[SD!] Official WWE.com Smackdown Preview


MARCH 17, 2005

This week on SmackDown!, the Legend Killer Randy Orton will make a special Thursday night appearance to officially sign the contract pitting him against the legendary Undertaker at WrestleMania 21. On April 3, live on pay-per-view, Orton will undoubtedly be up against the battle of his career. That is, if he makes it out of SmackDown! Thursday night.

Randy Orton will not be the only special appearance Thursday night, as former Rocker Marty Jannetty will also be on hand to face Kurt Angle.

The Olympic Champion is out to accomplish everything Shawn Michaels ever did in just four week. Last week, Angle won a Ladder Match. This week, he takes on HBK’s former partner Marty Jannetty. The former Rocker is coming off a huge victory over La Resistance on Monday night. Can the momentum carry over to his match against Angle? Tune in on Thursday night to find out.

That’s not all. Rumors have been circulating that SmackDown! General Manager Theodore R. Long will speak about the repercussions against John Cena as a result of the FU he gave to the GM last week. Tune in to SmackDown! to find out what is on General Manager Theodore Long’s mind. One thing’s for certain, Long cannot be in a good mood after having his authority questioned.

Plus, what kind of mood will John Cena be in just two weeks after losing his United States Championship and one week after exploding with rage against JBL’s Cabinet?

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