look like a suicide. Or it could have been an irate net columnist whose feelings of neglect caused him to fly into a rage and track down his readers one by one. Good News; the forensic scientists are on the case!

Who do you want working your case; Quincy & Sam Fujiyama (Quincy M.E.) or the crew from C.S.I.?

Thankfully I received quite a few replies.

Colin was the very first to reply.

CSI. Just because.

Aaron Cameron countered with length;

Quincy v. CSI? Gotta go with the slob from The Odd Couple. How could my family find final closure whilst being strung along by all the beautiful people from CSI? They can’t be that serious about their jobs if they won’t even pull their hair back when examining a body. M’man Klugman was all about efficiency. To say nothing of the fact that Fujiyama brings that retro charm of the first great Asian renaissance on American TV. They were always depicted as wise and learned and those are the stereotypical traits I want on my case.

Mike Z (making his Remote Destination debut) made a solid argument for the group from Sin City;

I’ve got to go with the CSI folks. The breakthroughs in forensic technologies and methodologies made since the ’70s would lead to my killer (not saying it’s you, I’m just sayin’ is all) in a much shorter amount of time. Besides, we all know that Quincy’s well-meaning, unseen, partner (played by Tony Randall) would destroy most of the evidence in an attempt to tidy up the crime scene before Quincy even got there.

Kevin counters with logic;

I’d have to go with Quincy and Sam. They didn’t need all the high tech equipment and large staff to get the mystery solved. It was all science and old-school sleuthing.

As for my choice; I live in Vegas, so C.S.I. would be very convenient. But on the other hand, I met (kind of) met Tony Randall, so it would be cool to complete my Odd Couple set. I guess it boils down to likes and dislikes. I don’t like bugs, and if C.S.I. is involved then there’s a chance my body will be overrun with insects. Also I absolutely love Quincy’s theme song. So I’m going with Quincy and Sam, even if it inevitably leads to Sam having to “stay late.”

Of course this leads me to”¦

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’ve got a hot date. Bad News; for some reason you have to have a chaperone. Maybe you’ve been transported back to high school? Maybe this woman (or man) has a way overprotective family. Maybe she has to take care of a family member. Who knows? The point is your date has to have a third wheel.

So who is accompanying you on your dream date; Mr. Furley (Three’s Company or Barney Fife (The Andy Griffith Show)?


Mike busts some haikus.

Matthew coordinated TV Feature which received attention for all of two days. Read it and then watch the shows!

M.A.J. (because I’m sick of coming last, dammit.)

Joe covers the Oscars®. I mean next years Oscars®. Talk about going out on a limb. He talks about a couple comic moives, and almost convinces me to spend half of a paycheck to visit the theatre. But he gets props for referencing Amores Perros. which a friend borrowed and never returned.

Aaron discusses 50’s video game. Nick has an icy commute. Aaron also visits the post office. And yes he makes it interesting. Aaron also reviewed an album, so you know what that means; HATE MAIL!.

Greatest Video Ever”¦this week

Amerie – 1 Thing

This video is hot to death. This is without a doubt the hottest song out right now. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I actively wanted to watch a video, but this is one that I seek out. The video images themselves are dope, as Amerie is very easy on the eye (even if she is a bit too short). She’s really doing her thing in this clip. But that song is bananas! I swear to you, I’m bopping on the couch when it comes on, and I’m not really a dancer. But this video has given me a reason to surf video channels again.