More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks

Before we get started I demand that you go read Gloomchen.. It’s truly a work of art.

Last week I went to pick up the new Doves album Some Cities. I actually traveled across town to visit Big B’s (and when I read the first sentence in that link, my heart honestly sank, for I’ve finally realized that’s as good as it gets here). Big B’s is conveniently located across the street from, which is an actual shop.

Anyway I went there only intending to purchase the Doves album, but allowing myself to spend more on additional cds. When I arrived I spotted Some Cities in the “new releases” and snatched it up. Then I went over to peruse the used Hip Hop.

As when I usually peruse used Hip Hop, I’m aghast at what people have sold to the store. I spied classic albums by The Beatnuts, Ghostface, Nas and The Roots. Now one part of me wants to grab those albums up, because the artists are far too talented to be sitting in what is essentially a “leftover” bin. But on the other hand it could give a potential fan a nice way to get introduced to the artists in question. Basically I try to temper my disgust with optimism.

All of the usual suspects where there; The Beastie Boys (who are omnipresent in every “used” cd section. I chalk this up to people “outgrowing” them, but I find them timeless) Nelly was king of the “N’s”, and of course there’s always going to be the regional and independent artists who seem to occupy 25% of the space. Needless to say, I couldn’t find anything to suit my fancy.

I then worked over to the “Popular” section. Now this is where I realized my mistake; normally when I know I’m going to the shop, I’ll make a list of what I’m looking for. This works in two ways. 1) I make sure to cover all the artists that I’m “feeling” at the moment, and 2) if I forget the list, I’ve at least got a mental outline of what I’m in the mood for.

My mistake was lacking a list. With the pressure on my brain began to work at a frantic pace. I kept jumping between what I really wanted to hear and what I was interested in hearing. I couldn’t find either. Not only that, but what I did see, didn’t jump out at me.

I really wanted Jeff Buckley’s second album, but they had zero Buckley. I wanted to get some of Modest Mouse’s earlier stuff. Strike two. Anything in Jimmy Eat World? Nope. Then I started getting desperate; was there any Bjork that I didn’t already have? How about Badly Drawn Boy? Did I need any Radiohead?

Finally after grasping at straws for 15 minutes, I was resigned to the fact that I was going to leave with one measly disc. I was overcome with shame as I approached the register. I felt like a guy who couldn’t “perform” under pressure. “Y’know, usually I’m not like this. This is just a one time thing. I mean normally I buy like, at least five albums. There was one time, I bought like $200 worth of music, I could barely even listen to them all.”

She rang me up. I paid with a $20, and got change back. I let myself down.

Bittersweet Symphony

So, Fiona’s much delayed album has been leaked on the net. All around class act Tayo send me a link so I could download for myself.

Of course I’m vehemently anti-downloading, but I can’t get the album anywhere else, and Sony doesn’t look to be planning to release it anytime soon, thus I’m painted in a corner.

I downloaded it.

I listened to it.

It was a bittersweet experience. It was dope to hear new material by Fiona. There was a lushness to the production that really added a nice texture. And as always Fiona is bitter, biting, poetic and clever often in the same song.

However, I didn’t get any full songs. They all ended abruptly. It was like engaging in intercourse, building in momentum and then ending before climax. It was perhaps the most frustrating experience I’ve had since I dated that “good girl.”

Furthermore while the production sounded solid, the quality wasn’t. I know, I should be happy to have anything at all, but still to parapharse Dirk Diggler it sounded like “mud.” And why should I be happy to have a flawed masterpiece? Do you think a collector would be happy to have a desecrated Mona Lisa or a Monet in shambles?

Also, listening to it without holding the case or reading the liner notes made me feel blind. I never really realized how much of a multi sensory experience music is for me. While it was nice, it was still less than satisfying.


I finally heard Jadakiss’s 50 diss. All I’ve got to say is “Daaaaaaamn!” Let’s look at the topics covered;

50 is a snitch? Check.

50’s dreams of grandeur? Check.

50’s lack of material? Check.

Questioning 50’s cred? Check.

Critiquing 50’s flow? Check.

Questioning 50’s fan base? Check.

Questioning 50’s manhood? Check.

Jada really hit all the right bases. He wasn’t brutal but he was honest. I truly believe Jada when he says this is a “warning shot”, I still remember his beef with Beans. If 50’s smart he’ll let it drop, because Jada will destroy him in a battle.

But enough of my meandering thoughts, read this stuff that’s actually worthy of your attention;

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Five Songs Joe Reid Can Look Forward To On His Mix

1. P J Harvey – The Letter
2. Bjork – All is Full of Love (video mix)
3. The Cardigans – And Then You Kissed Me
4. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Y Control
5. Quincy Jones – Sanford & Son Theme (I’m kidding. But believe me I could.)