[SD] Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)


Smackdown spoilers according to Michael and PWInsider.com:

I was at Smackdown last night and here are some of the results (not all, since I didn’t write it all down). I might be off on the sequence of events, but that’s what alcohol will do to you kids (hahahaha).

Show opens with Tazz interviewing Big Show about his upcoming “Sumo match” with Akebono (rhymes nicely with Sonny Bono). Tazz hype’s up Akebono’s appearance for next week. Luther Reigns comes out driving a Jeep and says that he should be the one facing Akebono, not the Big Show. To prove this, Luther says that he will personally tip over the Jeep onto its side. After a couple of failed attempts, Luther jumps in the ring (while Big Show was laughing at him) and gets chokeslammed. Then, with the crowd urging him on, Big Show attempts to tip over the Jeep. Some of this portion may be edited for TV because Big Show had some difficulties at first. Then, a guy comes out from the back with a jack and lifts up part of the Jeep. Eventually, it’s enough for Big Show to tip it over.

Kurt Angle in the back says he’s got another “Blast from the Past” for HBK later tonight. Angle is hilarious!!!!!

Scotty Too Hotty was scheduled to wrestle Orlando Jordan, but during the intro Scotty and JBL get into it and ultimately they wrestle each other. After the predictable “worm”, JBL kicks out, eventually hits the “clothesline from Hell” and gets the pin.

Hulk Hogan’s Hall of Fame promo with footage of WrestleMania IX vs. Yokozuna shows up on the Titantron. I, admittedly, mark out for Hogan. He’s “THE MAN” and everybody knows it. Unfortunately, I’m in Memphis where there’s more Flair fans than Hulkamaniacs. BTW, lots of “whoooo” chants all night (which is always lots of fun). When I lived up in Chicago the Hogan chants at the Allstate Arena were always loud and strong. I guess Hogan appeals more to “Northerners” (like me) than “Southerners” like Memphis. That’s just the way it is folks.

Teddy Long says he’s got a treat for Memphis. He says he’s got an Elvis impersonator to entertain us. Out comes Carlito Cool trying to sing some Elvis songs. My only question is this:
Where’s The Honky Tonk Man when you really need him?

Chavo and Eddie are in the back. Chavo says Eddie should wrestle Rey and Mania.

Undertaker on the TitonTron says that there will be a “sacrifice” tonight to send a message to Randy Orton. All throughout the night during the matches, there’s bits and pieces of thunder and lightning as the “threat” of the Undertaker loomed.

Best part of the night. Angle comes out to HBK’s music and Sensational Sherri Martel accompanies him. Kurt points out that Sherri was instrumental in Shawn’s career early on and even points out that it was Sherri who originally sang his theme song, “Sexy Boy.” Kurt says that he can sing it better than HBK. So, they hit the music and Angle and Sherri start singing “Sexy Boy.” Angle even dances and poses like HBK. Totally hilarious!!!!! HBK shows up on the Titantron and then rolls out a video montage of HBK’s career. At the end Sherri is shown looking “emotional” as if to say, “that’s my boy.” Angle throws her down and slaps on the ankle lock. Note: Sherri’s not looking too good these days, but all the fans at the arena got a nice “nip shot” as she was being carried out after the segment.

During breaks they’re airing the WrestleMania Trailers. It goes over big with the crowd.

Dawn Marie beat Mc??. Too quick and not enough “skin” for the Memphis folks. Completely pointless match, too.

Eddie and Rey talk in the back. Eddie poses a challenge to Rey for a match at Mania.

Eddie and Rey defeat Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly. Afterwards, Rey and Eddie speak in the ring and Rey accepts Eddies challenge at Mania. No heel turn for Eddie.

Carlito in the back being interviewed by Funaki. Funaki grabs Carlito’s Elvis shades and Carlito break the guitar over Funaki’s head. My only question is this:
Where’s The Honky Tonk Man when you really need him?

Booker T. vs. Rene Dupree. In the middle of the match, the lights go out, smoke emits from the ring. Lights come back on and Taker shows up behind Dupree. Taker chokeslams Dupree and then piledrives Dupree on the stairs. (NOTE: during the WrestleMania Trailers, taker sneaked out with other ring workers and sneaked into the ring. I noticed it immediately. It was kinda like finding out that there really is no such thing as Santa Claus).

Cena and JBL “Debate.” Teddy Long mediates. Cena entices JBL to throw a punch (so that way Cena would be “allowed” to punch back). Cena spray paints JBL’s limo, pours water in his 10 gallon hat, cuts his tie and tries it on, and ultimately spray paints “FU” on his shirt. Lots of quick-witted comments by Cena. Good mic work. Show ends.

After the show, Cena vs. JBL in a non-title match. Match ends with ref bump, chair-shot that backfired on JBL, Cena hits the “FU.” Everybody goes home happy.

Overall, good show.

Stone Cold Footage
HBK on Titantron


Final note: decent size crowd (maybe 8,000 – 10,000). Could have had more fans, but considering we had a tornado warning in effect, not a bad attendance. Note to WWE: they need to push RVD more when he returns from injury. His new DVD is awesome and selling nicely down here. In fact, I wish Vinnie Mac would bring in Sabu. Now, we’re talking “action.” My opinion, Sabu should is a wrestling legend.

Have a great day and enjoy Mania.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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