Recently Fired \'Apprentice\' Candidate Explains His Shots At Audrey


The battle of “Book Smarts” and “Street Smarts” took a back seat to and old fashioned battle of the sexes with NBC’s “The Apprentice” most recently fired candidates John Gafford and Audrey Evans firing shots at each other.

Last week Gafford referred to Evans as a “22-year-old girl” in the boardroom. Gafford, who was fired by Donald Trump on Thursday’s episode, told The Associated Press the boardroom description of Evans was “a very poor choice of words.”

“What I was trying to say was she was immature,” Gafford, 32, said Friday. Gafford went on to say that he doesn’t have “anything to talk to Audrey about” nor does he think he was accurately portrayed in the last two episodes, saying a remark he made that his female teammates were “hot girls” had been in jest. Gafford, who owns a technology firm owner, also said he is not the only one who made comments about gender.

“There were a lot worse things said about women to women in the boardroom settings that have not been shown, from what I understand, just because I think those people make it a little further in the show and it’s not necessarily time to chink their armor.”

Credit: Yahoo/AP