Press Release

Just in time for the summer, Todd Nauck
is bringing his popular “Made-For-TV” heroes, WILDGUARD, back for another round. And both issues are shipping in July from Image Comics.

WILDGUARD: FOOL’S GOLD is a two-issue mini series continuing the further adventures of Nauck’s creator-owned superteam. This time around superstar, team leader, and executive producer Four has the team lending their considerable star power to a charity fashion show. It’s all for a worthy cause: keeping super powered youth on the straight and narrow. But where WildGuard goes, adventure follows, as attention to wayward super youth can’t come soon enough!

With most of the material already completed, Nauck will be releasing the two issues in a bi-weekly format this July. Each issue will contain a full thirty pages of art and story.

“Summer is the best time for comics! It’s fun to get a double dose of a
favorite title,” enthuses Nauck. “I remember when X-Men and Spider-Man went bi-weekly in the summers of the late eighties. That really got me into comic shops because there was something for me to devote my attention to. I couldn’t miss a chapter.”

In the eyes of Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson, the
continued success of WILDGUARD is due to two things: maximum effort and a focus on fun.

“Todd Nauck’s one of the hardest-working creators in comics,” says
Stephenson. “And he’s pretty much a dream come true for fans of fun comics.”

According to Nauck, it was knowing that he’d have the two issues completely finished by the time solicitations rolled around that led him to solicit both issues for the same month.

“This new WILDGUARD story is a two-issue mini and most of the work has been done,” explains the creator. “So I decided to try and capture some of that Summer fun by giving readers as little time to wait between issues as possible. I know fans of WILDGUARD will enjoy this as they chomp at the bit waiting for the latest installment. I also hope that new readers will take a chance by jumping on board.”

Nauck began his career as an artist. He then took up writing with the
release of the first installment of WILDGUARD (WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL), which received rave reviews and impressive sales. Recently, Nauck has taken up the inking, coloring, and lettering chores with the first follow up one-shot, WILDGUARD: FIRE POWER, and now continues his one-man show with FOOL’S GOLD.

For more information on WILDGUARD, and to purchase WILDGUARD books, please drop by www.wildguard.com/store/wildguardstore.html. Nauck also produces a series of weekly online comics strips starring the team, which can be found on the homepage: www.wildguard.com.

Both issues of WILDGUARD: FOOL’S GOLD will be solicited in the May issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and will be on stands the first and third weeks of July.

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