InsidePulse Indy Report 3.27.05 – Results & WE/TH Shows

“Technician” Tom Carter/Reckless Youth Clinic on 4/30
UPW Lil’ Nate Interview
Trash Talking Radio Hosts Kashmere, Ref Hansen, & More
DOI Looking For IWA MS, PWG, & TNA Reviewers
3/19 – MWF – Valleyfield, QC
IWA FF – Hartwell, GA
XVW – Elgin, AL
3/20 – IPW – Orpington, England
3/22 – NWH – Buxton, ME
ACW – New Port Richey, FL
3/23 – 01 – Hokkaido, Japan
3/24 – IWW – Waterford, Ireland
MSW – Beckley, WV
3/25 – 01 – Hokkaido, Japan
FIP – Lakeland, FL
ICW – Tacoma, WA
APW – Morristown, TN
3/26 – JAPW – Philadelphia, PA
EWF – Marion, IN
RCW – Winnipeg, Manitoba
CW – Kingsport, TN
CWF – Rensselaer, IN
APW – Bristol, TN
WED SHOW – 3/30: CCW – Evansville, IN
WCE – Natchitoches, LA
MSW – Carter Hall, WV

“Technician” Tom Carter/Reckless Youth Clinic on 4/30

Tom Carter, previously known as Reckless Youth, is offering a training clinic at the Animal House, 3230 Collins ST, Philadelphia, PA on Sat, April 30, 2 to 5 pm. Participants can also attend an open training session at the Animal House from 12 noon to 2 pm.

The clinic is $15 & participants can sign-up with

UPW Lil’ Nate Interview

Lil’ Nate has been wrestling since 15 & has been trained by Roddy Piper, wrestled in Japan, & recently defeated new WWE signee Frankie Kazarian for the UPW Lightweight Title.

Trash Talking Radio Hosts Kashmere, Ref Hansen, & More

Listen in this Tuesday at 7 pm as TTR sits down with PWU co-owner Johnny Kashmere, independent “super ref” Sean Hansen, Super Destroyer, & more.

DOI Looking For IWA MS, PWG, & TNA Reviewers

Declaration of Independents is looking for regular reporters who attend IWA Mid-South, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, & NWA TNA events. If you are interested in being a part of DOI, e-mail

Montreal Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 3/19 – Valleyfield, QC

*The Angry Aryans (Viking/Damien) def. The Wrecking Crew (Tomassino/Christopher Wells)
*MWF Tag Titles Match: Above Standards (Carl Choquette/Frank the Red) def. The New Flying Hurricanes (Takao/Kurt Lauderdale)
*MWF Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Maniako def. Marvelous Jeff
*Hardcore Ninja #2 def. Kevin Steen by pin
*Fred La Merveille (w/ Sylvain “Genocide” Tisseur) def. Beef Wellington
*MWF National Title Match: champion Kid Kamikaze retained over eXeSs
*MWF Regional Title Match: champion Jay Charismo retained against Kenny the Bastard & Dave Tripps
*Ace Jordan/Link def. X-Force
*Shinjiro Hashinoku/Player Uno def. Twiggy/Pornstar Juan
*Santino Italiano def. Marty Hart by DQ when Hart would not release the Sharpshooter

IWA Flashfire results
Sat, 3/19 – Hartwell, GA

Crowd: 100
*IWA FF US Title Match: champion Lance Christopher retained against Phillip Pain
*Executioner def. Tow Truck
*Tommy Sawyer def. Purple Passion
*IWA FF Internet Title, Body Shop Match: Logan def. Buford T
*”Merciless” Don Matthews/Rahn Jordan/Boulevard/Casey J def. The Tower/Phillip Pain/Lance Christopher/Golden Eagle

Xtreme Violence & Wrestling results
Sat, 3/19 – Elgin, AL

*Battle Royal: Dan Geddon & Syko
*Jeremy Westmoreland def. AJ Creed
*Prophet def. Jewdis by DQ
*Storm/Big Spade def. Jamie Idol/Wiked P
*Dan Geddon def. Syko
*No DQ Match: Spidar Boodrow vs. Gauntlet went to a double count-out

International Pro Wrestling results
Sun, 3/20 – Orpington, England

*Samoa Joe def. Spud
*Ashe & Kris Linnell def. The Chav Army
*Tony Sefton def. Jack Storm
*Samoa Joe vs. Martin Stone went to a draw
*Andy Boy Simmonz def. Paul Robinson, Kid Regis & Jake
*Martin Stone def. Spud
*Aviv Maayan/Super Dragon def. Stevie Douglas/El Generico
*Super Dragon def. Aviv Maayan

New Wrestling Horizons results
Tues, 3/22 – Buxton, ME

*Jason Rumble/Mark Moment def. Cameron Mathews/Paul Hudson
*Frankie Armadillo def. Larry Huntley
*Jon Thornhill def. Jonathan Phoenix
*Hardware/Rick Daniels vs. Sonny Roselli/Gino Martino went to a double DQ
*Danny Dangerous def. Dangerous Donny
*The Big Islanders def. Larry Huntley/Dangerous Donny
*Street Fight: Quentin Michaels def. Nick Santone

American Championship Wrestling results
Tues, 3/22 – New Port Richey, FL

*Damien Angel def. Heater
*Mosca def. Big Daddy Pimp
*Joshua Masters vs. Morpheus went to double KO
*Cousin Dale def. Taurus
*Scott Davis def. T-Bolt
*Sideshow def. David Mercury
*Mosca def. Cousin Dale

Zero-One results
Wed, 3/23 – Hokkaido, Japan

*Shinjiro Otani/Riki Choshu def. Takao Omori/Kohei Sato
*Masato Tanaka/Tetsu Kuroda def. Tatsuhito Takaiwa/Alex Shelley
*Steve Corino/CW Anderson def. Ikuto Hidaka/Minoru Fujita
*Spanky def. Ryouji Sai
*Rikiya Fudo def. Osamu Namiguchi
*Takashi Uwano def. Fuyuki Takahashi

Irish Whip Wrestling results
Thurs, 3/24 – Waterford, Ireland

*Jonny Storm def. Irish Dragon
*Red Vinny def. M-Dogg 20
*SOS def. Dave Zero
*Darren Burridge vs. Vid Vain went to a double count-out
*Raven/SOS def. Alex Shane/Red Vinny

Mountain State Wrestling results
Thurs, 3/24 – Beckley, WV

*TJ Phillips def. Scotty McKeever
*Jazz E def. Dan Richards
*Chris Gilbert/Kid Apollo def. Dave Scott/Sin City Mike
*Jason Kincaid def. Roger Hamm by DQ
*MSW Heavyweight Title Match: Cuban Assassin #2 def. Big Bad John

Zero-One results
Fri, 3/25 – Hokkaido, Japan

*TLC Match: Masato Tanaka/Steve Corino/CW Anderson def. Minoru Fujita/Ikuto Hidaka/Sonjay Dutt
*Shinjiro Otani/Ryouji Sai def. Takao Omori/Kohei Sato
*Riki Choshu def. Tatsuhito Takaiwa
*Spanky def. Alex Shelley
*Rikiya Fudo def. Fuyuki Takahashi
*Takashi Uwano def. Osamu Namiguchi

Full Impact Pro results
Fri, 3/25 – Lakeland, FL

Thanks to Alan J. Wojcik of
*Erick Stevens/Evan Starsmore def. Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis)
*”Tornado” Tony Kozina def. Don Juan (w/ So Cal Val)
*NWA FL Tag Titles Match: champions Double Deuce (Marcus Dillon/”Uptown” Frankie Capone) retained over Rod Steel/NWA FL Heavyweight champion Bruce Steele
*ROH World Title Match: champion Austin Aries retained against Insane Dragon (w/ Dave Prazak)
*”American Dragon” Brian Danielson def. Roderick Strong
*Jared Steel def. “The Shooter” Vordell Walker & Masada
*Jimmy Rave/Fast Eddie (w/ Dave Prazak) def. Steve Madison/Sal Rinauro
*CM Punk (w/ Naphtali) def. James Gibson (aka Jamie Noble)

Fri, 3/25 – Tacoma, WA

*Randy Taylor def. Vinnie V & Ritchie Magnett
*”Marvelous” Matt def. Jason Jackson
*Rad def. Mike Santiago
*Sloth def. Teenage Dirtbag
*Mr. GQ/Tim Flowers/Avalanche vs. The Honky Tonk Man/Chef/Sonny Omara went to a no contest

All Pro Wrestling results
Fri, 3/25 – Morristown, TN

*Stan Lee def. Brad Thomas
*APW TX/TN Title vs. Hair Match: Ricky Morton def. Dr. Tom Pritchard
*AJ Anderson/Chris Stewert def. The Rowdy Boys
*Big Pimp James/O-Dog/Danny Gibson def. Doug
Gibson/Greg Rocker/Stan Lee
*Barbarian vs. Chainz went to a no contest after the Ghostriders interfered
*The Tennessee Hillbillys def. The Ghostriders
*”Hardcore” Terry Houston/Teddy Casey/JD Hogg/
Tennessee Nightmare def. “Outlaw” Scotty Black/JD Sullivan/Lighting/Mr. X

Jersey All Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 3/26 – Philadelphia, PA

Crowd: 600
*B-Boy def. Eric Cooper
*Monsta Mack def. Ashe Samuels
*Low Ki def. Danny Demanto
*Rockin’ Rebel/Greg Matthews def. Greg Spitz/Hellfire
*JAPW Heavyweight Title Match: Homicide (w/ Rick Silver) def. Jay Lethal after interference by B-Boy & Low Ki
*Carnage Crew def. Christopher Street Connection
*Chris Candido def. EC Negro
*Trent Acid def. Frankie Kazarian, followed by Kazarian attempting a beat down on Acid, w/ Johnny Kashmere running in. The Animal House Crew came down, then AWA NJ came to the ring to a brawl. 5 CZW fans tried to cause a problem, Rebel cut a promo, & the PWU crew was removed by JAPW’s Fat Frank
*Azreal def. Grim Reefer
*Samoa Joe def. Low Ki
*Neeno Capone def. Envy, Matt Donovan, Pinkie Sanchez, Arcadia, & El Chapuline Negro
*Cage Match: Teddy Hart/Jack Evans def. Homicide/B-Boy after interference from Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 3/26 – Marion, IN

*EWF Tag Titles Match: champions The Southern Boys retained over Will Reign/Noah Lott
*Hypnosis def. Reign
*Superman Rob def. The Smooth Criminal
*Matt Shock def. “The Rage” David Payne & Melliki
*Ryan Paradise def. Tiny Tim
*EWF New Era Title Match: champion Indy Kid def. Captain Psychedelic
*EWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Osyris def. Fallen Dragon by DQ

Mega Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 3/26 – North Ridgeville, OH

*AERO! def. Shiima Xion
*”Dr. Abomination” Michael Hellborn def. Sneakee Pete/Screwy Louie
*The Perfect Team def. Kingdom James/Dios Salvadorr
*”Killer” Chris Kole def. Christian Faith
*MCW US Tag Titles Match: champions Da Munchies retained over The Gambino Brothers Moving Company
*MCW Brass Knuckles Titles Match: Brandon X def. Traz
*MCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Shawn Blaze retained against Nick Ritters by reverse decision
*MCW US Title Match: champion JT Lightning retained over The Bouncer

River City Wrestling results
Sat, 3/26 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

*Gibby Guerrero def. Kory Kobash
*The Axe def. Spanky
*Jerin Rose def. Donny DiCaprio by DQ
*TJ Bratt def. Sugar Shane
*Arm Wrestling Match: Hulk Hollywood def. TJ Bratt
*AJ Sanchez/Kevy Chevy def. Joey Blitz/Jean Marius
*Robby Stardom def. Fugi Wugi Mark II
*Zach Mercury def. Danny Duggan
*Battle Royal: Bobby Jay

Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 3/26 – Kingsport, TN

*Dan Marrow def. Mike Cooper
*Josh Cody def. The Freak
*Beau James/Super Destroyer def. Ray Idol/Dan Richards
*CW Tag Titles Match: champions Nick Hammonds/Wayne Adkins retained over Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy
*CW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Alyx Winters retained against Thorn

CWF results
Sat, 3/26 – Rensselaer, IN

*Sexy Shawn Cook def. Laurence Poffo
*Ryan Thunder def. Brad Laman
*Beast Brian Roberts def. Dvon Fury by DQ
*The Bouncer def. EL Conquistador De La Noche En Lavida De La Raza
*Diceman Ronnie Vegas def. The Zombie Rob Ramer
*Kenny Courageous/Dvon Fury def. Tommy Gage/Matt Valor
*CWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Sexy: Shawn Cook retained over PT Husta

All Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 3/26 – Bristol, TN

*JD Sullivan def. “Hardcore” Terry Houston
*Big Steve Fury/Half the Tennessee Wrecking Crew def. The Rowdy Boys
*O-Dog def. Dr. Tom Pritchard
*Danny Gibson/Big Pimp James def. Doug Gibson/Greg Rocker
*Chainz/AJ Anderson/Mauler def. The Ghostriders/Sexy Kevina
*”Outlaw” Scotty Black/Southern Storm/Chris Stewart/Mr. X def. Teddy Casey/Tennessee Nightmare/Blue Angel/Da Gangsta

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Wed, 3/30
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, IN

Tickets: $10 ringside, $8 GA

Worlds Collide Entertainment
Thurs, 3/31 – 7 pm
Northwestern State University, Prather Coliseum, Natchitoches, LA

*X-Pac vs. D’Lo Brown
*Buff Bagwell vs. nWo Sting
*Disco Inferno vs. Eric Watts
*Rodney Mack 5 Minute White Boy Challenge
*Jazz vs. ODB
*Brother Heaven Lee Love vs. Nick Bondage
*The Minotaur vs. The Psycho
*Jessie Dalton vs. Faroh of Phunk
*Also featuring Mick Foley & more

Tickets: $100 VIP (front row & meet & greet), $35 floor, $25 Special Section, $17 GA

Mountain State Wrestling
Central Elementary School, Carter Hall, WV
Thurs, 3/31

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