[WWE] New Talent Getting Brought Up, Lance Storm Update


PWInsider.com is confirming earlier reports that Marty Janetty is expected to sign a WWE deal shortly. Meltzer at Wrestling Observer implied it was already a done deal. A “Rockers Reunion” run will most likely happen on the house show circuit after Wrestlemania.

In what can be good news for the weak Tag Team division, the Shane Twins are expected to be brought to RAW after Mania, with Garrison Cade being sent to Smackdown, possibly to team up again with former partner Mark Jindrak. Frankie Kazarian may be brought to TV, most likely Smackdown, after Mania as well.

Lance Storm has updated his Web site (click here for the full commentary) after a server upgrade. In it he talks about the possibility of returning to the ring for the ECW show, should it be made official, and maybe in OVW in matches to get himself into ring shape leading into the ECW event. He also gives the office a hint about another match he’d love to do when he’s visiting the boys on their next tour of Canada:

WWE has been adding non-televised main events to the shows as a special treat for the live crowd. Do you think there is any chance I could convince the office to put me in some kind of match with Chris Benoit. It could be a dream match for both me, and the hometown crowd. We Calgarians love our Battle of Alberta: Edmonton vs. Calgary.

For those of you wondering, he comments (but doesn’t really comment) on the Edge situation.

Credit: PWInsider.com, StormWrestling.com

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