[RAW] Another Possibility On Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge Situation


The official message board for punk band Seven Seconds posted a photo of Matt Hardy and Lita together from a concert last Thursday 3/10. It’s certainly interesting when you put it into context with the news of the past couple of weeks involving them and Edge. You can check out the photo and a posting by Kevin Seconds at this link.
Hardy posted a note about the concert on his official site stating the following:

“Since I figured Amy and I attending the 7 seconds show would eventually come out, here is the deal. Amy and I talked about some things that night and went to the show. Kevin Seconds asked us to take a picture with him, which we gladly did. Remember my post about mistakes? As far as not attending events, no one has ever been worried about Amy and I getting into a physical confrontation. Like I said before, as upset as I may be with Amy, I obviously still care and hopes she clears her head–for her sake. I wish all of this was a work. Matt”

Take this for whatever you will.

Credit- PWInsider.com & thematthardy.com