The Apprentice Season 3 – Recap – Episode 9

Stephanie, Erin, and Chris are Angie’s adopted kids. They all eat ice cream to celebrate Chris and Erin surviving the boardroom.

Craig steps up to be project manager. He reads them an essay about his business experience.

Bren says he had no idea what Craig wants. He says Craig doesn’t communicate very clearly.

Time to meet The Don.

Trump Park Avenue’s penthouse. The next task will be working with Home Depot. Create a do-it-yourself clinic at Home Depot. It will be judged on product involvement, customer involvement, and creativity. Kendra is exempt.

Net Worth. Angie volunteers to be project manager.

Angie’s idea is how to do crown moulding. Erin throws her hands up and declares she knows nothing about building. She says as a former beauty queen, she knows what a crown is but not what crown moulding is.

Magna. Craig takes them all to Home Depot. His idea is how to make a trunk. Tana says it’s not creative enough.

Craig says they should go with something simple, and the creativity will come in with the presentation. No one else wants to do it, but Craig puts his foot down. Tana thinks Angie will come up with something much better than a box, and one of them is about to go home.

“Sell Your Ideas”.

The Don says you can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you won’t be successful. Pearls of wisdom.

Erin says her walking through Home Depot is like walking through a foreign country where she doesn’t know the language.

Angie says let’s do a mobile kitchen island instead. They go out and try to make one, with very limited success. Angie says her adopted children are now redheaded.

They finally get it put together after 7 hours. Angie hates her team, loves the island.

Erin is destroying power tools. Angie says Erin could be more involved if she wanted to be.

At Magna, Craig gets upset when everyone keeps calling the trunk the “box”. Bren says they should do a pet coffin. Craig says it’s too late to go back, and if they don’t want to get involved he’ll do it himself.

Alex and Bren discuss sabotaging the other team to win.

Craig looks up and wonders where everyone else went. He doesn’t care, as he’s busy building boxes. He says his team is failing him.

Magna Corp. Craig tells Bren and Alex that people have bad attitudes.

Bren says if they work on the trunk’s exterior decorations, they would really be thinking outside the box.

Craig finally gets his team motivated. Bren says their biggest obstacle is still making the box look creative.

Over at Net Worth, they begin pitching their mobile island. Angie puts Erin in charge of promotions since she couldn’t handle a hammer.

As they put on their presentation, the Home Depot people are impressed by their energy.

Chris comes up to help out with the presentation and is horrible, and begins dropping f-bombs. Chew + cussing = classy, kids.

Te Home Depot people think the island was too complicated.

Magna puts on their presentation. Craig thinks the idea is to make it something parents can do with their kids.

Tana thinks they might have hit on something. They paint the kids hands to put handprints on the chests.

Kendra says that, in the end, Craig was right on the ball, and they should have shown him more respect.

Bren says Craig has some brilliant ideas, but just can’t express them to people.

Craig thinks it went well.

The D-to-the-O-to-the-N shows up at Home Depot to meet with the teams. Home Depot says that Net Worth did not get the customers involved, whereas Magna’s clinic was one of the best they’d seen. Magna wins! Their prize is zero-g training like the astronauts get. Craig is exempt for the next challenge.

(Note: Home Depot liked Craig’s idea so much that they’re putting on the clinic nationwide on April 2. Go to for details.)

Net Worth tries to figure out where they went wrong. Angie thinks that Erin is bulletproof because Trump likes her.

Magna goes to their astronaut training. Craig feels privileged to get to do this.

They are all having a blast. Bren says he got to do all the things he couldn’t do as a fat kid.

Alex says they got to go up in the air, while Stephanie and Erin are airheads.

Angie sits Erin down and tells her that she’s taking her to the boardroom. Erin says that Angie blew it because their presentation lacked creativity and do-it-yourselfness. Erin says she has no issues at all going to the boardroom. Hmm, wonder why? She thinks it’s her verbal skills.


The Don regally enters the room and asks Angie why they lost.

Angie says they were already a man down and since Erin signed off from the project they were down two men.

The Don says he heard Erin was terrible. Angie says Erin said she never shopped at Home Depot and had nothing to contribute. Erin says that’s slander. The Don says, “Sue her.”

The Don says that Angie made some bad decisions, and Angie admits this is true, but she was hampered because Erin checked out. Erin begins hurling accusations at everyone. She says that Angie’s presentation idea was boring. She then says that Chris is foul-mouthed and chews. The Don spends a ton of time harassing Chris about his tobacco habit, and tells him he doesn’t want someone working for him who dips. Caroline says that Erin is trying to deflect attention from herself.

The Don asks Stephanie who was to blame for their loss, and Stephanie says it was ultimately the project manager. She tries to explain, but The Don cuts her off. He asks Angie who she’s sending back to the suite. Angie jokes, “Me?” The Don is not amused. Angie sends Stephanie back, which surprises The Don, as Stephanie just said Angie was to blame. Stephanie says she never got a chance to explain why she said that. The Don dismisses them from the boardroom while he makes his decision.

The Don asks Caroline what she thinks, and she says that Angie was the only one who made any decisions. George concedes she made some bad decisions, but says he still thinks she shouldn’t be fired. The Don tells Robin to send them in.

The Don asks Angie if she thinks she made bad decisions, and she says she could have made better ones. The Don tells Angie that he thinks she was a bad leader, but George and Caroline are vouching for her, so she’s safe.

Erin says that Chris needs to go. He’s foul-mouthed, has an anger issue, and dips. The Don says he really can’t see anyone who dips working for him. Chris says if it’s an issue, he’ll quit right now. The Don is skeptical that he can really do it. He also agrees that Chris has anger issues. Chris says that he doesn’t have an anger problem, he’s just intense.

Chris says that whoever The Don picks needs to have integrity and loyalty, and Erin has proven she has neither. The Don thinks that Erin is smarter and tougher than Chris. Chris flatly rejects that and says that he’s proven himself by being a 22-year old millionaire. Erin says that she’s proven she’s smart by being a 26-year old high-powered corporate attorney.

The Don turns his attention back to Angie and says that he really thinks she did a poor job, but that Caroline and George think she shouldn’t be fired, and he respects their opinion and normally follows their opinion. Erin asks The Don if he always does what they say and winks at him. Caroline catches it and calls Erin out on it. She says that Erin is a wise ass. The Don agrees. “I can’t stand a wise-ass. Erin, you’re fired.” Erin gets her things and leaves.

The Don says that Erin was too uncontrollable to work for him, and George and Caroline agree.

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