The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 4

In the last episode, lifelong friends Debbie and Bianca were Philiminated. Lynn and Alex finished first, dissed Rob and Amber, and won nothing. 8 teams remain. Who will be Philiminated next?

Quick prediction: Non-elimination leg, Phil robs Susan and Patrick.

It’s all about the Boston Rob. Cheri Widowski and Matt Romanada differ in opinion about him, Jonathan Baker tells Steve Coogan that Rob is copying him, and even Rebecca gets her 2 cents worth about Mr. Mariano. Dick Vitale and Billy Packer may have even commented about Rob during the tournament for all I know.

Standings after 3 legs:
Position – Name [Roadblocks performed] – Leg Eliminated
1 – Lynn [1] and Alex [1]
2 – Uchenna [1] and Joyce [1] aka IVF
3 – Ron [2] and Kelly
4 – Brian [1] and Greg [1]
5 – Rob [1] and Amber [1] (aka Romber)
6 – Ray [1] and Deana [1] (aka D-Ray)
7 – Meredith [1] and Gretchen [1]
8 – Susan [1] and Patrick [1]
x09 – Debbie [1] and Bianca [1] – Leg 3 (Argentina)
x10 – Megan [1] and Heidi (aka The Barbies) – Leg 2 (Santiago, Chile)
x11 – Ryan and Chuck – Leg 1 (Corcos, Chile)

We are in Men-do-zaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Argentina

Lynn and Alex, 3:49am. They must drive 25 miles to a ranch in La Luca

Team IVF, 4:07am. They head out.

Ron and Kelly and Brian and Greg, 4:52am. The brothers aim for no mistakes.

Lynn and Alex get to the ranch, and they find out it opens at 6:30am – a half hour wait. IVF ask for directions.

The ranch opens, and Lynn and Alex open the clue. It’s a Roadblock. Teams must navigate a course on horseback in 40 seconds or less. Alex takes it,

Romber. 6:59am. Rob notes that they have $45 for this leg. Rob likes pressure. IVF reach the Roadblock, and Joyce takes it. Alex’s first attempt takes 41 seconds. Joyce gets thrown from her horse. Alex completes the course in 39 seconds. They get their clue, which tells them they need to travel back to Mendoza. Oh, and they’ve got tickets to Buenos Aires. There are 2 flights, one at 9:30am, the second 5 hours leater at 2:30pm. Once they land, they must find the English Clock Tower and get a clue from a man.

Lynn and Alex check in at the airport.

Ron and Kelly arrive at the Roadblock, while the brothers miss the exit. Kelly takes it. Uchenna, meanwhile, finishes the Roadblock, and gets a kiss from Uchenna. Kelly, with some trouble, finishes and gets her clue. Brian and Greg arrive as they leave. Brian takes it, and finish in 33.75 seconds.

IVF checks in at the airport.

D-Ray, 8:34am. Ray’s pissed.

Meredith and Gretchen, 8:44am. Gretchen complains.

Susan and Patrick, 8:56am. Susan’s determined.

Romber arrives at the Roadblock. Rob does it. Perfectly. They get tickets for the 9:30am flight. Brian and Greg check in. Romber hope they make the flight and piss off the others. Lynn and Alex gloat. Romber MAKE the flight. Hah!! But before they get on, we get an

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We’re back, and”¦ “No freaking way”. Lynn and Alex hate Romber. I hate Lynn and Alex. Shut up already.

Meanwhile, the remaining 3 teams encounter clowns. D-Ray reach the Roadblock, and Deana takes it. She channels Colin and declares her horse “broken”. They argue. Meredith and Gretchen reach the Roadblock, and Meredith takes it. Deana has some problems, but Meredith does it in 36 seconds. Deana is crying, and Ray is fuming. Susan and Patrick reach the Roadblock, and Patrick does it. Deana takes off her shirt, because that helps? Well, she finishes, so I guess it does. Patrick’s first attempt is 45 seconds. Susan offers encouragement, and Patrick gets snippy. Still, he does it in 35 seconds, and they get their tickets.

Buenos Aires, 11:30am, flight#1 lands. Romber gets their bags first, and they take a taxi. Brian and Greg are next, followed by Ron and Kelly, IVF and in last, Lynn and Alex. Hah!!

Romber reach the man, and they find that they need to travel 20 miles by train to Tigre, where they need to reach the docks. Brian and Greg get their clue, as well as Ron and Kelly. They get on the same train as Rob and Amber. IVF and Lynn and Alex get their glues, and they also get on the train.

In Mendoza, the remaining three teams check in. Gretchen whines about it being a 3-way race to not be last, and then it’s time for an

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We’re back, and Ray’s determined to not be eliminated. Lynn and Alex get some direction, and try to sneak off in the front, but Romber head up there as well. Lynn and Alex get snippy, again.

Lynn and Alex and Romber reach the cluebox. It’s a Detour – Shipwreck or Island. In Shipwreck, teams search 7 mile area for a specific shipwreck. In Island, teams travel 4 miles to the San Antonio River to find an island. Romber take Shipwreck, Lynn and Alex take Island.

The brothers reach the Detour, take a look at Island, and decide on Shipwreck. IVF also take Shipwreck, but Ron and Kelly take Island. Lynn and Alex’s boat seems to spring a leak. Romber find the ship, and get their clue – head to the Pitstop! Lynn and Alex, meanwhile, are still having boat problems.

The brothers find their clue, and catch up to Romber at the docks.

Lynn and Alex get a replacement boat. IVF are still looking for the shipwreck. Ron and Kelly reach the Island, and get their clue. IVF find the ISLAND clue, and take that. Well, there’s a time penalty waiting to happen. Lynn and Alex get their clue, and head out.

Romber are team number 1. They win a trip via Travelocity. Phil is again impressed how the penalty didn’t hurt them at all.

The Brothers are team number 2.

Ron and Kelly are looking around, and Lynn and Alex’s driver gets lost. IVF check in third, and Ron and Kelly check in fourth. Finally, Lynn and Alex check in fifth, and hopefully they realize the futility of obsessing over Boston Rob.

Plane #2 arrive, and D-Ray get out quickly. Meanwhile, Susan and Patrick are again slow out of the gate. D-Ray get taken to the hotel, and as a result, Meredith and Gretchen get the clue first. D-Ray still make the same train though, and the train leaves. Meanwhile, Susan and Patrick get their clue, and take their train. Patrick has a pleased look on his face, which probably wouldn’t be there if he knew they were in last. But I’m sure he’ll find out after the

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We’re back, and Patrick, in a voiceover talks about how smug he and his mom felt. Meanwhile, the other teams arrive, and D-Ray walk, while Meredith and Gretchen take a taxi. Meredith and Gretchen reach the clue take Island. Susan and Patrick are next and take Island as well, as do D-Ray. Susan and Patrick’s boat dies.

D-Ray, find the river, and find the clue. Meredith and Gretchen spot them as they leave, and decide to follow them. Away from the clue. Meanwhile, Susan and Patrick get a new boat. Ray gets way too condescending about the other two teams. Easy to do, when you’ve already finished the task, I guess, but still.

Meredith and Gretchen finally find the island, and take off. Susan and Patrick find the clue. Meredith and Gretchen wander around for a while trying to find a taxi, and finally get one. Susan and Patrick reach the docks.

D-Ray are team number 6.

The last two teams head for the Pit Stop.

Meredith and Gretchen are team number 7.

Susan and Patrick are the last team to arrive, and they’ve been Philiminated. Patrick finally realizes that perhaps, he needs to lighten up.

Next week, in a 2 hour Race, Dean takes the high road, and Gretchen take a fall. Uchenna and Joyce bond with some children, and the Brothers break down. Looks like they’re heading to Africa.

Well, I was half right. Better than entirely wrong, as I’ve been so far, I guess. Overall, it’s been great so far, except for Lynn and Alex being insufferable about Romber. I think Cheri got it wrong – these two guys are the true villains of the show.

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