[RAW] Dark Matches, Heat and Off Camera Happenings


I attended Raw in Atlanta tonight so I thought I’d send in some notes about the show.
Before the show the WWE history video set to “Lonely Road of Faith” aired. It had a WrestleMania theme. Major pops were for Hogan, Bret and Austin.

Dark Match:
Rhyno defeated Scott Vick. Major ECW chant for Rhyno.

Heat Matches:
Viscera defeated Simon Dean after Dean cut a promo ripping on fat people.
Chris Masters defeated Jimmy Rave.
Maven and Molly Holly defeated Val Venis and Victoria.

I’m not sure what all was caught on camera since I haven’t watched my tape yet, but here are some other notes:
The crowd definitely turned on Orton after Jake came out. Their were major “DDT” chants.
When Tomko was taken to the back after the match with Kane, Tomko appeared to have been busted open. He was show on the Titan Tron with blood on his face.
When Edge was leaving the ring after his match with Benjamin he acknowledged a “You Screwed Matt” chant that was centered in a section near the stage. As he was leaving he looked over and mockingly pointed back at the fans.
There were huge pops for the Rockers reunion, especially for the simultaneous splashes over the top rope.
After the Benoit/Triple H match as Benoit was leaving, he received a near standing ovation and pounded his chest to acknowledge it.
After the cameras went off Bischoff came out and said that the crowd was promised a tag match and we were going to get it. He told Triple H to come back out. After a while he did the match was Triple H and Edge w/ Flair vs Batista and Shawn Michaels. Initially the post show dark match was announced as Triple H vs Batista vs Orton and last week on Raw there was a commercial announcing it as Triple H and Flair vs Batista and Orton. Triple H played the scared heel the entire match and wouldn’t get in the ring to face Batista. Michaels got up on the ropes and flapped his arms in a “you’re chicken” motion which caused Triple H to throw a hissy fit on the apron. The match went back and forth until Shawn got tossed to the floor and was repeatedly choked by Flair behind the ref’s back. This brought out Jake Roberts with a snake around his neck. He chased Flair around the ring and laid the snake on him. This caused Flair to make a quick exit. Jake stayed at ringside the rest of the match. The match ended with Batista pinning Triple H after a Batista Bomb. Michaels then superkicked Triple H after he was distacted by the snake. Jake got in the ring and DDT’ed Triple H and then laid the snake on him. As Edge was leaving after this match he again acknowledged some “You Screwed Matt” chants by nodding his head with a smirk on his face.

Biggest Pops
Jake Roberts
Rockers/HBK by himself

Biggest Heat
Triple H
Orton after Roberts came out

Overall it was a very entertaining show live with some great surprises.

Credit- Carrie Rich & PWInsider.com