[Misc] Real Professional Wrestling League To Start This Sunday


The following comes from www.realprowrestling.com, the official website for the new wrestling league started by Rulon Gardner. The following is the latest about the new show and league’s debut:

After almost four years and countless hours of focus and dedication we are proud to announce the long-awaited television debut of RealProWrestling – this Sunday, March 27th at 4EST (3CST) on PAX – TV. For those of you who have not experienced it yet, RealProWrestling will be an all-season extravaganza that is sure to amaze – it’s pure athletic competition as two athletes enter the arena to determine who has the strength, skill and stamina to put his opponent on his back. – and this is a show you can feel proud watching with the whole family as well.

The past six months have been incredibly busy with the production and marketing of the series – both from a national and grass roots level. This week our national radio and television commercials are launching as well as a full letter from Rulon Gardner and Dan Gable appearing in the USA TODAY sports section this Thursday.

From a grassroots level, we’ve gotten some fantastic support from our national street team – People just like you who have volunteered their time to promote RealProWrestling at local and national wrestling tournaments and in their communities. All in all we’ve sent out over 2,750,000 promotional TV times cards to our national street teamers – these cards were distributed at over 700 wrestling tournaments nationwide!

Everywhere we go, it seems that someone has heard of RealProWrestling…

Now is our final hour, the one we’ve been waiting for. We ask that you join us one final time in the launch of RealProWrestling by tuning in this Sunday afternoon for the premiere – and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

The success of RealProWrestling will mean a glorious future of exciting, fast paced, family values based sports competition for years to come.

Best regards,
Chris Chickering
VP of Marketing

Also, Thursday’s edition of USA Today will have a full ad featuring a letter from Rulon Gardner and Dan Gable talking about the lack of sportsmanship and use of drugs in proffesional sports. Both go on record saying they will have a zero tolerance policy on anything of that sort.

For a complete TV schedule — in most markets, the show will air on PAX TV each Sunday at 4 p.m., then replay on Fox Sports Net at 3 p.m. the following Wednesday — click here.

If you see the show and would like to submit a recap, please email me by clicking on the link below.

Credit- RealProWrestling.com & The Wrestling Observer