InsidePULSE’s TNA Destination X Report


InsidePULSE’s TNA Destination X Report 03.13.05
Live from Orlando, Fla
Announcers are West & The Professor
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK


Jeremy Borash & The Franchise welcome us, and go through the PPV card, then gives it away to Don West and Mike Tenay.

Chris Candido & Andy Douglas vs. Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett
Sorry fellas, I missed this one.
Winners – Candido & Natural guy

Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt vs. Cassidy Riley and Jerrelle Clark
Kash and Riley start. Back and forth action, Riley and Clark double team Kash, and knock Hoyt to the outside. Both Clark and Riley leap out there, and we have a 4 man melee, and Kash drills Clark with a chair. Back in the ring, Hoyt turns Clark inside out with a HUGE clothesline. Hoyt then with a military press, then a leg drop to the back of his head for 2. Riley gets in, but Hoyt and Kash hit the Look Out Below for the pin.
Winners – Kash & Hoyt

There is a skirmish in the back, and The Franchise goes over to check it out. Some guys are taking Abyss away.

Borash plugs the PPV, and pre-show is over.

Welcome to the actual PPV.

Tenay says that the incident with Abyss has to do with Jeff Hardy.

BG James, Konnan, & America’s Most Wanted vs. Team Canada (w/ D’Amore)
BG James and Roode start. James quickly does the shuffle punch on Roode, and tags in Konnan. Roode gets to Young, but Konnan shows him up, and nails Rolling Thunder, then takes his shoe off…and throws it at Young! HAHA. Storm in, he rolls over Young, and sends Young to the outside, then shoves Roode out there with him, and both members of AMW flies out on them. We get back in the ring, and Petey Williams takes over on Harris, and they go back and forth. A huge melee ensues. D’Amore gets in, but Konnan grabs him. Roode comes from behind, and hits a clothesline to the back of Konnan’s head for the pinfall.
Winners – Team Canada

Dusty Rhodes with Trinity & Traci. Johnny Fairplay comes in, and he wants a 2nd chance at being Dusty’s assistant. Dusty tells him to sign 2 people and he’s in.

Chase Stevens (w/ Candido & Douglas) vs. Chris Sabin
I love Sabin! Sabin runs over Chase to start, then hits a splash to him on the floor, and fights off Candido and Andy Douglas. They get back in the ring, but Chase takes over, and locks on a submission. Sabin fights out, and hits an enzaguri, then a springboard tornado DDT for 2! Sabin goes for his finish, but Candido distracts the ref, and Douglas gets in and double teams on Sabin. Chase rolls up Sabin, and grabs the tights, but Sabin reverses it, and pins Chase!
Winner — Sabin

Candido and Naturals beat down on Sabin, but some dude in a Lucha mask runs in and takes out Candido and The Naturals….the mask comes off, and it’s Shocker, from the McDonald’s Big Mac commercials.

Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes – Bullrope Match
Raven won’t put the rope on, but he ref makes him on the outside, then Dustin pulls Raven into the ringpost. Rhodes pulls Raven around. But Raven fights back, and brings a chair in the ring. Raven puts Rhodes’s head on the chair, and tries to elbow drop on it, but Rhodes moves, and Raven elbows the chair. Rhodes with a 10 punch count, then tries a bulldog on the cowbell. Raven shoves Dustin off, then sets up a chair, and goes to do the classic drop toe hold, but it seems as Dustin hits a bulldog on the chair.
Winner -Dustin Rhodes

Recap of Trinity vs. Traci.

Phi Delta Slam (w/ Trinity) vs. Disciples of Destruction (w/ Traci)
This is a clusterf*ck. Back and forth action, Trinity is getting involved all over the place. Heavy D is on the floor, and Trinity hits a top rope moonsault, but D grabs her and tosses her into the crowd. Big Tilly hits a top rope splash on Big R, but the ref isn’t there, the DOD switch, and Heavy D hits a big boot, and the pin.
Winners – DOD

Recap of Monty Brown & Trytan.

Monty Brown vs. Trytan
Trytan is like 4-6 inches taller then Monty, and he no sells everything, and nails a choke slam. Trytan goes for a F5, but Monty gets out if it, and Monty sets up for a Pounce…but he lights go out, and some dude in a mask is in the ring, and Monty hits him with a Pounce, and pins him. This match lasted like 6 minutes.
Winner – Monty Brown

Teney says that Trytan had the lights go out and the other guy come in as part of a plan so he didn’t have to take a pounce.

Recap of Abyss & Hardy.

Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy – Falls Count Anywhere
They start quickly, and Jeff knocks Abyss out of the ring and leaps on him. They quickly go back stage, and Abyss starts setting up tables, however, Hardy KOs him, and puts him on the table, then Hardy climbs up the girders, then Swanton’s Abyss through the tables!! They make their way back toward the ring, and Abyss tosses some chairs in the ring. Abyss puts a chair on Jeff, then hits a top rope splash!! Abyss then goes for an elbow drop, but Jeff moves, and just drills Abyss with a chair, and pulls out a ladder. Jeff then gets on the top rope, and leap frogs the ladder and this a leg drop!! Jeff then goes for the top rope Swanton, but Abyss crotches him. Abyss pulls out a table, and puts it in the ring. Abyss goes to the 2nd rope, but Jeff gets there, and tries to hit a hurracanranna through the table, but Abyss catches it, and power bombs Jeff through the table!! Abyss then wants to choke slam Jeff on the ladder, but Jeff reverses it, and nails a Twist of Fate on the ladder for the pin!!
Winner – Jeff Hardy

Abyss then jumps Jeff from behind, then Abyss gets a bag of thumbtacks. He hits his version of the Bossman Slam on Hardy on the thumbtacks!!

Recap of The Outlaw and Kevin Nash saga.

The Outlaw vs. Kevin Nash – First Blood
Nash roughs up Outlaw to start. Outlaw fights back, and takes Nash’s leg, and wraps it up on the ringpost. Outlaw gets a screwdriver out from under the ring, and tries to rip Nash’s head open, but Nash blocks it, and sends Outlaw to the floor. Nash then hits Outlaw’s head on the ring post, and the guard rails. Nash brings a chair in the ring, but the ref grabs it for some reason, and Outlaw nuts him, then takes the chair, and drills Nash! Outlaw takes the pad off the turnbuckle, but in a melee, the ref is bumped, as Outlaw starts to bleed. Jarrett comes out and hits Nash with his title, and a doctor comes out and puts some nuskin, and the ref gets up and sees Nash is bloody, and ring the bell.
Winner – The Outlaw!!

Nash is pissed, and he gives Outlaw a Jackhammer.

Christopher Daniels & The Truth vs. AJ Styles & Elix Skipper — Ultimate X Match 1
I guess the one that gets pinned here will be eliminated. Truth and Skipper start, and they go back and forth until Skipper tags in AJ. AJ wants Daniels, but Daniels won’t get in. AJ then leaps over the top on Daniels, but Skipper nails a Sudden Death to pin Truth!!!
Survivors – Styles, Daniels & Skipper

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles vs. Elix Skipper – Ultimate X Match 2
Now, the one who gets pinned in the Triple Threat will be eliminated. AJ and Skipper are fighting in the middle of the ring, Daniels climbs and swings across the X, then gets himself up on the top of the X ropes, then flips down on top of AJ and Skipper! Skipper is pissed, because he thought him and Daniels were boys, and Daniels calms him down, only to jump Skipper from behind! Now AJ and Daniels are on the top turnbuckle, and Skipper climbs up, jumps over to one of the X ropes, then hits a reverse frankenstiener on AJ. Daniels comes off the top rope, but Skipper catches him in a Powerbomb!! Skipper hits a Sudden Death on AJ, but Daniels comes in and rolls up Skipper for the pin.
Survivors – Daniels & Styles

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles – Ultimate X Match 3 – X Division Title
AJ is still dizzy from the Sudden Death, and Daniels goes right for the belt. They go back and forth going for the title. AJ is hanging on one of the X ropes, and Daniels leaps off the top rope and grabs AJ, driving him down with a STO (Rock Bottom) to the mat! They continue to fight back and forth on the X ropes, but Daniels falls on the ref. Styles goes up, and gets the belt, but the ref is out, and Daniels nails AJ with the Pedigree type move (sorry, I’m TNA dumb) and takes the belt away from AJ, just as the ref gets up, he sees it in Daniels hands, we have a NEW X Division Champ!
Winner – Fallen Angel

Recap of DDP vs. Jarrett.

Ringside Revenge guys are Alpha Male, 3 Live Kru, Larry Zbyszko, The Naturals, & Chris Candido. They are not Lumberjacks, but they are there to prevent JJ from using a guitar or outside interference.

Jeff Jarrett vs. DDP – NWA Title – Ringside Revenge
JJ runs away from DDP to start the match. The Ref wants JJ to get in the ring, and DDP is yelling at the ref to get JJ in the ring, and JJ jumps DDP. JJ goes for a quick Stroke, but DDP gets out of it, and goes for a quick Diamond Cutter but JJ gets out, and goes to the outside again. 3LK is there, along with Monty, and JJ gets in Monty’s face, and Monty grabs a hold of JJ, and DDP runs down and gets him in the ring. DDP is all over JJ, and they go back to the outside, and fight on the table, then into the crowd. DDP has a trash can, and he nails JJ. They climb up to the upper deck, and DDP runs JJ into the side of the stage. They come back down, and DDP takes a dude in the front row’s crutch and breaks it over JJ’s back. HAHA. DDP puts one of the Spanish announce table chairs in the ring, it’s a office chair, and DDP with an atomic drop, then some punches, spin JJ around in the chair. DDP doing a 10 punch count, but JJ crotches him, and starts working on the knee of DDP. JJ locks on the Figure 4, and DDP tries to fight back, turns over, but JJ turns back quickly, but now DDP is near the ropes. DDP with a sunset flip, but JJ slides through, sends DDP to the ropes, and locks on the Sleeper. DDP gets out of it, and they are both slow to get up. DDP hits a Rock Bottom for 2. DDP hits the ropes, but The Naturals and Candido grab DDP, and JJ nails The Stroke for 2. 3LK takes out Candido & Naturals, and in the melee, The Outlaw comes in and gives JJ a guitar. BG gets in the ring, and takes it away from JJ, and Konnan pulls JJ down and crotch first into the ringpost. BG then goes to hit JJ with the guitar, but misses and hits Konnan instead. DDP calls for a Diamond cutter, then Outlaw gets in and hits a Famasser on DDP, but only gets a 2 count. Syxx-Pac comes out and takes care of JJ and Outlaw, hitting Bronco Busters, then chases Outlaw back. Naturals try to get to DDP, but Diamond Cutters all around. DDP nails a top rope Diamond Cutter, and Attorney Daggert gets in the ring, then Monty Brown. DDP backs off, to let Brown POUNCE, but Monty nails DDP, and lets JJ cover DDP for the pin!
Winner – Jarrett

Monty and Jarrett celebrate the victory!

Show Over.


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