TNA At Ringside – 5 Time, 5 Time


Welcome back to ringside everyone.

First off I did not see the Destination X PPV because Time Warner Cable decided they did not want me to see it. Also the Roundtable was not posted here at the Pulse so for those who care, here were my picks:

Champion “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Jeremy Lambert: David Arquette is gonna be one of the lumberjacks right? “It’s Time, It’s Time, It’s Time” to go to sleep during this match because the outcome will be the same as the last time Jarrett defended the world title, and the time before that, not to mention the time before that
My Pick: The same guy who won the last World Title Match

Champion AJ Styles vs. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper
Jeremy Lambert: Killings is about the only flaw in this match so I think he will be out first. Skipper will be out next leaving AJ and Daniels to put on an awesome Ultimate X match
My Pick: C-Dan (Push AJ to the Main Event)

Payback: “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw
Jeremy Lambert: Maybe Nash will give NAO a real stiff chair shot early makig him juice for real. We can only hope
My Pick: A member of The Kliq

“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss
Jeremy Lambert: Why did Abyss demand this match? He won last week, the lose demands the re-match. Maybe Abyss felt bad that his brothers girlfriend was cheating on him. I know that broke before this match was announced, but Abyss can see the future
My Pick: The Music Playing Druggy

Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven
Jeremy Lambert: Bullrope matches suck.
My Pick: The Bookers Son

The Alpha Male vs. Trytan
Jeremy Lambert: This is a lose-lose match. So why have a clean loser? I’ll tell you why because Trytan was a waste of time from the start

America’s Most Wanted, BG James and Konnan of 3Live Kru vs. Team Canada
Jeremy Lambert: Boy they threw together this match. Everyone loses if Petey doesn’t hit the Canadian Destroyer, that move still rules
My Pick: Our Neighbors to the North

Phi Delta Slam vs. The Disciples of Destruction
Jeremy Lambert: Until somebody tells me what Phi Delta Slam means I’ll never pick against them because it could mean “We Never Lose”
My Pick: We Never Lose

Preshow Match: The Naturals and Chris Candido vs. Michael, Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett
Jeremy Lambert: The real loser is Michael (Shane) he has no last name. It’s not horrible to just have one name…but Michael? How common is that?
My Pick: The Far Past and The Near Future

Preshow Match: Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt vs. Cassidy Riley and Jerrelle Clark
Jeremy Lambert: No Comment, You should all know how I feel about Kash being on the pre-show
My Pick: Kid Kash is the only loser because he’s on the pre-show when he should be in Ultimate X

There’s my picks and now for the recap

Destination X Recap

*Chris Candido & Andy Douglas defeated Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett: Anyway
*Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt defeated Cassidy Riley and Jerrelle Clark: He still shoulda been in Ultimate X
*Team Canada defeated BG James, Konnan, & America’s Most Wanted: Atleast the tag champs didnt pull the job
*Chris Sabin defeated Chase Stevens: I thought Sabin wasnt on the show? Now why wasnt HE in Ultimate X?
*Dustin Rhodes defeated Raven in a Bullrope Match: Raven jobs again
*Disciples of Destruction defeated Phi Delta Slam: Worthless match
*Monty Brown defeated Trytan: MIDEON RETURNS!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Boring
*Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere: Very very good brawl
*The Outlaw defeated Kevin Nash in a First Blood Match: Jarrett repays the Outlaw by costing Nash the match
*Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles, Ron Killings, and Elix Skipper in a Ultimate X match to win the X Division title: Awesome match, as expected now put the World Title on AJ
*Jeff Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page to retain the World Title: MONTY BROWN TURNS! How stupid, he should have won the world title at Lockdown

So Lockdown is the next TNA PPV and it will feature 2 count em 2 Six Sides Of Steel Matches. More on who should be in them in a few.

Lets starts with the World Title picture. Monty Brown cost DDP the World Title, which means they will most likely face each at Lockdown and I have a feeling that that will be one of the Six Sides of Steel matches. So what happens with Jarrett? Well what should happen is AJ Styles should be the next challenger and AJ Styles should win the World Title. Whats likely to happen? Dustin Rhodes will challenge Jarrett.

Next, the X Division Title. Im glad they put the title on Christopher Daniels. He should face Elix Skipper at Lockdown in the other Six Sides Of Steel match. Think about it, former teammates face each other in the match that broke them up and knowing Daniels and Skipper, it will be an awesome match.

I dont know what they are doing with the Tag Titles. It seems like DOD will face AMW which will be a horrible horrible match. I like AMW and all but they can only cary DOD so far.

As for the undercard I think that Waltman/Nash vs Outlaw/James could be possible. They could turn James sometime on Impact! and once again re-attempt to re-live WWF 98. Abyss attacked Hardy after their match meaning another re-match could be possible. The only thing I can think of for these two is one of Six Sides of Steel matches but ive already used my two Six Sides of Steel match choices so I pray Abyss vs Hardy doesnt happen again. If James doesnt turn then Naturals/Candido vs 3LK could be possible. Sabin vs Williams vs Killings vs Michael could happen because TNA just throws together X Division matches.

It aches my brain to think of all the possibilities for Lockdown but that was my only idea for this column. As long as Daniels vs Skipper takes place in a Six Sides of Steel match ill shell out 30 bucks and rent it…and hopefully get it.

Thats all this week, sorry it wasnt up to par but next week will be better as I will have a bit of an idea of what matches will happen at Lockdown. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.