[TNA] iMPACT! Taping Results For 3/18, 3/25 & 4/1 (Spoilers)


Alan Wojcik was once again kind enough to send these in.

TNA Wrestling Impact tapings from Universal Studios.

A lot should happen on the Impact shows filmed tonight with six weeks between now and April 24th Lockdown PPV and two Six Sides of Steel matches to be mapped out. JB told the fans somewhere in the two shows will be the in ring Impact debut of Syxx-Pac/Sean Waltman

Impact Hour One:

The show opened with a video recap of this past Sunday’s Destination X PPV followed by Tenay/West talking on camera Backstage NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett celebrated with the Naturals, Chris Candido, Mr. Daggett and Monty Brown who told Jeff Jarrett he owed him one.

(1) NWA World X Division champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Jerrelle Clark.

This was hard hitting from the opening bell as Daniels seemed to have that killer attitude back in his body. Daniels hit Clark with the springboard moonsault but didn’t make the cover. That would come back to haunt Daniels as Clark fired back with some offense but he fell to the Angels Wings.

After the match Daniels got the house mic and proclaimed his all out assault on the X division was now complete. Daniels gloated how he “beat everyone on his own” and called himself the heart and soul of the X Division. When he called himself Mr. TNA, his former XXX partner Elix Skipper came out to confront Daniels and it seemed like he challenged Daniels to a title match.

(2) “The Notorious KID” Kid Kash (w/Lance Hoyt) defeated Mikey Batts.

For a split second we thought it was going to be Hoyt against Kash. Batts held his own until an attempted plancha to the floor onto Kash resulted in Hoyt catching him and tossing him into the ringpost. Batts fought back but Hoyt stuck his nose in the match again, was hit with a springboard forward flip kick(only way to describe it) followed by the Money Maker.

Back from commercial Konnan was backstage looking confused until the other 3LK members arrived. Konnan and BG James argued over the guitar shot from Sunday and the presence of the Outlaw.

(3) Dustin Rhodes and NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris” defeated The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) and Chris Candido.

This went all over the ringside area from the opening bell before Rhodes and Candido squared off in the ring. Candido had control of Rhodes until a dropkick only caught air. Rhodes tagged out to Harris and Candido tagged in Douglas. All hell broke loose again as AMW hit Douglas with the Death Sentence to win the match.

Back from commercial Mike Tenay stood in the ring as the music of the NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett played over the loudspeakers, who was led to the ring by his “insurance policy” the Outlaw. Once again the fans chanted drop the title. And Jarrett dropped it…off his shoulders. Jarrett said opportunity allowed him to recruit Monty Brown to his side of Planet Jarrett. He said DOA Dusty Rhodes overlooked Brown in giving Nash and DDP title shots instead of the “Alpha Male.” Jarrett brought to the ring Monty Brown, the same man he called a Double A ballplayer for the past two years. The fans chanted Brown “sold out” but Brown felt otherwise. Brown claimed it was time for Jarrett, Outlaw and Brown to take over TNA. Brown seemed to invoke Scoot Andrews in a way with his promo skills.

Backstage Dusty Rhodes, Trinity and Tracy Brooks spoke about the two six sides of steel cage matches at Lockdown. Rhodes said he signed both teams.

(4) “1000% Guapo” Shocker defeated David Young.

This match made me want to buy a double quarter pounder with cheese. Shocker and Young had a good matchup that ended with a combination of moves into a pin of Young.

(5) Diamond Dallas Page and Syxx Pac (w/Kevin Nash who sat with Tenay and West) defeated Lex Lovett and “Iceman” Buck Quartermain.

This was a stiff-fest. DDP and Syxx had control of the match even as the show went to commercial. When it came back Lovett and Quartermain were walking around ringside. Back in the ring Lovett was stiffed by Syxx Pac kicks but Syxx Pac missed the bronco buster. Lovett tagged out and allowed Quartermain to get in some shots on Syxx Pac. The duo worked over Syxx Pac until he tagged out to DDP who hit Quartermain with the Diamond cutter to win the match. After the match Nash grabbed the house mic, got in the ring and called Rhodes to the ring to talk about one of the cage matches. Nash said he wanted Jarrett/Outlaw/Brown inside the cage. Rhodes said next week he would decide if that was the match.

Impact Hour Two opened with Abyss climbing to Rhodes’ truck where Brooks and Trinity were going over some document. They followed by Tenay and West speaking on camera but as usual no one here could hear them. Brooks seemed to know what Abyss wanted but Abyss scared both ladies off. AJ Styles was walking by and said he wasn’t scared and then he and Abyss had a fight. Guess the internet rumors about Lockdown were true.

(1) Trytan defeated “Iceman” Buck Quartermain.

Not too sure why Quartermain was in back to back matches, but to the tv audience watching this it won’t. Trytan made short work of Quartermain and beat him with the Lesnar F5.

Backstage Konnan continued to look depressed and confronted the Outlaw. They were pulled apart by Market Crasher Ryan Machette and Sean Allen who doubled as security guards and the rest of 3LK.

(2) “1000% Guapo” Shocker and Jeff Hardy defeated David Young and Lex Lovett.

This match made the Hardy marks happy as their leader appeared, getting body paint all over Lovett and Young. Young and Lovett got in some offense on the “charismatic enigma” until he tagged out to Shocker. Shocker hit a top rope double dropkick and pinned Young with the same pinning combination from his earlier match.

Back from commercial Michael Shane talked to Kevin Nash as it seemed Nash was looking for DDP or someone.

(3) Disciples of Destruction (the Harris Brothers w/Tracy Brooks) defeated Shark Boy and Cassidy Reilly.

This was an asskicking from the opening bell which is a shame since Reilly and Shark Boy are good X Division wrestlers. Shark Boy bit Tracy in the ass but when he tried it on the Harris’s it had no effect. He tagged in Reilly who faired worse as he was hit with a double team chokeslam.

Back from commercial, Diamond Dallas Page came to the ring and talked on the house mic to address the challenge he and his co-horts laid to Rhodes about Lockdown. Rhodes came to the top of the face rampway and broke out the dictionary as he talked to DDP. Rhodes said in the cage it will be Jarrett, Outlaw and Monty Brown against DDP, Nash and Syxx Pac. Rhodes left and DDP badmouthed Brown about his alignment with Jarrett. Backstage Jeff Jarrett talked on camera as the Outlaw, Candido and The Naturals were beating down Kevin Nash.

Backstage Raven spoke to Jeff Hardy about the possible chance of teaming up. Hardy turned him down.

(4) Gran Apollo defeated Sonny Siaki.

This was a good heavyweight style encounter. Both men laid in their hard shots as Apollo hit his superkick, Siaki hit the Alex Shelley double knee backdrop. But Apollo got the win with a rollup of sorts. After the match the two men shook hands and were cut off by Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt who crapped all over their match. Siaki called them dumb and dumber, then called them to the ring to fight. Kash and Siaki exchanged more insults before Siaki and Apollo chased Kash and Hoyt to the locker room.

Backstage Shane Douglas interviewed Dustin Rhodes about his match at Lockdown with Team Canada’s Bobby Roode. Roode and Scott D’amore came on screen and fired insults with Rhodes.

(5)NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris” defeated Phi Delta Slam (Brother Bruno Sassi and Big Tilly w/Trinity) via DQ.

Before the action ever got started the show went to commercial and the stalling began. AMW smacked Trinity in the ass and did their “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” impression. Back from commercial AMW took over but when Harris sent Sassi into the corner and anticipated a floatover, Sassi kicked him in the crotch. PSD made several tags to try and wear down Harris but they didn’t get a pin or submission. Tilly had Harris set for a running powerslam but Harris fell off and shoved Tilly into Sassi who was walking the ring apron. Harris tagged in Storm who cleaned house. AMW had Sassi set for the Death Sentence but Team Canada (get well Johnny Devine) ran out and jumped AMW. Dustin Rhodes ran out to even the sides and end hour two of TV. After the cameras stopped rolling AMW and Team Canada continued their brawl around ringside and up the rampway. During the melee, a fan’s sign got used as a weapon. The sign read TNA Fears McMahon.

JB told the crowd this match will be on the air in three weeks. They filmed an opening for the show. AJ Styles came to the broadcast table to commentate on the match with Tenay and West.

(1) Abyss defeated Cassidy Reilly.

Reilly got in some solid offensive shots but he was hit with the Shock Treatment followed by the Black Hole Slam to be pinned. After the match Abyss went under the ring and brought out the infamous black satchel. Before he could use it Jeff Hardy came out and jumped Abyss. Raven came out and jumped Hardy. Styles left the table and got in the ring and attacked Abyss.

Tenay and West talked on camera, probably hyping the next match. NWA World X Division champion “Mr. TNA, the Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels joined Tenay and West for commentary.

(2) “Primetime” Elix Skipper defeated Chris Sabin, Michael Shane and Petey Williams (w/all of Team Canada).

The winner of this match will face World X Division champion Christopher Daniels at Lockdown.

This match was in, out and above the ring. A commercial break took place during the opening moments. There was more stalling as the TV timeout ended. Williams countered out of the Sabin delivered Cradle Shock. Williams set Sabin for the Canadian Destroyer but Shane it him with a superkick and Williams was pinned. Skipper did some offense and turned his attention to Daniels. Shane followed him to the floor and threw Skipper into the guard rails. Back in the ring, Shane continued to beat down Skipper but didn’t get the pin or submission. This should have gone to a three way dance, but no one seemed to notice. Sabin staying on the apron was a good thing as Skipper hit Shane with a fisherman buster to pin and eliminate Shane. Skipper and Sabin traded several hard hitting offensive moves trying to gain the victory. Sabin hit a super tornado DDT but got two. Skipper hit a power bomb but got two. Sabin fired back with a running power bomb but got two. Sabin put Skipper on the top turnbuckle and several forearm shots later, Sabin’s superplex backfired and Skipper hit an elbow drop. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Skipper countered out and hit the Fisherman Buster to pin Sabin. After the match, Daniels and Skipper traded words as the show ended.

JB announced to the fans that TNA will not tape again until April 5th.

Lockdown matches announced:

Six Sides of Steel Cage match: Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash and Syxx Pac vs. The Outlaw, “Alpha Male” Monty Brown

Six Sides of Steel Cage match: AJ Styles vs Abyss

Dustin Rhodes vs Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore)

NWA World X Division champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs “Primetime” Elix Skipper

Possibly we might see Raven vs Jeff Hardy, AMW vs Team Canada