[SD!] Official WWE.com Preview For Smackdown


MARCH 24, 2005

SmackDown! will be in Memphis, Tenn., this week with WrestleMania 21 just 10 days away.

Of course, John Cena’s top concern is staying eligible for his WWE Championship match against JBL on April 3. General Manager Theodore Long announced last week that if Cena were to lay a hand on JBL, unless it was in a sanctioned match, he would forfeit his WrestleMania opportunity.

Cena will certainly have to watch himself this week as JBL and Cena are scheduled for a debate on SmackDown! Will Cena be able to keep his cool?

Plus, WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio will defend their championship against Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas.

Also, one week after he defeated former Rocker and HBK partner Marty Jannetty, what’s next for Kurt Angle during his quest to top all of Shawn Michaels’ accomplishments?

Don’t miss SmackDown! on UPN (8/7 CT).