Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 6

Ulong. Night 12.

The surviving members return to camp.

Ibrehim says that was the craziest TC he’s ever been to.

James says that Ibrehim cost them the game because he wasn’t paying attention.

Steph says that the bottom line is they need to win.

Bobby Jon says James shouldn’t be calling Ibrehim out. Win as a team, lose as a team.

Day 13. Ibrehim does his morning prayers.

He thinks God had a hand in keeping him on the island.

Koror, Day 13.

Ian says the stew reenergized everyone.

Tom says it’s a day to work to save them from work down the road.

Coby calls it craft day. Katie makes necklaces.

Katie says she thought the game would be harder. Maybe it would if she did some work.

Caryn says it seems Katie’s only job is to entertain.

Koror does a sock puppet play mocking Ulong.

Tree mail. Janu brings it back.

Jenn says it sounds like a shooting challenge.


Coby doesn’t look shocked that Angie is gone.

8 tiles. Shoot them with a .50 cal gun. Winning tribe gets on a Japanese boat stocked with Pringles and Mai Tais. They will go snorkeling with stingless jellyfish.

Katie, Janu, Jenn, and Ian sit for Koror.

Ulong shoots first. Bobby Jon shoots and misses. Gregg misses. James misses. Coby misses. Ibrehim misses. Tom hits. 1-0, Koror. Steph hits and we are tied. Karen misses. Bobby Jon hits. 2-1 Ulong. Gregg hits and we’re tied. James misses. Coby misses. Ibrehim hits. Tom misses. 3-2 Ulong. Steph hits and Ulong leads 4-2. Now 5-4 Ulong. James misses. Steph hits and Ulong leads 6-4. Caryn hits. Bobby Jon hits. 7-5 Ulong. Gregg hits and it’s 7-6 Ulong. James misses again. Tell me why they kept him? Coby hits and we’re tied. Ibrehim misses. Tom misses. Steph hits and Ulong is up 8-7. Caryn misses and Ulong wins reward! They celebrate like the Red Sox beating the Yankees.

JP says he can’t remember a tribe needing a reward as bad as Ulong.

Ulong on the Japanese vessel.

Steph says it felt great to win again. They needed the morale boost.

They eat printed Pringles and play Survivor trivia.

They make their way to the jellyfish lake. Bobby Jon says it’s an incredible sight and gave him a euphoric feeling.

Steph says they feel confident and strong, like a tribe again.

Koror. Night 13. Rain and wind.

They’re a bit worried about their shelter. Tom mocks the weather gods.

Day 14.

Janu says she’s feeling vulnerable and alone.

Tom tries to console her. He tells Janu they’re all going to have a bad day.

Tom tries to tell her she’ll make the jury, but Janu says she doesn’t have the strength.

Katie says Janu is the real drama queen of Koror.

Ulong. Day 14.

Ibrehim brings back tree mail. They have the other tribe’s flag and box, and Koror has theirs. They have to secure the flag in the box.

James says he knows about knots form the Navy, so they let him tie the knot. Bobby Jon says they let him lead.


The tribes will have 20 minutes to swim out, get logs, and build a fort around the box. Then they will try to free their flags and send it up the flagpole wins immunity.

Tom, Coby, Gregg, and Caryn sit for Koror.

Koror sends two out to get the logs while the other two work on the knots. Everyone but James goes out for Ulong. Ulong working on their fortress well before Koror.

Coby notes that Ulong used all their lumber and rope and Koror didn’t.

20 minutes is up. Time to free their flag.

Both tribes making good progress. Ulong with a bit of a lead. Koror begins to catch up. Ulong falls behind as Koror frees the box. Ulong frees their box and gets to work. Koror frees the flag and sends it up the flagpole. Koror wins yet again! Unbelievable.

Ulong heading back to TC. So much for James and his magic knots.

Ulong. Day 15.

Ibrehim says at TC, his only criteria are who’s done the worst, and that’s James.

Steph and James talk. Steph is worried about a tie vote, but James is convinced Bobby Jon won’t vote for him.

James says Allah saved Ibrehim last time, but James’s god says it’s time for Ib to go.

Bobby Jon thinks James voted for him last time. It was Steph, but she swears to God she voted for Angie. Steph agrees to vote for James, and she and Bobby Jon will vote for Ib next.

Steph feels bad about lying to Bobby Jon, but she had to play the game.


James says when they hear the word immunity, they subconsciously sabotage themselves.

JP calls them out for lollygagging at the last IC.

Ibrehim says this has opened his eyes to what he can do.

James says you can’t base your vote solely on IC performances.

Bobby Jon says he trusts everyone.

Steph says she trusts everyone as well. Her word is gold and she thinks the rest are as well.

Steph says that there is some paranoia dealing with three Alabama boys, but she works through it.

Time to vote. Bobby Jon. James votes for Ibrehim and says they just don’t get along. Ibrehim votes for James. “Sorry, brotha.” Steph. She takes forever to make up her mind.

JP tallies the votes. Sing along with me now. Person with most votes, yadda, etc. First vote, James. Ibrehim. James. Ibrehim. We’re tied. God knows how many seasons without a tie, and now we have 2 in a row. Bobby Jon and Steph revote. Seventh person voted out of Survivor: James. Steph apologizes to James. Torch out, hit the bricks.

JP notes that this is a first: a tribe of three.

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