Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 5


Koror. Night 11.

Coby says Jenn and Gregg have paired off, and they’re dumb if they think no one notices.

The group puts Willard, who’s sleeping in the hammock, in charge of the fire.


Steph says James and Bobby Jon wanted to move to the cave after TC because of the rain.

Bobby Jon tries to lead them there and gets them lost.

Angie says it was insane for them to try to find the cave at night.

James says Angie is a quitter.

Steph finally says they need to go back to their shelter, and they head back.

Day 12.

James says more rain is coming.

Angie says she couldn’t sleep and feels miserable.

Back at Koror, Tom says he had to tend the fire because Willard wouldn’t. Tom and Gregg talk about how it may be time for Willard to go, as he contributes nothing to the tribe.

Gregg says that since they’ve been winning, Willard has been allowed to play the game a lot longer than he should.


Tribes go out to a Japanese wreck to get sake bottles tied to the bottom. They start out on a platform. One member gets on a skiff and is pullied out to a buoy, where they will dive down, grab a bottle of sake floating from the wreck, get back on the skiff, and get pullied back to the platform, where the next tribe member will go out. First tribe to 6 wins. Reward is a meal after TC. Both teams will head to TC tonight. The tribe winning reward goes to TC first, and then gets to eat stew and root beer and listen in to the losing tribe as they have their own TC. JP reminds them that information is key to Survivor. Willard, Caryn, Katie, and Janu sit for Koror.

Steph and Jen are first out. Steph is first to the buoy. Jenn is right behind her and comes up first with a bottle. Jenn is back first, Steph on her tail. Gregg and Angie out. Angie up first with a bottle, and is back first. Ibrehem out with a big lead. Ibrehem gets to the buoy but can’t come up with a bottle. Coby catches up and gets a bottle, putting Koror into the lead. Ibrehem goes down for a third time and comes up empty-handed. He heads back as Tom makes it to the buoy. Tom up with a bottle and headed back before Bobby Jon can make it to the buoy. Ulong a full bottle behind. Ian heads out as Bobby Jon arrives. 4-3 Koror. James comes up with a bottle as Ian struggles. James is on his way back as Ian cannot find a bottle. James makes it back and we’re tied. Steph goes down as Ian still struggles. Steph makes it back with a bottle right behind Ian. Ian makes it back quickly. Steph right behind him. Ian and Steph go right back out. Ian makes it up first with a bottle, and Koror pulls him back in for the win! Koror wins Reward! Koror will head to TC first, vote, then eat and listen in on Ulong as they go to TC.

Koror celebrates back at camp.

Ian says they had to win and they did. He feels a bit bad for Ulong, but is excited at getting a glimpse at Ulong’s inner workings.

Coby suggests that they not gloat in front of Ulong while they’re eating.


James says they had it in the bag but lost because of Ibrehem.

Ibrehem walks off as the rest of the tribe complain about losing again.

Steph says, as an athlete, she can’t take much more losing.

Ibrehem says he panicked and single-handedly lost the challenge for the team. He knows he’s the number one target tonight.

Bobby Jon agrees to keep Ibrehem in the loop if he’s gonna get voted off.

Back at Koror, the team agrees to get rid of Willard.

Willard knows that his number may be up.

Willard tries to lay a guilt trip on Coby, who thinks Katie should be the first to go. Willard says he lacks the ability to schmooze.

Coby says he can’t fight for Willard because he doesn’t have the numbers, and sticking up for Willard will isolate him. He says if Katie lasts longer than him he’ll be sick.

Gregg and Coby talk. Gregg say there’s a soft alliance between him, Tom, Ian, Jenn, and Katie. Gregg says once they get rid of Willard and Caryn, he and Jenn want to make an alliance with Coby and Janu and get rid of Tom and Ian.

Coby is excited that the game is afoot.

Gregg says he and Jenn have the luxury of being able to slip between alliances.


JP has Koror light their torches for the first time.

JP says they have a lot to cover.

Katie says Tom leads them in challenges; Ian leads them in providing for food.

Tom says he had planned to fade in the background, but because they were weaker physically, he had to step up.

Coby says he is very social, and if that costs him in the end, so be it.

Gregg says Ian and Tom have bonded, Coby and Janu, Willard and Janu, and he and Jenn also, with Katie floating around.

Willard says he knows he wasn’t as strong as everyone else.

Gregg says trust is about to really kick in for them all.

Time to vote. Willard is first. He votes for Katie. Jenn. Gregg. Katie votes for Willard, calling him bitter. Caryn. Tom. Janu. Coby. JP goes to tally the votes.

You know the spiel. First vote for Katie. Willard. Willard. Willard. Willard. Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Willard. Tribe has spoken, get to steppin’. Willard tells them to stay strong and stick to the plan, then leaves. JP sends them to go get food.

Willard was surprised he wasn’t stronger, and food and water deprivation made him cranky.


Ulong comes in. Koror gets their food and can’t help but talk about how good it all smells. Angie hangs her head in frustration.

Koror talks about how good the food is, to the disgust of Ulong.

Bobby Jon says they brought everything because they had no idea what was going to happen.

Angie says she’s hiding her face because she can’t stand to look at Koror eat. She’s frustrated by consistently losing.

Steph says losing makes her sick. They had it in their hands and one person lost it for them.

James says their desire was there to win this one reward, and it was disappointing.

Ibrehem says everyone is emotional right now, and people should look at what’s happened collectively instead of just today.

Time to vote. Before Ulong votes though, Koror gets to vote on who will get immunity on Ulong. This is an individual vote, not a collective one. Person with the most votes gets immunity.

Koror votes, and JP tallies them. James gets ZERO votes, Angie gets one, Bobby Jon and Steph get two. Ulong member with three votes and immunity from TC is: Ibrehem.

Excuse me for a second…


Hold on, let me catch my breath here…

OK. Sorry about that.

JP hands Ibrehem the Immunity necklace. Ibrehem cannot be voted out tonight

JP tells Koror their work is done, and sends them back to camp.

Time for Ulong to vote. James votes first, and votes apologetically for Angie. Ibrehem votes for James. Angie. Bobby Jon. Steph. JP tallies the votes.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. JP reads the votes. Angie. Bobby Jon. James. Bobby Jon. Angie. WE HAVE A TIE!!! Angie and Bobby Jon do not vote. James, Ibrehem, and Steph have to vote for Angie or Bobby Jon (HUH?!?!? I thought in cases of a tie, the people who tied and the person with immunity were immune from the vote?).

They vote, and JP tallies. Angie. Sixth person voted out of Survivor: Angie. Adios, sista. Angie tells Steph to rock on for the ladies and leaves.

JP tells them that, even though they’re down to four, they’re still a tribe, and they seem to still believe it.

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