Jerry Springer's British Invasion!

First it was “Jerry Springer: The Opera.” Now, the British are prepared to revive Springer’s famous talk show.

Springer, who was born in London, will head to England in the spring to tape a British version of his talk show, according to wire service reports. Broadcaster ITV has asked him to do a work for a month as a replacement for the popular “Trisha,” whose host, Trisha Goddard, recently switched to rival Channel 5.

The host is expected to explore the same subject matter that made him such a controversial figure in the U.S.

“Jerry Springer: The Opera” was a hit during its run in London’s West End. The humerous show won four awards at last year’s Laurence Olivier Awards, including best new musical.

But as with anything Springer is involved in, the show generated controversy as well. More than 50,000 people complained about profanity and vulgarity to the BBC following a televised depiction of the opera.

Credit: Zap2It