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Hey everyone it is Monday again and you know what that means. 24 time. Jack looks to be in big trouble. Our hero Almeida is now working under his ex-wife, Michelle.

Get back here at 9PM Eastern to find out how our boys get out of these sticky situations.

Refresh for updates.

Well things are about to start. I have Murtz Jaffer, the lovely Ela Jaszczur joining me in the Jestor’s Lair. Russ Montgomery will be joining us later, hopefully just in time for the show to start

Murtz: Ooh a warning about violence. I don�t remember them doing that before.

And we get another long segment of Previously on. I think these are a waste of good valuable 24 time!


Curtis is at CTU and finds out that 8 blocks are out because of EMP. Audrey and Curtis argue about what to do about McClelland-Forester.

Over at their office Paul is getting tortured to reveal the document he printed is. Two security guys are working over Paul. They close doors on his fingers.

Jack enters the room and one of the guards has a gun to Paul. He threatens to shoot Paul. Jack shoots the guy.

Paul tells him he has hidden the document.

Russ enters: It smells like Schnitzel and sex.

Jack and Paul sneak through the building and find the document Paul had hide.

Over at CTU. Almeida goes over the whole situation with his ex Dressler.

Russ: Has Almeida gotten his own theme music yet? Like Motorhead maybe?

Dressler instructs Almeida on what to do. Tony does not think she is using his skills. She goes after the fact he is a drunk.

Murtz: Kiss her, kiss her.

Audrey asks Dressler if there is a problem with her and Almeida. Dressler says his presscence wont

A news report says there is widespread looting in the blacked out area.

Romo: Ha, Ha nice!

Russ: Is the blackout in LA?!


Harris Barnes aka Marwan makes his appearance.

He is back at his hangout.

He calls some guy on his phone.

Murtz: it a traitorous white guy!

The white guy goes to get a new suit. It�s a Navy suit.

Russ: Oh man!


Break time.

Murtz: Why do girls want an army guy? They make almost no money.


A helicopter heads to McClelland-Forester. Sarah tells Curtis that the heli is not responding to the building.

Sarah wonders who sent it? Tony suspects the worst and calls it a search and destroy mission.

Murtz: Michelle becomes more evil as Almeida becomes more good.

Jack and Paul try to get away. They are outside and trying to hide.

The heli lines and one of the company guys talks to the guy on the heli who ha come off. He orders him to kill Jack and Paul.

Jack and Paul are heading through the blacked out area. There are car fires everywhere.

Jack looks to go to the gun shop. The owner shoots and just misses Paul.

Russ: That is the first place that should be looted.

Jack busts through the door and disarms the guy after the owner doesn�t believe him.

The gun owners are Arabs but say they are good Arabs.

Romo: Haha. I bet this is because of the controversy.


The Arabs give them some guns that they have in the store and agree to help them.

Jack tells them that they have to get ready because people are after them.

Jack tells the owners they need to leave because commandos are coming and its tied to the blackout and train bombing.

Jack is hoping to force a fire fight with the commandos to force them to use radio so that CTU can pick it up and get their location.

The owners tell Jack that they are staying.

Russ: They want to fight.

Murtz: An unholy alliance looms.

The owners say that this country is their home and they don�t want to be blamed for what happened because of their race.


Murtz: Who said 24 does not teach lessons about race.

Murtz: This episode has had too much crap. It�s hard to follow, too many story lines.

Russ: I sort of follow it but then I have another peanut.


Heller is talking to some guy on the phone and thinks the President should stay in the air at least another hour.

Audrey comes in and talks to her dad about how things are going with the city that affected the meltdown.

Audrey tells Heller about when Jack tortured Paul. Heller takes Jack�s side. Audrey is just shocked to see it. He was a different person. Audrey isn�t sure she feels the same way about him as before.

Ela: Oh safe the sob story.

Murtz: Yeah really!


Sarah goes to talk to Michelle and tells her about what Driscoll promised her about the pay grades.

Murtz: Michelle looks hotter.

Michelle tells Sarah that she is the boss after Sarah threatens to go to Heller.

Michelle gets security to remove her from the building.

Murtz: This scene was just to make her seem tough


Back at the gun shop. Jack, Paul and his new friends get ready for an onslaught.

Russ: I think one of the Arab guys will save Jack when he is pinned by a commando/

Back at CTU. Michelle calls over Tony and tells him that he will be working with Edgar and Curtis the rest of the day.

Tony suggests that Jack will start a firefight and they need to be ready to help him. Curtis does not agree. Michelle takes Curtis�s side, who wants to cover the whole perimeter.

Romo: He is going to go against her and be fired.

Back at the gun shop. Jack is spotting the commandos.

Murtz: I want more shady brown guys, equal opportunity TV.

Jack and his crew set their sights on the commandoes.

Paul shoots and misses the head commado. He calls for backup.


Michelle goes to talk to Audrey and apologizes for before when they talked.

Murtz: Power struggle. Two girls can never get along.

Russ: Unless (hinting at lesbianism)�

Audrey tries to convince Michelle to give Almeida a chance.

Romo: Audrey wants Almeida.

Murtz: That would be a wicked story line

Michelle goes over to apologize to Tony and blah blah blah.

Romo: Tony isn�t buying any of this shit.

Back at the gun shop. The Arabs want to be part of the solution, they will fight with Jack!

Paul and Jack keep looking for more commandoes.

Eventually they see a crew of guys approach. Jack announces, �They�re here!�


Break time

Russ: Do both brown guys die?

Murtz: 1 guy. 1 guy will turn on Jack, the other brother will kill him.

Russ: I think one guy sacrifices himself to save Jack.


Audrey and Tony talk about getting access to a search. She is helping him out. He asks her if she told Michelle about what happened today.

Edgar calls over people and he notices radio transmissions by the commandoes.


The commandoes move in and surround the building.

Russ: Its go time!

The head guy orders his team to move in.

Murtz: Who dies first?

Russ: Brown guy.

Murtz and Romo: Paul!

The commandoes start to shoot at the building with the automatic weapons.

Curtis says it will take them 7-8 minutes to respond.

Michelle looks at Almeida who has disdain on his face.

Romo: That is I TOLD YOU SO!

Murtz: ALMEIDA SON!! That is for PURCHASE!!

One of the Arab brothers looks to be hit.

The commadoes get to the building and blow the door open.

Jack and the others are moving to the back. He tells them to shine the flashlights into their eyes.

Murtz: this scene seems to thrown in.

Ela: to get the action quota up.

Murtz: it seems so forced.

Edgar announces that the gunfire has stopped. They figure the building has been taken over. Audrey asks Almeida about Jack and Paul. He says there is no way to tell.


Break time


Back at CTU Tony is giving orders to the CTU army dudes going to help Jack.

Jack sneaks up on a bad guy and stabs him the back of the neck.

Romo. Russ, Ela, Murtz: OOH!

One of the bad guys is coming in and other commandoes come behind. They shoot Jack. They are from CTU.

The bad guy moves.

Murtz, Ela: He is still alive.

Murtz: It would be funny if they arrested the brown guys.

The CTU calls into Curtis.

Almeida walks up to talk to Michelle.

Ela: Oh look at that ass.

Almeida and Michelle talk about crap.

Almeida tells Michelle he is going to get out her hair. She tells him No. We can�t afford to lose you. Not today.

Tony agrees to stay.

Back at the gun shop the Arab guys are cleaning up. Both guys are ok. Jack leaves.

The bad guy moves and gets his gun.

Paul notices it and pushes Jack out of the way. Paul is shot. Jack shoots the bad guy.

Jack calls for a medic. Paul is dying. The medics have shown up.

Murtz: Audrey is going to think that Jack let him die.

Marwan and the white guy talk on the phone.

Murtz: this guy has a tie to the President.

Marwan talks about how the President is on tight schedule.

Murtz: SEE!!

Ela: He is on a tight schedule?

Russ: Is that what they are calling his secretary? Rim shot!


Murtz: The President is so involved.

Romo: Time for final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Ela: So this is the second chance for 24 and it was worth it just because I saw the tight shirt, the muscles and the sweet ass of Almeida.

Romo: I agree he has a sweet ass. I think Audrey is a bitch for having no respect for Jack�s torture techniques.

Rob Purchase has called in to add his final thoughts, what a loser

Rob: I just want to say that all of the bloodshed at the end is CTU�s fault because they did not listen to Almeida�. SON!

Russ: I don�t know what I found less believable; the sexual tension between everyone in that office or the fact that any brown guy would stick around the help whitey.

Murtz Jaffer gets the final word this week after winning a game of odds and evens.

Murtz: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the ultimate test of good and evil. In the role reversal between Almeida and Wife, she is now the evil witch that could have saved last season. Michelle Son!

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