More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks


I will admit it; I’ve got a problem.

I cannot get Amerie’s 1 Thing out of my head. It’s so infectious; it just stirs something inside of me. I can’t explain it. I honestly believe that song is the greatest song in the world, ever.

I’m ashamed to admit that I really considered buying the Hitch soundtrack just for that song. And by “considered” I mean, “picking the disc up and spending five minutes mentally debating the merits of purchasing a soundtrack for one song, even if it is the best song in the world.”

This wouldn’t have been the first time I purchased a soundtrack off the strength of one song.

I picked up Crooklyn for the title track, which has remained one of my favorite songs ever. Soul To Squeeze was the reason I picked up the Coneheads soundtrack. I bought the second volume of Dead Presidents for (Man Oh Man) I Want To Go Back. I even picked up the Slam soundtrack for I Dare You.

But by the same token I also picked up Men In Black The Album. Now before you beat me mercilessly allow me to defend myself. I bought the album for The ‘Notic which is an amazing track that is a phenomenal example of why The Roots are great. And despite how spectacular that track is, it barely provides justification for buying that album. And I think that the presence of Will Smith is the reason I didn’t purchase the Hitch soundtrack.

Back to 1 Thing, I am mesmerized by the video. I will stop whatever I’m doing to watch the video whenever I come across it. Again I can’t explain it. It’s not that Amerie’s not attractive but she’s not quite in the “thorough” category (too slim and too short).

I suppose I’m over thinking the entire thing. It’s just that I can’ remember the last time a song has invaded my consciousness in such a fashion.


Speaking of songs invading consciousness, that Adidas commercial about the intelligent shoe does feature a sick song.

Apparently it’s a collaboration between Spike Jonze’s (the director of the clip) brother and Spike’s current lady friend Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has finally planed itself in my head. I

Fortunately it’s not a nagging, but more of a haunting. It pops in from time to time and lingers just long enough to make me want more. There are worse things in the world to experience.

Just Regular Music

I know that I won’t win any points with Gloomchen, but I did manage to find a better version of Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine (thanks to Tayo), and I like it.

It’s a typical Fiona album, which means you’ll either love it or loathe it. I enjoyed it about as much as someone can a bootlegged album. The production is rich, the lyrics are personal, emotional and poetic.

And hearing the better version of the album has just made me wish that Sony would release the damn album already. It’s doing no one any good just sitting collecting dust. Release it and be done with it.

I also picked up Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies to Paralyze yesterday. That too brought shame on me. Let me explain.

I was out running errands, but not far enough out that it would be practical to visit my usual music shop. So I stopped by Circuit City and picked the album up. I’ve got to admit, I felt dirty.

I’m not really one for the “big chains,” I’m more of a “little guy” or “mom and pop” type patron. So actually spending money at Circuit City made me feel like I was selling out.

But what really made me sick to my stomach was the hint of pleasure knowing that I was buying a brand new album for $9.99. I was completely falling for the trap as I questioned why I wasn’t doing this every time I bought a CD.

However when I looked into the dead eyes of my cashier and noticed the drab corporate approved décor I realized something. I was paying that extra money for the ambiance of the local store. That extra money went to pay the wage for someone who was actually passionate about music, or at least passionate enough to work at a record store.

Of course Beck’s Guerro does come out next week. So we’ll have to see who gets my spending dollar.

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Five Albums That I Tried To Listen To Recently That Still Suck

1. Lloyd Banks – The Hunger For More
2. Ma$e – Welcome Back
3. The Pharcyde – Humboldt Beginnings
4. Eminem – Encore
5. Slum Village – Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)