InsidePulse Indy Report – 3/21 – Results & TU-FRI Shows


3/18 – NWA ECCW – Surrey, BC
CW – Methuen, MA
GCW – Florissant, MO
AWA – Union City, NJ
WOHW – Hudson Falls, NY
XCW – Denton, TX
ALC – Cowan, AL
CWF – Lafayette, IN
TNW – Indianapolis, IN
3/19 – WW – Holland, OH
EWF – Marion, IN
GCW – St. Peters, MO
SAW – New Brunswick, NJ
3/20 – WAW – Exeter, UK
TU SHOW – 3/22: ACW – New Port Richey, FL
WED SHOW – 3/23: WWP T – Vanderbijlpark, South Africa
TH SHOWS – 3/24:
EWF – Palmdale, CA
WWP T – East London, South Africa
MSW – Carter Hall, WV
FRI SHOWS – 3/25:
HWA – Dayton, OH
IWA MS – Bloomington, IN
ACPW – Upland, PA
MAW – Milwaukee, WI
NWA WS – Cornelia, GA
WOWV – Whitesville, WV
SWF – Tullahoma, TN
ICW – Tacoma, WA
SSW – Kingsport, TN

NWA Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 3/18 – Surrey, BC

Crowd: 400
*NWA ECCW Tag Titles Match: champions Cole Bishop/Kurt Sterling retained against Ritchie Destiny/Mike Dempsey
*Machette Brown def. Abbadon
*NWA ECCW Jr. Heavyweight Title Extreme Rules Match: Chance Beckett vs. Aaron Idol vs. Major Hardway went to a no contest
*Juggernaut def. Scotty Mac
*Seth Knight def. Dropkick Murphy
*American Dragon def. Dave Richards
*”Loverboy” Johnny Canuck/”Gorgeous” Michelle Starr def. Honky Tonk Man/Disco Fury

Chaotic Wrestling results
Fri, 3/18 – Methuen, MA

*The Logan Brothers def. Dukes Dalton/Craig Stratton
*Brian Milonas (w/ Cherry Payne) def. Fred “Bonecrusher” Sampson
*Luis Ortiz def. El Milagro
*Mike Kruel def. John Walters & Low-Ki
*Chase Del Monte (w/ Sparkles) def. Handsome Johnny (w/ Psycho)
*Andrew Ryker (w/ Dr. Heresy) def. Arch Kincaid
*Brian Black def. Maverick Wild

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 3/18 – Florissant, MO

*Rebecca Raze def. Super Castaldi by pin after a springboard clothesline
*Trainee #15 def. Richard Head via pin after an Angle Slam
*D.N.S. def. Cabal/Rat Boy
*Shorty Biggs def. Cameron Cage by pin after a Skyhigh powerbomb
*GCW Lightheavyweight Title contender Match: Jynx def. Makaze, Sean Vincent, Steven Kennedy, Jackal, & Richard Head
*Loser Leaves for 90 Days TLC Match: Kevin X def. OuTtKaSt
*Jynx def. “New Deal” Dan Walsh by pin via sunset flip powerbomb from the top
*GCW Heavyweight Title contender Match: Kory Twist def. Dingo via pin after a double powerbomb
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: Kory Twist def. Chaz Wesson
*Colt Cabana def. Michael Strider by pin after a frog splash

AWA New Jersey results
Fri, 3/18 – Union City, NJ

*The Idol (w/ Peter Perry) def. Kris Angel
*PWU Tri-State Tag Titles Match: champions Drew Blood/Devon Moore retained against Salvation & The Superfriends (“Incredible” Hulk Hayden/”Superman” John Lynch)
*”Dirty Rotten Scoundrel” EC Negro def. “The Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto
*Eric Cooper/Alicia def. CJ O’Doyle/AWA NJ Women’s champion Krystal Synn
*Deranged def. “Outlaw” Mike Donovan
*AWA Tag Titles Match: champions All Money Is Legal retained over Projekt 13 (Kronic/Damian Dragon)
*Mo Sextyn def. Hardway
*Chapuline Negro def. Ozzie Envy
*AWA NJ Heavyweight Title Match: champion Lethal def. Rob Vegas

World of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 3/18 – Hudson Falls, NY

*WOHW Women’s Title Match: champion Kayla Sparks retained against Barbie & Miss DeVille
*WOHW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion “Mr. One Night Stand” Steve Kruz (w/ Mickey The Quickie) retained over Pedro Gonzalez
*Shockwave def. Bobby Flamingo
*Shane Alden/Virus def. WOHW Tag champions Swinger Sidusky/Reed James (w/ Shana) by DQ in non-title match
*WOHW Hardcore Title Match: champion Vendetta retained over Damien Ryder (w/ Harley)
*Damage, Inc. (WOHW TV champion Jeff Starr/WOWH Heavyweight champion Danger) def. Sgt. Freedom/Chuck Deep

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 3/18 – Denton, TX

*Sidd Murder def. Bull
*”Black cracka” Ricky Jackson def. Gemini
*Drunk Adam vs. Eddie Atlas went to a no contest
*XCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Action Jackson vs. XCW TNT champion Jacob Ladder went to a no contest
*XCW Tag Titles Match: “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez/Jack Drastic def. champions Eddie Atlas/Brett Barnes by count-out

Alabama Wrestling Company results
Fri, 3/18 – Cowan, AL

*Henry Lei def. Italian Larry Mancini
*Youth Of Today def. Venom/Mace
*Mike Mirabeau def. Lamar Washington
*Billy Baxter def. “American Giggilo” Pete Marshall
*ALC Tag Titles Match: The Overboyz def. Bama Milita

Whiplash Wrestling results
Sat, 3/19 – Holland, OH

*Opie Clampett def. C.J Otis
*Dusty & Rusty Dillinger def. Tickle Me Happy (Terk Tickler/Mr. Happy)
*Dyson Pryce def. Klunk the Klown
*The Michigan Threat (Breyer Wellington/Anthony Riviera/Jamie Cox) def. The Bumpin’ Uglies (Josh Movado/Bubba MacKenzie)/K’Nine
*George Morbid def. “the Superfan” Brian Bender
*”Sweet” Stevie Lee def. Eddie Venom
*Nigel McGuiness def. Gutter
*Zach Gowen/The Highlanders (Rory & Robbie MacAlister) def. “CK3” Conrad Kenney III/Truth Martini/N8 Mattson

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 3/19 – Marion, IN

*Johnny & Donnie Tsunami def. Whip Dog/Steven Sommers
*Mask vs. Mask: Hypnosis def. Liberty Kid
*Fallen Dragon def. Snake
*That 70’s Guy def. Referee Big John
*Xtreme 8 Tournament Qualifier: Jack Thriller def. Colt Cabana, Nigel McGuinness, Indy Kid, Phoenix, Ryan Paradise, Lotus, & Josh Abercrombie
*EWF New Era Title Match: champion Indy Kid def. “Primetime” Damon Starr
*EWF Tag Titles, 2/3 Falls: champions The Southern Boys def. Meliki/SiKness
*EWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Osyris retained against Captain Psychedelic

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 3/19 – St. Peters, MO

*Kevin X def. Shorty Biggs (w/ Dr. Harvard Cornell III) by pin after a Pavement (reverse Russian legsweep)
*”Nightmare” Nick Tyson vs. Michael Serious went to a no contest
*Cabal/Rat Boy def. D.N.S.
*Rebecca Raze def. Makaze & Sean Vincent (w/ Richard Head)
*Tyson/Serious def. Vincent/Head
*Chaz Wesson (w/ Sindy) vs. Cameron Cage went to a double count-out
*GCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jynx def. Jackal by pin
*GCW Heavyweight Title, 2/3 Falls Match: champion Kory Twist retained against Dingo

Soul Asylum Wrestling results
Sat, 3/19 – New Brunswick, NJ

*Crazy Ivan def. Archadia & Bandido Jr.
*The Soul Brothers (w/ Alexa Thatcher) def. BM Foster/Spade (w/ Taylor Nicole)
*”Handsome” Hanson Johns def. The Prince of Darkness (w/ Joe Rules) by DQ
*John Cabbie def. Supreme Lee Great by pin with a small package
* UXW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Balls Mahoney retained against “Polynesian Warrior” Mana
*Butcher Blackwell def. Mana
*SAW Heavyweight Title, Contender Match: Julio Dinero def. Danny Doring

Central Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 3/19 – Lafayette, IN

*Brad Lamen def. Ryan Thunder
*Wildthing def. Larry Poffo
*Guy Lombardo def. “Playboy” Allan Richards
*Tommy Gage def. Dvon Fury by DQ
*”Bad Boy” Billy Bart def. Matt Valor
*”Beast” Brian Roberts def. Kenny Courageous
*Billy Roc/Shawn Cook def. Simply Marvelous

Top Notch Wrestling results
Sat, 3/19 – Indianapolis, IN

*Bouncer def. 2 unknown masked wrestlers
*Kenny Courageous def. Joe Dirt
*Tom VanZant def. Johnny Showtime
*TNW Midwest Title Match: champion P.T. Hustla retained against Jimmy Kilkilla
*”Bad Boy” Bobby Black def. Billy Roc
*Matt Valor/Tommy Gage/Super J def. Cameron Star/Backyard Boys
*Indiana Kidd, Jr. def. Dvon Fury

World Association of Wrestling results
Sun, 3/20 – Exeter, UK

*The Kraft def. Rock Weiler by pin after an Essex Bomb
*Ashe def. Jay Knoxx via pin after a reverse neckbreaker off the top
*Sweet Saraya def. Destiny by pin after a Samoan Drop off the top
*Jason Cross def. Zak Zodiac via pin
*Ricky Knight def. Bash after interference from Sweet Saraya

American Championship Wrestling
Tues, 3/22 – 9 pm
Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey, FL

*”Modern Miracle” Steve Madison vs. Erick Stevens
*Roderick Strong vs. Bruce Steele (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi)
*Ralph Mosca/Jaison Moore vs. Scott Davis/Joshua Masters (w/ Fetish)
*Rod Steel (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi) vs. O.G. Scareface w/ (Ana Mosity)
*LaDuke Jakes vs. Cousin Dale
*Mikey Tenderfoot vs. James Hendrix
*Bikini contest, jello wrestling, & more

Tickets: $5

WWP Thunderstrike
Wed, 3/23
Sports & Events Complex, Emerald City Casino, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

Thurs, 3/24 – 7 pm
Oasis Banquet Room, Palmdale International Shopping Mall, Palmdale, CA

*The Havana Pitbulls vs. Los Chivos
*Syrus vs. Bo Cooper
*Rudy Luna vs. Vizzion
*Candace LeRae vs. Hurricane Havana
*Liger Rivera vs. Bino Gambino
*Antonio Mestre vs. Jason King

WWP Thunderstrike
Thurs, 3/24
Orient Theatre, East London, South Africa

Mountain State Wrestling
Central Elementary School, Carter Hall, WV
Thurs, 3/24

Heartland Wrestling Association
Fri, 3/25 – 7:30 pm
Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Dayton, OH

*Shawn Osborne vs. Rory Fox
*AJ Sparx vs. Nevaeh
*Necessary Roughness vs. Lotus/Crazy J
*Extreme Desire vs. Bull Pain/Michael Todd Stratton
*Cody Hawk vs. Shark Boy

IWA Mid-South
Fri, 3/25
National Guard Armory, Bloomington, IN

American Championship Pro Wrestling
Fri, 3/25 – 7 pm
Crozer Mills Complex, 601 Upland AVE, Upland, PA

*ACPW Revolution Title, Heritage Cup Tournament featuring The Maverick, Mark Smart, Scott Fowler, Greg Spitz, Drew Blood, Greg Matthews, Zac Conner, & Teddy Fine

Tickets: $10

Mid-American Wrestling
Fri, 3/25 – 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

*Title vs. Title: MAW Heavyweight champion “Classic” Colt Cabana vs. MAW Jr. Heavyweight champion Brandon Thomaselli
*MAW Tag Titles Match: champions Void Effect (w/ Short Stack) vs. The Extreme Dream Team (Corporal Robinson/Hardcore Craig)
*Ian Rotten vs. Marco Stylz
*Dysfunction vs. “2 Phat” Jason Dukes

Tickets: $15

NWA Wildside presents “Hardcore Hell Day 1”
Fri, 3/25
NWA Arena, Cornelia, GA

*AJ Styles vs. David Young
*Reunion Rumble
*Nick Halen vs. Chasyn Rance vs. Mark Stephens
*Brent Silver vs. Ken Westbrooks
*Sweet Dreams/Cru Jones vs. Alabama Attitude
*Murder 1/Biohazard/Rampage vs. U.A.S./Jacey North
*Caprice Coleman vs. Masada

Wrestlers of West Virginia
Brown’s Floor Covering, Whitesville, WV
Fri, 3/25 – 8 pm

Southern Wrestling Federation
Fri, 3/25 – 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under

International Championship Wrestling
Fri, 3/25 – 8 pm
Elks Lodge, Tacoma, WA

*Mr. GQ/Tim Flowers/Avalanche vs. The Honky Tonk Man/Chef/Sonny Omara
*Hardcore Match: Sloth vs. Teenage Dirtbag
*Rad vs. Mike Santiago
*Jason Jackson vs. “Marvelous” Matt
*Big Wood vs. Vinnie V
*Ritchie Magnett vs. Randy Taylor

Southern States Wrestling
Fri, 3/25
National Guard Armory, Kingsport, TN

*SSW TX Title vs. Hair Match: champion Ricky Morton vs. Dr. Tom Prichard
*SSW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Beau James vs. Danny Ray