The Crucifix

The past few weeks have been like hell on me, so I have no witty comments to make here. If you want funny, look in a mirror. HA! On with the show…

Raw 03.07.05

– Shawn Michaels is out, and he talks about him showing up on Smackdown and all that jazz. Kurt Angle interrupts via TRON and says that he will accomplish everything HBK has accomplished, but he will do it in the next 4 weeks. He also says that it will be hard to hit Sweet Chin Music with a broken ankle.
– HHH def. Rosey
– HHH hits Rosey with a sledgehammer.
– Flair is upset about having to face Batista, but Cerebral assures him it will be ok.
– The Ladder Match will be “Money In The Bank,” with Shelton up against, Y2J, Edge, Christian, Benoit and one other person, who Christian will face next.
– Kane def. Christian
– Edge def. Chris Jericho with his new finisher, The Mistress.
– GM Eric lets us know that for the next two weeks, Batista and HHH will choose each others opponents.
– Randy Orton challenges Undertaker for Wrestlemania. He also hits the RKO on Bischoff.
– Chris Benoit def. Shelton Benjamin
– Hassan and Daivari are upset they aren’t on the Wrestlemania card. They threaten to hijack the building and blow up the infidels if they don’t get a match.
– Christy challenges Trish to a match at Wrestlemania. Trish laughs but Christy reveals that SHE was the one Amy Dumas cheated on Matt with, as Lita comes out and Christy hits the reverse Twist of Fate on Trish.
– Batista def. Ric Flair
– HHH attacks Batista and goes to use the sledgehammer. Batista takes it away and cracks it over his knee.

The Raw Membrane

– Triple H is guilty of assault with a deadly weapon.
– Randy Orton is guilty of unprovoked assault on Eric Bischoff.
– Christy is guilty of assault on Triple Stratus.
– Triple H is guilty of assault on Batista.


– Like I said, it doesn’t matter to me how they set it up, I’m so there for Angle/Michaels. Although from what I heard about Smackdown (we’ll get to that in a minute), I fully expect a MOTYC from Angle/Jannetty.
– You ever think Triple H should find a new weapon?
– Good to see they found a way to make the guys in the ladder match be a notch above mid-card. If they had made it for the IC Title it would have made every single one of those guys look small time.
– Why is Christian a glorified jobber?
– I was waiting for JR to just blurt out “…and he nailed Lita!” during Edge’s match.
– I can see that they wanted Orton to remain a face, thus taking out Bischoff, but did they forget that Eric kind of turned face himself? Also, you can have Orton RKO every heel in the company, if he challenges Undertaker, he’s a heel.
– Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin has the potential to be awesome if they have the time.
– Hassan and Daivari didn’t really hijack the arena. But it would’ve been funny.
– What was Lita doing there!? Oh…personal problems? What happened?
– By the way, I was waiting for JR to say, “Good to see Edge finally pull out a victory.” Either that or “Lita’s coming to the ring! She’s COMING!”
– HHH sold Batista like he sold Cactus Jack back in the day. Let’s just hope he doesn’t end Batista’s career like he ended Jack’s.


Ok, here’s the deal… I am void of money and void of Tivo/VCR. I also work like a nun going to seminary, thus do not have the time on Thursday to watch. Recent changes in schedule and various hirings/firings at my second job have necessitated me working Thursday nights. So, we have two options: 1. One of you buys me a VCR (seriously…I have four readers, one of you has to be rich) or 2. I do the “Thoughts On A Missed Show,” which just isn’t too much fun for anyone because if I didn’t see it I shouldn’t comment. It’s up to you, so email me..

Speaking Of Not Seeing Something But Commenting…

Monty Brown turning heel and joining Jeff Jarrett!? What’s that all about? Now I know I have been pretty vocal in my criticism of TNA, but everyone has to agree with me here. This is a big example of why TNA is nowhere near the “big time” and won’t be for some time. Monty Brown should be wearing the title, not helping Jarrett retain it. When the fans chant “DROP THE BELT!” it is an example that they don’t believe in you and know you are posturing and using politics to stay on top. Now, we have Monty Brown, who’s time has come in that promotion, and they bump him down to “Jarrett’s henchman”? That’s some horse shit right there. Reading PK’s Fantastic Report appalled me, because I could see that this was such a power play that I couldn’t even see Triple H doing something like it. I also believe that it has something to do with this promotion and it’s handlers being “southern” and Monty being black, but I’m not going to accuse just yet.

Why Victoria Rules

Victoria Rules Because:
She put new pictures on her site!
Visit Victoria at

News and Mostly Thoughts

– For the record, thanks for all the feedback from last week. If you read my column on moodspins, you’d be well aware that I was on a wicked bender when I cranked that out. Never the less, to revisit it, I just want to take a look at Raw again…

– JR makes comments during Edge’s match that were directed to us, the IWC. That’s right…he was talking to us and it felt so cool. Kudos for JR on getting digs in on Copeland while keeping them in the context of his character.
– Amy Dumas comes out during the Trish/Christy segment. My initial reaction was “Uh oh, why is Lita there?” but my thoughts afterward were more of “I WANNA BE BACKSTAGE! I WANNA WATCH!” Regardless, this story won’t be done until Version 1 returns, which I am looking forward to.

– Raw is going off of Spike TV. Check out the full article here. Let’s get real here. Spike TV, then known as TNN, was never a good fit for WWE. They tried to build a station while airing all these shows and you could tell most of their interest was in CSI to begin with. WWE is better off being on USA, even with the damn dog show. I believe USA can be viewed by more people and on top of that, they’re the only people that will take WWE at this point. Also, if WWE gets 40 million I’ll start my own promotion. They have to be realistic and adkowledge that they’ve kind of sucked for a little while and they aren’t anywhere close to where they were in 2000. Just take between 15 and 20 million and deal with it.

– In other news… there is really nothing going on. Sadly, this is Wrestlemania season and it’s very quiet. Either that or I am just so burned out from the Copeland/Hardy/Dumas/Helms/Jeff Hardy/Abyss/TNA/WWE/Fifi/Tajiri/Triple Stratus/Jericho/Your Mom/Kevin Bacon stuff from last week that I can’t even see straight.

– Triple H’s feud is over. Funny how nobody can get put over for the belt but he’ll put over Fitty.

Plugging It In

– I like Biscuiti, but this disturbed me on an emotional level.

– PK has refused to plug me ever again, due to me calling Lita a whore and because I outed him as the Preciousbeautifulwomensdivision Killer. Regardless, I will plug his entire section.

– Check out Matt Michaels adopted baby, moodspins.

– A little forwarning: If you are a fan of 24, check this site out tomorrow.

My sincere apologies to those of you who are disturbed this column is so short this week. It’s been slow. Maybe business will pick up by Thursday, in time for the Thursday Pulse.

Also, 23 is a happy age for a growing boy. I’m not too worried about it. And just an aside to the people of Grand Rapids, I didn’t know that was meatloaf.

Also, just to plug the creator of something I was way too messed up to plug last week…

This is credit of Sean Carless of TheWrestlingFan. Sean does some spectaular graphic work, and I didn’t properly credit him in my f***ed up state. Go check his site out, because he sent me this picture:


Sssssssseeeeee Ya everybody!

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