InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 03.14.05
Live from Hotlanta
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Seriously guys, last nights TNA PPV was a very good show. I greatly enjoyed watching it.

Intro…Benoit vs. HHH tonight.

Chris Jericho’s Hi-Light Reel
Jericho is on a ladder in the middle of the ring, and he says that everyone’s goal in the WWE is to climb the ladder of success, and at WM21, he will climb the ladder and win the title shot. He then brings out his guest, someone else who plans on being successful at WM21, Randy Orton. Jericho says that defeating UT at easier said then done. Orton says that he wants to make an impact, and he wants to be in the Hall of Fame one day, so he will have to defeat UT at WM. Jericho says that he has a surprise for Orton, it is the person who lost to UT at WM8, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts!! (And yes, with a sack over his shoulder). Snake makes his way down, and he says that he likes Randy’s grandfather and father, so he is going to do them a favor and shut Randy’s mouth. Randy thinks this all stems from Snake losing to UT himself, and Snake takes offense to this, and goes to get his snake, but Orton grabs him. Snake twists Orton around, and nails a short-armed clothesline. Snake calls for the DDT, but Orton spins around and nails the RKO!


KANE vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
Tomko distracts KANE, then Christian jumps him. KANE quickly fights back, and picks up Christian setting up for a Tombstone. But Tomko gets in and big boots KANE. Tomko then beats down on KANE. Christian, on the floor, grabs KANE’s legs and tries to pull him into the ringpost, but KANE pulls back, and Christian’s face rings off the post. Christian makes his way up the ramp, and leaves Tomko to fend for himself…which is at the receiving end of a Choke Slam.
Winner – KANE

Christian pulls out a ladder from under the ring, and KANE comes over and scares Christian away. KANE puts the ladder in the ring, and introduces it to Tomko’s head. Tomko is cut open the hard way.

Flair with Snitsky. Flair says that there was some misunderstanding when he came in the WWE, and people blamed him killing Lita and KANE’s baby, but it wasn’t his fault. Flair then says that when Snitsky hurts Batista tonight, it will be his fault.


WWE Rewind – Lita returning last week, and a ToF from Christy to Trish.

Christy with Lita. They are going to practice some kicks, and Tajiri and Regal are there to help. Tajiri shows Christy some kicks, hitting a pad that Regal is holding. Regal then turns to Christy, and wants he to try some kicks. They are weak, and Regal starts to berate her. Christy gets all firey and accidentally kicks Regal in the balls.

HBK getting dress, and Marty Jannetty comes in! HBK says that he knows that Marty is wrestling on SmackDown, but if he is really making his return, he needs to do it on RAW. HBK says that he cleared a one night only reunion, as The Rockers will face La Resistance.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge
Shelton makes his way out, but Edge jumps him from behind. Mr. Feces then runs Shelton’s head off the entrance, then Mr. Feces beats up Shelton all around the ring, slamming his head on the steps. Mr. Feces finally tosses Shelton in the ring, and the ref has Mr. Feces back off him. The ref then asks if Shelton can go, and Shelton tells him to ring the bell, but he is struggling to get up. The ref rings the bell, and Mr. Feces attacks him, and dumps Shelton over the top rope.


We come back and Mr. Feces is all over Shelton. Mr. Feces sets up Shelton on the top ropes, but Shelton head butts off, then this his forward bulldog. Both men are slow to get up, and Mr. Feces gets up first, and starts slug away on Shelton. Shelton fights back and unloads on Mr. Feces. Shelton with a back body drop, then a running knee lift. Mr. Feces in the corner, and Shelton goes for a Stinger Splash, but Edge sees it coming and moves, but Shelton leaps up on the top rope, and jumps off into a Sunset Flip for 2. Shelton comes off the ropes, but Mr. Feces catches him and hits a powerslam for 2. Mr. Feces lines up for the spear, but Shelton leap frogs it, and Mr. Feces stops before he hits the ref. Shelton tries a kick, but Mr. Feces catches it, and Shelton tries the spinning enzaguri but Mr. Feces ducks it and Shelton drills the ref. Mr. Feces comes off the ropes and nails the Spear, but the ref is out. Mr. Feces goes for a ladder under the ring, but as he is trying to bring it in the ring, Jericho runs out and see-saw’s it up into Mr. Feces’s face. Mr. Feces staggers back toward Shelton, and Shelton nails the TBone.
Winner – Shelton


The Rockers vs. La Resistance
Jannetty starts out with Conway. La Rez quickly with some double team, but Jannetty fights back and gets to HBK. Rockers clean house, double teaming on Greiner, with a double hip toss, then a double elbow drop. Greiner is on the outside, Conway checks on him, and both Rockers hit a suicide plancha over the top rope to the floor. As they get back in the ring, La Rez starts to run over HBK, tagging in and out, and just running over HBK. HBK finally gets to Jannetty, and he is on fire. He takes out both Conway and Greiner, then nails Greiner with a ROCKER DROPPER!!!
Winners – Rockers

Rockers get out of the ring, the classic way, over the top ropes, right to the floor.

Flair talks to HHH, he reminds him that one year ago, Benoit made him tap, and last week, Batista broke the sledgehammer. Well, tonight, HHH will get his revenge at Benoit, and Snitsky will handle Batista.


Maria with Trish, and she asks if Trish is concerned that Lita has been training Christy. Trish is not concerned, since she ended Lita’s career. Maria then says that ToF that Christy delivered last week must’ve been a powerful message. Trish says that it was, but she has a message for Christy, and Trish beats up Maria.

Flair is getting Snitsky primed for his match with Batista. He wonders if Snitsky has the ability to actually focus on one of Batista’s body parts and really hurt him. Snitsky stops listening, and stares off in the other direction, and Batista is standing behind Flair. Flair starts screaming at Batista, telling him that he won’t take HHH’s title.

HHH makes his way down.


Triple H (w/ Flair) vs. Chris Benoit
Back and forth tie-ups to start. Benoit goes for a quick Crossface, but HHH gets to the ropes quickly. Benoit with some chops in the corner, then a snap suplex. HHH rolls out of the ring, and Benoit follows. Benoit puts HHH back in the ring, then is slow getting in himself, and HHH shoves him off the apron back to the floor.


We come back and Benoit is chopping the hell out of HHH, but HHH takes him back down with a huge clothesline. HHH sets up Benoit on the turnbuckle, and nails a SUPERPLEX for 2. HHH goes for a Pedigree, but Benoit grabs HHH’s legs and slingshots him into the turnbuckle. Benoit then hits the Trifecta of Germans, and then chops away. HHH fights back, nails a kick to the gut, and goes for the Pedigree again, but Benoit spins out and drops HHH in the Crossface!! HHH almost taps, but he finally rolls out of it. HHH goes for the Pedigree AGAIN, but Benoit pulls out of it AGAIN, and locks on the Sharpshooter. Flair gets on the apron, and Benoit lets go, then the ref goes to the floor and ejects Flair. Benoit turns around, and gets a low blow from HHH, then the Pedigree for the duke.
Winner – HHH

SmackDown Rebound

  • JBL destroys the spinner US Title, and presents Orlando the real US Title.

  • Long won’t let JBL face Cena, and Cena gives Long a FU.
  • JBL uses a chair on Mysterio, causing a DQ, but The Cabinet beats down on Mysterio & Eddie.
  • Cena comes through the crowd and takes out all of The Cabinet as JBL gets away.


    WrestleMania Card

  • Stone Cold in The Piper’s Pit
  • Undertaker vs. Randy Orton
  • JBL (c) vs. Cena – WWE Title
  • Trish (c) vs. Christy – Woman’s Title
  • Jericho vs. Christian vs. KANE vs. Benjamin vs. Edge vs. Benoit – Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
  • Big Show vs. Akebono – Sumo Match
  • Triple H (c) vs. Batista – World Title

    Hassan comes out and blames the racist nature of all of us for him not being on WM.

    Christy is going to check on Maria, and she says to Lita that she wants to make sure Lita teaches her how the beat that bitch. Lita walks away, and runs into….Snitsky. Lita asks what he wants, and Snitsky just wants to welcome her back.

    Batista vs. Gene Snitsky
    HHH and Flair make their way to ringside. Snitsky and Batista go toe to toe, and Snitsky wants Batista to hit the ropes with a shoulder block. Batista pretends to go, but quickly turns and clotheslines Snitsky. Batista puts Snitsky in the corner, and charges, but Snitsky gets the boot up. Snitsky then works over Batista’s knee, wrapping it around the ring post. Snitsky hits the Meltdown for 2. Snitsky goes to wrap Batista’s leg around the post again, but Batista hits some stiff kicks to Snitsky’s face, then tries to drop Snitsky in the Demon Bomb, but Flair runs in and causes the DQ.
    Winner via DQ – Batista

    All 3 men try to beat down Batista, but Batista fights back, sending Snitsky and Flair to the floor, and HHH gets out of the ring quickly. HHH gets Flair and Snitsky a chair each, and all 3 try to go after Batista, but KANE comes out to take out Snitsky, and Batista takes out Flair. Choke Slam on Snitsky, then a Demon Bomb on Snitsky. HHH on the mic, says that Batista will face KANE next week.

    Show Over.


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