[WWE] New Virus Disguised As WWE Screensaver


This link will take you to an article about a new computer worm called Elitper-D making the rounds. Why is this making wrestling news you ask? Because it is disguised as a screensaver featuring Sable and Torrie Wilson.
The worm is apparently spread via email under the guise of being a fix for Windows XP, then attempts to spread via file-sharing systems by pretending to be a screensaver of Sable and Torrie. Those who download it for a screensaver, instead get their security settings changed and their anti-virus software turned off, opening up the PC to attacks.
The virus is currently graded as “low threat” right now, but could rise. Make sure your security and anti-virus programs are working and up to date, and be wary of downloading Sable & Torrie screensavers over a file-sharing service.
Here, just check out the spyware section of Inside Pulse’s own Eric Szulzcewski. The man is a genius, especially when it comes to these kind of issues.

Credit- PWInsider.com