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Welcome my computer has been screwy as of late and you would know this if you just…read the Blog. Anyway, I’m at a neighbors house and I need to be outta here as quick as possible so here we go with another short and sweet column

3/18 Impact! Recap

*Christopher Daniels defeated Jerelle Clark: OK match. Skipper came out after it was over and more or less challenged Daniels for the X title
*Kid Kash defeated Mikey Batts: A cooler match would have been Daniels vs Kash and Batts vs Clark but wait, Kash is a pre-show guy
*Jarrett/Brown/Outlaw Interview: In a way Jarrett screwed up and said “Page, Nash, and Hardy got title shots, but not Monty Brown” let us not forget that Brown did get a title shot
*Shocker defeated David Young: SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Diamond Dallas Page & Sean Waltman defeated Buck Quatermain & Lex Lovett: After the match Nash asked Dusty for the following match- Nash, Page, Waltman vs Jarrett, Brown, Outlaw in one of the 6 Sides Of Steel matches. Tune in next week for the predictable answer

So one of the 6 sides of steel matches is more or less announced. Surely this one will not live up to the high standards set by Triple X and AMW. The turn of Monty Brown continues to make no sense as a Brown vs Jarrett match in the 6 sides of steel would have made for a better main event as Brown is a legit threat to Jarretts title because he is young and fresh while guys like Nash, Page and Hardy are old/over stayed their welcome and there was no chance of TNA placing the world title on them. This match will most likely be one big train wreck unless they alter the rules a bit. A tag match in a cage would be the dumbest thing ever and all 6 men in at once will be just a bunch of people bumping into each other. A cool change of pace would be a war games style match where it’s one on one then a coin flip or a match the Impact! before the PPV decides who will have the advantage. That way it won’t be a train wreck until the final minutes of the match. Better yet a war games elimination where a wrestler can be eliminated instead of the final pin having to come when all 6 workers have entered. Will either of these ideas be used? Possibly the first one, but don’t hold your breath.

The other rumored 6 sides of steel match is AJ Styles vs Abyss. These two had a very good feud back when TNA was running the weekly PPVs. If this ends up being the other 6 sides of steel match then it will easliy be better than the 6 man tag one. I still think Skipper vs Daniels should take place in 6 sides of steel because TNA has already started to build this by having Skipper come out after Daniels match and get one the stick. Plus, as I said in last weeks column,what better way to have former tag partners settle a feud than in the match that broke them up?

The rest of the card is kinda floating around right now. I think Raven vs Hardy would be a nice little brawl much like Abyss vs Hardy. Only this time Hardy can do a bit more power moves (as if he had any) because Raven is more his size. Dustin Rhodes and America’s Most Wanted taking on Team Canada is a possible match. I just hope they use that new Team Canada member along with Roode and Young, and give Petey a good ol’ fashion X Division match possibly against Shocker. Candido and The Naturals against 3LK wouldn’t be so bad as long as Candido and the Naturals go over. I really like that group becuse you have the stablished star in Candido teaming with a young but former tag champs in the Naturals. Putting 3LK over them kinda burries them. Sabin vs Kash would make for an awesome match as long as it’s not on the pre-show. Michael (Shane) is once again stuck with really nothing to do unless he can find a X Division heel to team up with to take on Clark/Batts. That’s really all I can think of as far as possibilities for Lockdown at this moment.

In other news, if you haven’t checked out Jed’s book review on The Death Of WCW, click here as it inspired me to order it off Amazon and read it in about 3 days.

That’s it for this week, another bland column as not much has been announced for Lockdown and this isn’t my computer so I don’t wanna hog it. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside