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– Viscera’s bio has been added to the superstars page for RAW. He has been exclusively on the RAW roster since 11.01.04 when he was introduced by Christian as a one-time problem solver, after a couple of appearances on Smackdown with JBL.

– Keith Elliot Greenberg, Droz, and JBL have updated their commentaries here, all discussing Wrestlemania 21.

– Also on the commentary page on WWE.com is a link to the March Jukebox where fans can watch old WWE, WWF, WCW, ECW and other matches from WWE’s massive library on a subscription or a la carte basis. One of the matches featured this month? WCW Slamboree – Jeff Jarrett vs. Dallas Page vs. Champion David Arquette from 5/7/00.

– WWE has set up a “Wrestlemania History” sub-site, which can be found here. It includes trivia, favorite moments from WWE superstars, a list of the Top 21 matches and Top 50 moments in Mania history, as well as links to all 20 Wrestlemanias in the past.

– Find out more about Chris Jericho’s new XM satellite radio show here.

– Find out more about the Rockers Reunion here in an interview with Shawn and Marty, then go here for a bio and information on possibly the greatest WWF tag team to never hold the WWF Tag Titles.

– Lita talks about using Christy to teach Trish a lesson here.

– HHH talks about being willing to “die” for the World Title here.

– Click here for an interview with Angle, talking about how he will accomplish all of HBK’s feats in a month, and here for his comments on beating Marty Jannetty.

– John Cena’s angry about the destruction of the US Title. Click here for the full story.

– Akebono vs. The Big Show. Yep, it’s for real. Click here for more.

– Jake Roberts got RKO’d. Click here for the full story, then check out this story on Randy’s experience on SD after the contract signing.

– Batista will be on the cover of Flex Magazine.

– Hulk Hogan’s bio has been added to the WWE Hall of Fame superstars page. It can be found here. No mention of Mr. America is included.

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