[RAW] WWE.com Official Preview For RAW


The Face-off
March 28, 2005

Only days away from their WrestleMania match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista and Triple H will stare each other down in a RAW “Face-off” ordered by General Manager Eric Bischoff. What will the Cerebral Assassin have in store for the former Evolution enforcer, and will Batista try to get a piece of The Game before April 3? And what exactly will the “Face-off” entail, since Bischoff didn’t offer any details?

This comes one week after Batista fought his way through all of The Game’s hand-picked lumberjacks in a “Pick Your Poison” Match of Triple H’s design. But Triple H will have no control over Batista this week.

Also, The Showstopper will attempt to tune up the band before WrestleMania with a match against Muhammad Hassan. The outspoken newcomer doesn’t understand why he hasn’t been granted a WrestleMania match despite his impressive streak on RAW, so he’ll try to make a display out of HBK.

Shawn Michaels certainly has his hands full preparing for his “dream match” against SmackDown! Superstar Kurt Angle. Still, he’ll have to divert his focus to the dangerous Hassan on Monday Night RAW. Will Hassan and manager Khosrow Daivari make an example of HBK, or will Michaels use Hassan to build WrestleMania momentum.

Watch RAW on Monday (9/8 CT; Spike TV) to find out.

Credit- WWE.com