[SD] RVD Speaks Out: Bret Hart, WM21, ECW PPV, Much more

Interview Recap of Rob Van Dam on the Gerweck Report hotline

– Van Dam said his knee rehab is going well. He said it was his first surgery, and expected to be back in action probably around August.

– Van Dam stated he went through a stage he called acceptance when he learned of the severity of his knee injury. He realized he would miss a number of important dates including Wrestlemania. Van Dam said his knee had been pretty in bad shape for almost four years.

– “They definitely can,” said Van Dam when asked if WWE can do ECW justice by promoting a one night ECW PPV.

– Van Dam said he isn’t frustrated he never got the ECW title, and felt he evaluated the ECW Television to the same level as the world title.

– Van Dam would like WWE to bring back the Hardcore title.

– He said he feels the frustration of the fans in his lack of push as top tier star in World Wrestling Entertainment.

– “I don’t want to fit in,” stated Van Dam when asked about the criticism of not wrestling the WWE ring style. “To tell you the truth, I’m not a fan of a lot other wrestlers work,” said Van Dam.

– Van Dam said he would love the payday of being the world heavyweight champion.

– “I’m pleased,” said RVD when asked about the sales of the Rob Van Dam DVD. Van Dam says he sees the RVD action figures fly off the shelves.

– “You better believe RVD is writing a book,” stated Rob Van Dam. RVD said he would probably hold off writing the book until the end of his career.

– He put over Dory Funk Jr. and his wife Marti as his friends. RVD is looking forward to being a guest instructor at Funk’s camp this weekend.

– Van Dam said he never wants to become a booker. If he booked himself, RVD said he would give himself more time with the mic and bring back the Hardcore title.

– Van Dam expects WWE to promote annual ECW pay-per-views.

– Van Dam said he preferred wrestling on “Raw” because it’s a live show. But now he prefers “Smackdown.”

– He said that he is helping to hype Wrestlemania, including having WWE superstars come to his comic book store to sign autographs.

– When asked about Bret Hart being at his store during Wrestlemania weekend and the possibility of the “Hitman” being at Wrestlemania, RVD said Hart hasn’t told him either way but that Van Dam doesn’t expect the rumors to be true.

– Van Dam admitted he explored all options when he re-signed with WWE last year. He said going elsewhere would be a huge step backwards.

– RVD said he doesn’t see himself as a future hall of famer.

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