[RAW] Matt Hardy Makes Another Statement On Lita/Edge Situation


Matt Hardy responded to a post on his official site, that criticized his decision to discuss the end of his personal relationship with Amy Dumas (Lita) online on his message board and website. Hardy wrote the following:

Just for the record, I never told anyone the story in it’s entirety until news sites on the internet started breaking the story (and there’s still a ton of appalling things you guys don’t know). I took down Amy’s pictures on my site and in my house because they were sickening to look at. When the story started coming out, in no form or fashion was I going to allow myself to look like the bad guy. I couldn’t afford personally or professionally to let incorrect versions of the story stand. I just wish you guys could have experienced the truth and saw what actually happen. You can take my word for what it’s worth–in your eyes and heart. Adam Copeland is feces. As upset as I am with Amy now, I still care about her and I would hate to see her destroy her life. The feces’ track record speaks for itself. I have never ask anyone to take sides, I have only told the truth.
I never “insulted the internet world”, I only used one writer’s article as an example of what not to do or be influenced by on the net. I love the internet concept–my goal is to always help make it better, not tear it down. If I remember correctly, my post was to ask people to make their own opinions based on the facts and their own judgments. Not to just take someone else’s opinion as fact, especially if they’re not an expert in a given field. The same thing goes for me–I give you information, and you decide what to do with it. I think my track record speaks for itself.
As a public figure, I willingly had to give up my privacy once I started appearing on TV week in and week out, as all WWE superstars do. There would be no “scandal” to talk about if there had not been a “scandal” in the first place. I respect you for speaking you opinion in an adult fashion, I just wanted to give you more insight of where I’m coming from. Be well,
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Credit- PWInsider.com & thematthardy.com