InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 03.21.05
Live from Birmingham, Ala
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Intro…KANE vs. Batista tonight.

Recap of Rockers vs. La Rez.

Shawn Michaels vs. Robert Conway (w/ Sylvain Greiner)
Greiner quickly gets involved, giving Conway the advantage. HBK gets to the outside, and takes out both members of La Rez, then gets back in the ring, and hops over the top with a suicide flip. Back in the ring, HBK is in firm control, but Conway knocks him to the floor, and distracts the ref, so Greiner can nail HBK with a flag pole.


We come back and Conway has HBK all stretched out, but HBK starts fighting back. Conway goes to send him over the top, but HBK skins the cat, and chops away on Conway. Conway hits a jawbreaker out of nowhere for a 2 count. HBK fights back, nails a sledge from the top, then hits the Chin Music for the pin.
Winner – HBK

JR and King show us a hi-light promo of Kurt Angle. They show lots of Main Eventers tap in the Ankle Lock; Brock, Hogan, Austin, UT, KANE, Big Show, Rock, and so on. They also make reference to the 6-Man Hell in a Cell match that Angle beat UT, Rock, Rikishi, Austin & HHH.

Christy walks towards the ring with Tajiri & Regal, setting up for a 6 person mixed tag.


Christy, William Regal, & Tajiri (w/ Lita) vs. Molly Holly, Maven, & Simon Dean
Trish comes down to ringside. Dean and Regal start, Regal with a drop toe hold, and Tajiri comes in and drop kicks Dean’s face. Maven comes in, and works over Tajiri, then Dean helps double team. The girls are finally tagged in, and Christy is distracted with Trish, allowing Molly to jump her. Molly slams her in the corner, and goes up for the Molly-Go-Round, but Christy dodges it, and nails a ToF from behind.
Winners – Christy, Regal, & Tajiri

HHH arrives, he looks angry, and is coming toward the ring.

Commercials. Check out the WrestleMania Madness!.

Stone Cold Moment: Austin attacks McMahon in the hospital, drilling him with a bedpan.

HHH comes down and says that Evolution’s demise was Orton and Batista. He said that when Orton was in Evolution, he was a star. Now, he is picking up the scraps of WM, and is going to be on the chopping block for The Undertaker. He then says that Batista was someone in Evolution, but he decided to stay on RAW then go and defeat JBL and Cena, but he will lose at WM. He says that Batista is making poor choices, putting him in the ring with Benoit. To show him how to make the right choice, the match tonight will be KANE vs. Batista in a lumberjack match, made of Lumberjacks HHH has handpicked. He says that he will put The Animal down.


Slam of the Week: Jericho slamming Edge in the face with a ladder, helping Shelton beat Edge.

Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge & Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko)
Jericho and Christian start. Christian is sent to the floor, and he and Edge start arguing, and Tomko gets in Edge’s face, then Jericho baseball slides into them, and Shelton FLIES over the top rope on top of them. Back in the ring, Tomko distracts Shelton, and Christian is all over him. Jericho in, and Christian takes him apart, nailing the reverse DDT.


We come back and Shelton gets the hot tag. Shelton takes on both Edge and Christian, but E&C gets the best of him, sends Shelton into the corner, and tries some classic double teaming, with Edge getting on all 4s infront of Shelton, however, Shelton pops out of the corner, and hops off Edge clotheslineing Christian. Shelton then hits a spinning enzaguri on Edge. Jericho sends Christian to the outside, then tries a springboard down on him, but Tomko puts a boot in his gut on the way down. Shelton goes for a Stinger Splash on Edge, but Christian is in the corner, and hits Shelton in the head with the IC title. Shelton stumbles back to the middle of the ring, and Edge nails a spear.
Winners – Edge & Christian

E&C, and Tomko beat down Shelton and Jericho. Benoit makes the save, with Germans on Edge then Christian. Tomko gets in the ring and takes out Benoit with a ladder.


Flair is with a bunch of heels; Coach, Viscera, La Rez, Simon Dean, Hassan, Daivari, Maven, Masterpiece, and Snitsky. He gets them fired up, saying that Batista was greedy staying on RAW, because he could’ve taken one of their title shots. He also mentions that there is a spot in Evolution, and he wants them all to show him something.

Bischoff walks into Batista’s dressing room. Bischoff tells Batista that he had no clue what HHH was up to with the Lumberjack match. Bischoff also says that he would be proud to have Batista as his Champion. Batista tells Bischoff that he should be a politician…or a used car salesman.

Stacy and Orton talking. Orton says he is going to the ring and giving UT a message, and wants Stacy to come with.

Slam of the Week: RKO on Jake The Snake.


SmackDown Rebound

  • Orton and UT signing.

    Orton makes his way down to the ring, and he debuts a new addition to his Legend Killer Tour shirt, The Undertaker. They show a hi-light promo on Orton. They come back, and Orton says that while he has Stacy out here, there is something he’s wanted to do for a while. He then smooches her. He starts ranting about how there is nothing he won’t do to defeat UT at WM. He then says that to prove his point….then he NAILS A RKO ON STACY!!! Randy just walks away, and he seems a bit disgusted with himself. Medics tend to Stacy.


    Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Benoit
    When Benoit tries to get in the ring, Tomko attacks him. Benoit gets back quickly, and nails a quick Trifecta of Germans, then the Headbutt for 2. Tomko snaps, and slugs away on Benoit. Tomko lines up for a big boot, but Benoit dodges it, and hops on Tomko locking on the Crossface for the win.
    Winner – Benoit

    Hassan approaches HBK. He says that they have a lot in common. Hassan says that his is upset about being left out of WM. HBK says that his problem with Hassan is that he thinks he deserves everything, but has earned nothing. HBK then challenges him to a match next week.

    Commercials. New WM Commercial with a lot of SuperStars trying out for a role in Taxi Driver.

    HHH comes out with Flair. He then calls out all the Lumberjacks. Maven, Viscera, Simon Dean, Rob Conway, Sylvain Greiner, Muhammad Hassan, Daivari, Edge, Christian, Tyson Tomko, Masterpiece, Coach and Gene Snitsky.


    JR tells us that Bischoff has announced a Face Off with HHH and Batista next week.

    KANE vs. Batista – Lumberjack Match
    HHH and Flair are at the table. Tie ups to start, Batista sends KANE into the corner, and KANE bounces out and Batista drills him with a Powerslam. Daivari gets on the apron, and yells at Batista, and Batista goes to the outside, and gets nose to nose with Hassan, but KANE comes out and gets to Batista, only for Batista to slam his head into the wall, and rolls KANE back in the ring. As Batista is getting back in, Masterpiece sledges him, and rolls Batista back in, into a big boot from KANE. KANE is now pummeling down on Batista. HHH: ‘I am going to beat him like a bag of puppies.’ HAHA. KANE goes to the top, but Batista pulls him down. Batista with a spinebuster, then a huge clothesline for 2. KANE fights back, ties for a choke slam, but Batista gets out, sets up for a Demon bomb, but KANE gets out of it. They then conk heads, and KANE falls to the outside. Snitsky attacks KANE, then Dean and Viscera, but KANE avoids it all. La Rez pulls Batista to the floor, and a bunch of guys get on him, but Batista fights them off. Back in the ring, Edge, Christian and Tomko are beating down on KANE, and Batista gets in and takes out all 3, and turns around into a choke slam, but only for 2. Batista fires up, nails a spinebuster then a Demon Bomb on KANE for the pin.
    Winner – Batista

    Batista stares down at HHH to end the show.

    Show Over.


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