The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 3

In the last episode, roommates Megan and Heidi were Philiminated, and engaged couple Rob and Amber won a trip, although I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded having another 20 grand.

9 teams remain. Who will be Philiminated next? Me, I think it’ll be Meredith and Gretchen…

Hi, and welcome to the (not)LIVE coverage of The Amazing Race. Long story short, I was at work tending to an emergency, and I’m doing the recap off an avi file.

The Standings after 2 legs:
Position – Name [Roadblocks performed] – Leg Eliminated
1 – Rob and Amber [1] (aka Romber)
2 – Ron [1] and Kelly (aka POW)
3 – Ray and Deana [1] (aka D-Ray)
4 – Uchenna and Joyce [1]
5 – Lynn [1] and Alex
6 – Debbie [1] and Bianca
7 – Meredith and Gretchen [1]
8 – Susan [1] and Patrick
9 – Brian [1] and Greg
x10 – Megan [1] and Heidi (aka The Barbies) – Leg 2
x11 – Ryan and Chuck – Leg 1

We’re in Santiago, Chile, home of masterful architecture – it’s right beside the soccer stadium. Can Uchenna and Joyce maintain their position, and will Susan and Patrick recover from their poor leg?

Rob and Amber arrived at the Pit Stop at 12:34pm, and after the mandatory rest period, are departing at 12:34am. They must drive through the Andes mountains to Argentina, and head to a bridge known as the Puente Viejo for their next clue. Oh, and by the way, there’s a Yield. Rob notes that he and Amber have had a lot of luck, and have taken a lot of chances. Oh, and they are… WALKING!! (With apologies to CRZ. I always wanted to say that). Um, anyways, Rob finds someone to take him to the lot where the cars are kept.

POW, 1:24am. Wow, a 50 minute lead. Ron doesn’t know if he and Kelly are meant to be. They take a taxi to the lot.

D-Ray, 2:17am. Man, a LOT of separation here. Deana says Ray needs to communicate more. Ray says Deana needs to assert herself more. Haven’t we done this one before?

Uchenna and Joyce, 3:16am.

Lynn and Alex, 3:19am. The boys (shockingly), don’t like Rob and Amber.

Debbie and Bianca, 3:20am. Usual all-girl team banter.

Meredith and Gretchen, 3:24am. Gretchen verbalizes everything. I hadn’t noticed.

Susan and Patrick, 3:35am.

Brian and Greg, 3:46am. So basically, there’s the top 3, and everyone else is (for now) bunched up. They apparently don’t read a clue.

Romber reaches the carpark, and naturally, it doesn’t open until 5am. How convenient. Romber get a hotel, POW walks around, and D-Ray sleep on the street. Debbie and Bianca go to a hotel and get directions. Everyone else arrive, see the news, and camp out.

Romber, seeing Debbie and Bianca’s cab, take it, by paying their driver more. No drama.

5am, teams get in, and grab the cars. Rob asks the police for help, and gets a cop to drive them to the highway. So far, all the teams are driving in the right direction. Except Susan and Patrick, who stop at a gas station for directions. In a nice shot, we see Debbie and Bianca pass by the gas station. They are apparently sould sisters with Hayden from last time, as they too are “retarded with directions”.

Teams are turning off at Los Andes. Debbie and Bianca aren’t sure if they’re headed the right way.

Teams seem to want to Yield Romber. I don’t blame them, as they’re a strong team, but they’re doing it out of spite, so it’s not for the right reasons.

Meanwhile, Susan and Patrick are still in Santiago, at 6:45am. They FINALLY get on Cinco Norte. Debbie and Bianca still don’t know if they’re headed the right way. The view, by the way, is awesome. I wish I was there.

Romber get to the bridge, and run to the Yield. There are 3 Yields in the Race, and one team can force another team to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time. But a team can only USE the Yield once. If you’re Yielded, you turn over the hourglass and wait for the sand to run out.

Romber are first to the Yield, and Yield noone. It’s a Detour – Paddle or Pedal. You either raft down a 7 mile course, or mountain bike 7 miles along train tracks. Romber decide to Paddle. Lynn and Alex decide not Yield, and they Paddle. Both teams are off.

Meredith and Gretchen and the Brothers reach the bridge. Both teams don’t Yield. The Brothers Pedal, and Meredith and Gretchen Paddle.

Amber is hurting. Lynn and Alex are apparently obsessed with beating Romber, but they do pass them. Lynn and Alex finish the detour, and get their next clue. They must travel 70 miles to “camping suizo” to get their next clue. Romber also get their clue, and are off.

POW, D-Ray and Uchenna and Joyce all paddle.

Susan and Patrick and Debbie and Bianca are… somewhere. Debbie and Bianca find they’ve overshot their mark by 2 hours.

One of the brothers gets a flat, as Meredith and Gretchen pass them by. POW passes them as well, and the brothers decide to carry the bikes. POW passes Meredith and Gretchen, and are now in third. Uchenna and Joyce and D-Ray are having fun, and blow by D-Ray. Uchenna and Joyce pass the brothers, but the brothers do finish the detour.

Susan and Patrick FINALLY get to the Detour, and Paddle. Lynn and Alex get to the cluebox, and it’s a Roadblock. “Who is not a vegetarian?” The Racer has to finish a “traditional” Argentine meal consisting of cow brains, pork sausages, blood sausage, cow intestine, cow udder, cow kidney, and part of a cow’s saliva gland. What, no stomach? Each portion weighs 4 pounds. Nice.

Alex does the Roadblock, and starts eatin’. Rob, unsurprisingly, does the roadblock. Lynn tells Alex to throw up, and Alex lets him know that’s not cool to say that.

Susan and Patrick finish the Detour. Debbie and Bianca get to the bridge, and Paddle. Debbie, apparently, “almost died” white water rafting, so I suppose this is theraputic for her.

POW ask for directions. Uchenna and Joyce get someone to drive them there. Rob and Alex aren’t having fun. Rob doesn’t want to talk about the taste. And remember, he ate farfaru in Marquesas. Meredith and Gretchen, and Brian and Greg get to the Roadblock. Meredith and Greg do it. POW has Ron eat. Uchenna eats. People eat, and Alex has a “reversal of fortune”. Rob quits, and takes a 4 hour time penalty, which starts when D-Ray arrives. Deana (!) takes the roadblock. Rob tries to get other teams to quit in order to have other teams in queue behind him on the 4 hour penalty. Meredith quits, and takes the penalty. Alex, Uchenna, Ron and Greg are still eating.

Uchenna, eating machine, finishes. They get their clue – drive 8 miles to the Pit Stop at Estancia San Isidro, where the last team to arrive “may” be eliminated. “Do you want a mint?”

Alex finishes, and he and Lynn head to the Pit Stop. Uchenna gets help to the Pit Stop, but reach the wrong place. It costs them, as Lynn and Alex finish in first!! They take WAY too much joy in coming ahead of Romber this leg – the key to these legs is NOT FINISHING LAST, and the only time finishing first means something is on the last leg. And in a bit of Instant Karma, they apparently win nothing for finishing first.

Uchenna and Joyce arrive second, and they are disappointed.

Meanwhile, Susan and Patrick are heading to the Roadblock. Greg and Ron finish the Roadblock. Patrick takes the Roadblock, and D-Ray’s and Meredith and Gretchen’s penalty time starts. Romber has about 2:40 left on their time.

Debbie and Bianca finish the Detour, and head to the Roadblock. POW and the Brothers arrive third and fourth. Partick gets snippy with Susan, and acts like a whiny baby. Patrick doesn’t think that Debbie and Bianca can do the Roadblock, but they seem rather happy about eating lots of meat and offal. Debbie does the Roadblock.

Romber’s penalty time expires, and they get their clue. They arrive in fifth, and Rob is surprised that he found a way to “plot and scheme” in the Amazing Race. Phil is amazed at how Rob could do it.

Debbie and Patrick are eating. Debbie is plowing through the food.

Meanwhile, D-Ray and Meredith and Gretchen’s penalty time expire, and they head to the Pit Stop. D-Ray are sixth, and Meredith and Gretchen, after a slight detour around town, are seventh. Again

Patrick finishes the Roadblock. Susan drives, and gets lost. Debbie finally finishes, and the team heads out. It’s a footrace, and team number eight is… Susan and Patrick!!

Debbie and Bianca are the last team to arrive. They’ve been Philiminated. Debbie, though, doesn’t even look like she ate 4 pounds of meat. They hug, and walk away, holding hands. Awwww.

Next time, Romber attempt an aggressive move, Joyce takes a wild ride, and Deana breaks down.

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