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It’s Monday so that means another episode of 24.

Murtz and Matt are back to bring things to you while it happens. Rob Purchase aka Erin Driscoll may make a surprise apperance.

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Refresh for updates. Almeida SON!!

Well things are about to being. It looks like Rob Purchase is pulling another Erin Driscoll and is bailing on 24 tonight. No worries Murtz and I are pumped up about this week’s episode. After the past couple of weeks were really slow I suspect they are gonna really ratchet things up this week.

Murtz: Here we go!

Another super long Previously on..

Romo: I hate these previously ons. They waste valuable TV time.


A helicopter brings an injured Paul away from the scene.

Jack calls Audrey and tells her about Paul being shot.

Romo: She thinks its his fault.

Russ enters.

Audrey asks Jack how it happened. Jack tells her that Paul saved his life. Audrey starts crying.

Russ has brought beer and Scotch. What a good friend.

Jack apologizes to her.

On Air Force One.

Murtz: Time for the turn!

Heller is talking to the Prez about Marwan and everything else that is going on.

The President wants to pre-empt an attacks. Heller tells him about the data Jack got about Marwan.

Russ tries to feed my cat Scotch.

Russ: Getâ?|Moreâ?|Pussyâ?|Drunk!!

Murtz: That is awesome, could be one of the best of all time.

Heller and the Prez finish their call


The helicopter lands at CTU, Paul is taken away on a stretcher.

Romo: Why wouldn’t they take him to a hospital?

Murtz: That makes no sense.

Audrey wants Jack to tell her that Paul is gonna survive.

Romo: That reminds of Team America

Russ: If you have sex with me I promise I will never die.

Paul is taken into surgery.

Audrey hugs her dad.


Almeida gives a briefing about Marwan. Jack wants to use Dina Araz to get close to Marwan.


The first beer is cracked.

Marwan talks to the Navy dude about the President’s flight plan.

Two white people are having sex.

Murtz: YES SIR!!

The guy seems to be a pilot.

Russ points out he has dog tags.

Murtz: She is smoking.

The girl answers the phone and gives it to the guy. His wife is on the phone. His wife tells him that THEY will kill the children if he dosnt to do what the want. He dosnt know who THEY are.

The girl pulls a gun on him.

Back at CTU: Michelle and Tony are talking, the sexual tension is growing.


Jack talks to Dina about Marwan. Jack tells her that if she dosnt help them Dina will not get to see her son again.

Romo: Behrooz has pretty much died in this series without actually dying.

Murtz: He should have kept the white girl, because that is all he had.

Jack gets up to leave because Dina won’t help. Just as he is about to leave she asks what does he need her to do.

Jack tells her to go to Fayed and ask to speak to Marwan. Jack tells her that she will tell them she has a hostage, him.


Break time.

Russ gets his Scotch on. He likes it with 3 cubes.


The pilot guy asks the girl what is up. She is not telling him much.

He tries to get away by pushing a table into her. She knocks him back

Murtz: He just got smoked.

Russ: Air force boys suck at fighting.

The navy dude shows up and puts a gun at the pilot.

Michelle tells CTU staff that Marwan is planning another strike. She tells them about Fayed and how they are going to use Dina to get to Fayed.

Curtis seems suspicious about the whole plan.

Michelle points out that it is the best and only plan they have. ‘There is zero tolerance for error.’

Romo: Edgar looks sexy tonight.

Almeida tells Edgar to contact LAPD. Almeida points out that Edgar was not paying attention in the briefing.

Edgar busts it and tells Almeida he doesn’t have to listen to people who don’t really work there.

Michelle asks Tony why Edgar is messed up. Michelle asks about Chloe. Tony tells her she quit.

Murtz: It’s a high school reunion on crack.

Michelle calls Chloe and asks her to come back. She tells her that it is for Jack. Chloe agrees.

Jack and Tony talk about the plan. Tony tells him how dangerous the situation is. Jack doesn’t want to see Audrey before he leaves.

Tony goes to brief Dina about the cover story. She insists on seeing Behrooz.

Jack agrees to let her see her son.

Russ: Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, I love Scotch.

Dina and Behrooz have a reunion.

Romo: BOOOO!!!

Dina tells him that she has agreed to help find Marwan. Behrooz is worried about his mom.

Jack tells her that it is time.

Murtz: She is scary looking.

Russ: Do you think she is dead?

Murtz: Yeah forsure.


Break time.

Murtz: Those 26 minutes went fast.

Russ tells us about how he went to see ‘Be Cool’ today and walked out on it to buy wood instead.

Murtz: Anyone who goes to see ‘Be Cool’ is not cool.

Russ: I have never claimed to be cool.


Chloe shows up and gives Edgar some help with a problem.

Romo: Wow Chloe got their fast.

Edgar is annoyed that people think he cant do his job.

Michelle calls the CTU unit who is following Jack.


Jack and Dina have arrived at their place. Jack pulls out a knife and stabs himself in the stomach to make it look like he was injured.

Russ: He is pulling a Hopper from Platoon.

Jack and Dina leave the car and go towards a house.

Fox News shows evacuation of San Gabriel Island, the place the nuclear plant melted down.

Dina knocks on Joseph’s door. He refuses to acknowledge he knows her or Marwan.

She tells him she has a hostage Marwan wants.

He lets her in. The guy pins Jack and searches him.

He knocks Jack down.

Romo: Jack is gonna get him back for that.

Dina tells Fayed the cover story. Fayed picks up a cell to confirm the story.

Fayed calls Marwan and tells him the situation.

Chloe is trying to break into Marwan’s location but can’t.

Murtz: we are not saying anything because we riveted.

Russ: and slightly aroused.

Marwan told Fayed to bring them to a location where they can meet.

Over at an Air Force Base.


The pilot arrives at the base and gets clearance through security.

The security guys ask him to pop his trunk.

The open the trunk and find nothing in.

Russ: does he lift the floor mat? No he doesn’t.

They look in the back seat and see nothing.

The pilot parks his car. He pushes down his chairs and the guy comes out of the floor mat.

Russ: See they never check.

The pilot asks to see his family. The guy tells him that his family is dead and so is he. He shoots him with a silenced gun.

The guy cuts the pilot’s finger off.


Break time.


Heller and Audrey are in the waiting room. The Doc comes out and tells her that he has been able to get one of the bullets out but the other one is near a vertebrae and they have called in a neurosurgeon to handle that.

Audrey tells Heller that she didn’t realize how much she cared for Paul.

Romo: That Bitch!!

Heller tries to comfort her.

Murtz: We are just waiting for her to turn to the dark side with Tony Almeida.

Jack is in the back of a car. It is being driven by Dina, Feyed is in shotgun. They are being followed by CTU.

Murtz: Wouldn’t they be talking in another language?

CTU is tracking Jack.

Romo: Almeida looks awesome tonight.

Russ: It is the no-tie policy.

Dina’s car is going under a ramp.

Murtz: This is where they are gonna switch it up.

They pull over in the tunnel. Some guys dressed as city workers take Jack and Dina.

Feyed drives away.


Tony is worried. CTU guys say they have them up ahead.

Tony asks Chloe to switch to infrared. They notice there is only one person in the car.

Michelle orders them to take the car down.

They pull over Feyed.

Russ: Does he kill himself?

Romo: Yes.

He blows up his car. The CTU guys barely get away.

Michelle states the obvious, ‘Marwan set us up.’


Break time.

Russ: this has been a pretty good episode so far.

Romo: it has been.


Murtz: Here we go, last 5 minutes. Anyone die?

Almeida answer his phone, ‘Almeida’â?|.so hot!

CTU is struggling to figure out where Jack could have been taken to.

Chloe pulls off a license plate from a car she thinks has Jack in it.


Jack is getting taken off the van.

Murtz: It is gonna end with him being face to face with Marwan.

Marwan tells Jack that he has caused him a lot of trouble. He then kicks him.

Russ: He is gonna kill Dina.

Marwan tells Dina her that her husband was a good man.

Marwan he calls her a good liar. He tells her that Feyed Martyred himself.

He tells Dina to prove her honesty by killing Jack.

Navi puts the gun to Jack’s head.

Murtz: the gun is empty.

She turns and shoots at Marwan. It clicks.

Marwan orders they take Jack out.

He takes Dina away and shoots her.
Murtz: I called that.

The bad Air Force dude enters the building and has uses the cut off finger to get access to an area with a fighter jet.


Murtz: still no explanation as to who that guy is.

Russ: a little frustrating.

Final Thoughts

After another game of Odds-Even to decide who goes first.

Romo: I am really pissed at Audrey. She further supports the reason why all women are weak and stupid. Almeida is smart enough to stay away from them bitches. I hope he screws Michelle and then leaves before she wakes up or even better sends her away with just cab fare.

Russ: This episode reminded me of my Scotch. Sharp, strong and not that watered down. And it made me a little horny.

Murtz: I tried to come up with final thoughts for this episode. But my brain was consumed with the thought of what Audrey and Edgar’s kids would look like. With no Robert Purchase in attendance I feel that Tony did not get the credit that he is normally awarded. MARWAN FOR LIFE!

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