Cable / Deadpool #13 Review

Title: A Murder In Paradise: Part One: Flaw & Disorder
Published by: Marvel Comics

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Penciler: Patrick Zircher
Inker: Udon’s M3th
(Great, now artists are signing in l33t sp34k. Ugh)
Cover Colorist: Frank D’Armata
Colorist: Gotham
Letters: Cory Petit
Editor: Nicole Wiley
Publisher: Dan Buckley

Didja hear the news? Cable/Deadpool has been kept on the roster of books for at least another year. This is good news.


Well, if you haven’t been reading this book – this is just as great as any to start. We are at the beginning of a two-part arc. It’s seemingly an innocent middle story, and it’s getting funnier with each passing issue.


A man is dead.

A famous terrorist type, specifically. Our Private Dick, Wade Wilson is on the case. Well, he WANTS to be on the case, but that ol’ fuddy duddy Irene Merryweather does everything in her power to keep the Merc With A Mouth away. God ONLY knows why… it’s not like he went and lobotomized the guy who built up the one paradise on Earth.

…Fine, he did, but his intentions were the best.

So while Irene and Prester John (Do you remember him? Nobody else does either) are working on the case. Deadpool goes and solves it. ALL OF THIS BY THE LAST PAGE! (If you are paying attention, you can have it solved by, roughly, page 3) Deadpool’s so good at what he does.

Next issue he has to stop the guy who did it, which when you find out who it was, is going to make for a damn funny issue. That, and the writing just keeps getting better. Deadpool is an odd character to write – he is both completely ignorant of all that is going on around him, but it’s all by choice. Cable tries to be pointedly aware of everything around him. Nicieza knows this, and does it to the hilt.


Finally, a cover that not only helps tell what’s in the story, but is completely and utterly great. It’s obvious that you are dealing with some kind of murder mystery. It’s got a great shlocky private eye noir thing going. It’s great.

Inside Zircher.. (eww..) Inside the book, Patrick Zircher and Udon are a great mix. Zircher isn’t drawing this book with a serious hardnosed edge. Which would be horrible. This isn’t a book you give to someone like Michael Gaydos – it’s a book meant to look and act and feel exactly like it is.. a goofy bright comic. (That just so happens to be mean to kittens occasionally.)


The first arc of this series was so ‘meh’ for me that I really dreaded the next 6 months of it. Now here we are sitting pretty a year later, and I am on it’s bandwagon like a.. ..a bandwagon be’er on’er. All it took was Fabian to wipe off the Rob-Rust, (That’s Liefeld to you) and get to it.

Where he is now is exactly where this book should be. It is chockful of visual humor, and sarcastic subtext. Both Cable and Deadpool have clear and distinct voices that make this book the oddest team book since H.E.R.B.I.E. teamed up with Lobo that one time. (it never happened). Anyway, if the rest of the next year is like this – it might start to rival Gail Simone’s Deadpool… maybe.

Now if only I could a Taskmaster in there.

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