[SD] Velocity Tapings & Dark Match Results (SPOILERS)


Hey, I was at the Smackdown! tapings last night in Memphis as well, and thought I’d send in these notes that were left off the previous report.

Dark match:
MNM defeated Jamie Jay and Russel Simpson. Melina looks really good, as does the double team move they do.

Paul London d. Spike Dudley
Mark Jindrak d. Doug Basham
Heidenreich d. a guy that I didn’ catch the name of.
Akio & Kidman d. Nunzio & Funaki

Other Notes:
This was the first TV taping at the new Fed EX forum in Memphis, and it was pretty well packed, in the upper level, only about 3 sections were tarped off, which wasn’t much cause the sections were pretty small.

Also, the Undertaker “sacrifice” warning came in as Haas & Holly were making their way to the ring for a tag team title match against Guerrero & Mysterio.

Yeah, it was Michelle McCool who was defeated by Dawn Marie. Fairly pitiful match, especially when, in my opinion, they should be managing and not wrestling. As usual, they both look really good as well.

Before the debate started, Teddy informs JBL that Cena can attack him if he is instigated.