En Francais: TNA Impact Report


TNA Impact Report

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Michel Letourneur introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. After making fun of Letourneur’s sweater, they talk about the next TNA PPV, Lockdown. This week, Dusty Rhodes makes his decision.

Backstage, we see Abyss with Trintity and Traci. Not very understandable as the announcers are screaming at each other during this. Trinity shows him a contract. He yells at the girls, they run away and AJ Styles comes for the rescue. A brawl errupts. Funny moment with Letourneur translating Abyss’ gibberish.

Trytan vs Buck Quatermain: This is Trytan’s Impact debut. He is a big guy. This is basically a squash with Buck having a dropkick to the knee as the only offense. Trytan finishes it with an F5 for trrrrrrrrrois. Trytan isn’t that bad.


Backstage, Konnan and The Outlaw have a few words and 3 Live Crew come and separate them.

David Young & Lex Lovett vs The Shocker & Jeff Hardy: Young and Hardy are legal as they trade armbars. Young with a punch, whip, head down, kick by Hardy and legdrop to the stomach. Tag to Shocker. Hardy flies on Young in the corner with Shocker on all fours. A second time, this time vice versa. Cradle by Shocker gets 2. Rake and a tag to Lovett. Doesn’t matter, Shocker gives a boot to the face. Back and forth stuff leads to a clothesline from the top for 2. Tag to Jeff and chases Lovett outside. Young from behind and throws him to the railing. Back in, tag to Young. Dropkick gets 2. Funny moment happens as Young goes for the tag, but goes to the Shocker’s corner instead and Young is like “what the hell am I doing”. Tag to Lovett. Suplex into a facelock by Lex. Tag to Young, clothesline gets two. Tag to Lovett, double whip, Hardy goes to the top with a senton on both. Tag to Shocker. Double dropkick by Shocker. Shocker immobilizes his Young’s parts and cradles him for trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrois.


Backstage, Michael tells Kevin Nash where Jeff Jarrett is.

Cassidy Riley & Shark Boy vs Disciples of Destruction (w. Traci): Riley & Shark duck Harris’ clotheslines. Riley gets a handspring elbow and Shark gives a dropkick. Bulldog to the other Harris. Whip by Riley, reverse, Harris catches Riley, dropkick by Shark Boy and that gets 2. Shark is taken to the oustide and beaten. Back in, sideslam and powerslam. More beatings. Shark gets two cradles. He comes back with a dropkick and an enziguri (somewhat). Shark bites Traci in the butt! Tag to Riley. No selling by DOD -> H-Bomb for trrrrrrrrois!


DDP comes to the ring. He calls out Dusty for an answer. Dusty basically…agrees. No drama, no nothing. Wow, did he really need one week for that? Jeff Jarrett shows up on the TNA-tron and taunts DDP. In the background, wrestlers are attacking another one. It turns out to be Nash. DDP runs to the back to check on him. At Lockdown, it will be Outlaw, JJ and Brown vs Nash, Waltman and DDP in a cage.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Raven and Jeff Hardy meet. Raven says he has his fans and Hardy has his. What if they went together? Hardy says he has his fans and that’s that. They shake hands and when Hardy leaves, Raven asks “YOUR fans?”

Sonny Siaki vs Apolo: Before they lockup, Apolo is like “wait a minute”, then tells the fans to cheer for him. Back&forth, they both exchange punches. Whip by Siaki, boot to the face by Apolo, spear gets two. Siaki comes back with a leg lariat and neck breaker. They get deux. Powerbomb by Apolo. Exchange of punches and chops. Superkick to Siaki. Apolo goes for another, duck, Edge’s move on the knees. Something happens in the corner with Apolo getting a screwed up rollup for trois. Siaki extends a hand and Apolo shakes. Unlike Tytran, Apolo IS bad. Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt show up and says TNA is for wrestling, not Puerto-Rican/Somoan soap opera. Siaki tells them to come to the ring, they decline and the chase & feud is on.


Phi Delta Slam(w.Trinity) vs AMW: Harris and Bruno are legal. Harris knocks Bruno out of the ring and Storm comes in and knocks Tilly out.


Double dropkick to Bruno. Harris beats him in the corner. Whip, reverse, Bruno with a (somewhat) kick to the knee. Now, they have Harris in control. Nice high impact moves like a double hiptoss. Chris fights back with a clothesline and tags Storm. Enziguri on Tilly and superkick on Bruno. Death sentence coming, no, Team Canada comes and that is enough for a DQ. Dustin Rhodes comes for the rescue and the good guys clear the ring.

We end it in the RDS studios. Next week: Skipper vs Michael vs Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin, winner faces Christopher Daniels at Lockdown. Third week in a row in which Letourneur asks Blondin if he wants a fresh one.

A la prochaine!