[RAW] Edge and Christian on ‘Off the Record’

Some interesting notes from Edge and Christian’s interviews on TSN (Canada) “Off the Record” which aired Friday night, taped a few weeks ago:

– Host Landsberg talks about wrestlers having relationship problems, as well as those with drugs and alcohol. Edge defended Steve Austin, and blamed individuals, not the industry, for personal problems anyone might have.

– The most interesting exchange of the night seems to be when Edge discussed relationships about 10 minutes into the interview:

Edge: A lot of people have problems with relationships, not just in this industry… mind you this industry is tough on relationships because you’re always gone. I’m proof of that.
*sly grin*

Landsberg: Explain that.

Edge: I’ve been divorced once, and I’m on my second marriage. It plays a toll but if it’s a strong enough relationship nothing can get in between it.

– Edge called Test’s firing “cold” and that there are other places for Test to compete when he’s healthy instead of WWE.

– Edge wants no part in the future in any TLC-type matches.

– Edge says Brock wasn’t the best person to carry WWE due to lack of personality and mic skills, and Christian says he wouldn’t want Brock back if he was on SD.

– Edge says RVD could have been an “Austin level star” with a better push.

– Edge says even though the rap gimmick may not work long-term, Cena has star potential.

– Edge admits to having “juiced” but he stopped because it hindered him in the ring.

– Christian wouldn’t answer whether or not he did steroids, but doesn’t feel it would get him any farther.

Credit: TSN Off the Record, PWTorch.com and Corey Baird

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