[TNA] TNA Invading Wrestlemania?


The following email was sent out by The TNA Street Team today:


* * * * *

Wrestlemania comes to The Staples Center in Los Angeles April 3rd!!!

That’s only days away! (Whoa… why am I telling you this?!?) I need volunteers to help us distribute materials to thousands of wrestling fans!!! Form teams of people to go out an permeate the city of L.A. and the Staples Center with TNA’s posters, flyers, stickers… anything we can get to you… And not only that! We need you to TELL EVERYONE about TNA!

It’s really easy. Send me an email to TNAStreetTeam@theechoplex.com with “WMXXI” in the subject line and tell me how many people are going with you, what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go… all the juicy details! And send me your mailing address so I can send you materials!

We’ll send you the materials you need, and all you need to do is show up in a crowd of wrestling fans, hand out materials, and let us know how it went! If you send us digital pictures, we’ll put them up on the site.

And we want to REWARD you for your hard work! We’ll send you some combination of the following: Destination X Posters, Lockdown Posters, a t-shirt, badge, stickers… plus we’ll tell EVERYONE what you did!!!

TNA Street Team Administrator

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