The Crucifix


That’s right, new column art. Currently, several things are in development to make this column more graphically pleasing. This means that when I get around to it, I’ll make things that look nicey nice for the column. For now, enjoy what is here and of course, enjoy my words of grappling wisdom. On with the show…

Raw 03.21.05

– Shawn Michaels def. Robert Conway
– Christy Hemme, William Regal and Tajiri def. Molly, Maven and Simon Dean
– Triple H makes his way to the ring and cuts a lengthy promo on Batista.
– End of Show…that was a long promo.
– Just f***ing with you.
– Edge and Christian def. Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin
– Edge and Christian best down on Jericho and Shelton. Benoit saves and gets killed with a ladder by Tyson Tomko.
– Flair hypes up a bunch of heels who will be lumberjacks for the main event. He also mentions that Evolution is recruiting.
– GM Eric talks with Batista. He denies any knowledge that Triple H would make a lumberjack match.
– Randy Orton cuts a promo on Undertaker. He shows off the updated Legend Killer Tour shirt with Undertaker on the back. He then hits an RKO on Stacey to make the point that he will do anything to win.
– Chris Benoit def. Tyson Tomko
– Muhammed Hassan gets in HBK’s face. He says all the usual stuff and Michaels, aka Mr. Wrestlemania, challenges him to a match for next Monday.
– Triple H brings out all the lumberjacks.
– Batista def. Kane in a lumberjack match.
– Triple H ascends the announcers table. Batista ascends the ring ropes. They stare at each other for a while.

The Raw Membrane

– Triple H is guilty of taking up to much air time with his promo.
– Tyson Tomko is guilty of assault with a deadly weapon for hitting Benoit with the ladder.
– Randy Orton is guilty of assault on Stacy.
– Stacy is guilty of stupidity. How many times did I say it? How many? You could’ve been one of us Stacy, you could’ve been with the net writers. But noooo! Randy was too hot! Well, to quote Tony Montana…”LOOK AT YOU NOW!”
– All the lumberjacks are guilty of not being good people and interfering in the match.


– HBK and Grenier was fun. I’ll say this, love him or hate him, Shawn Michaels is always fun to watch.
– Christy’s match will be covered later on in this column.
– HHH’s promo gave me a headache. I know he’s “The Game” and all that but for Christ’s sake, shut up! I felt like I was at a long sermon. I know God rules and stuff, let’s get on with it!
– If they aren’t going to do anything special with Christian, then they should reunite E&C on a permanent basis. They screwed up the break up the first time, so have them reunite and then do the break up the right way a year from now.
– Tomko’s ladder shot on Benoit’s back was sickening.
– Batista with Bischoff was hilarious.
– ‘Nuff said about Stacy. Although she does take the RKO better than anyone.
– Benoit was pissed! He beat Tomko like a…say it with me…GOVERNMENT MULE!
– HBK will pull out a nice match with Hassan. Hassan will go over via Angleference.
– The Lumberjack Match was ok for what it was, but I wouldn’t want to see it on a weekly basis.

Smackdown 03.24.05

Good news…I’m getting paid so I’m getting that elusive VCR. So this will be the last week without a Smackdown checkup. Also, if anyone has the full version of the Angle/Martel thing, please send it my way. I wanted to see that in the worst way and didn’t exactly provide what I was looking for.

The Crown of Thorns: Raw

– HBK will bring down the house with Hassan. Angle will interfere to allow Hassan to pick up the win.
– The “Face Off” between Triple H and Batista will be nothing but horse malarky. It may wind up being longer that HHH’s promo last week.
– Six man tag with the “Money In The Bank” participants.
– Christy meets Molly to keep her “training” going. Triple Stratus interferes.
– Let’s go back to the “Face Off” for a minute. Why are they calling this a face off? Are they going to drop a puck and have Trips and Batista go at it? Is Triple H going to go through some suregery and actually become Batista Troy? I just don’t get the logic. I’m all for people standing on ropes and tables and yelling at each other from afar, but why do they need to have a face off? All of this is just jabbering into a microphone, which brings me to this point: Why do these guys always yell at each other on the microphone when they are so close? Let’s see here…

Ok, so everyone wants to hear what these guys are saying to each other. Not just Triple H and Batista, but everyone who cuts a promo. But, looking at things logically, if they are four feet away from each other and they walk up and get nose to nose, why do they speak into a microphone? I’m sure the person can hear them without the aid of the speakers in the arena. Putting a microphone in between them seems silly. Look at it this way. If you hated a kid like crazy at school. You two were about to fight and started talking trash. Do you, in the middle of the schoolyard, ask for the house microphone and some speakers? No! You call him a stupid sonofabitch, you slept with his mom, his dad is jobless, his dog licks peanut butter off his cash and prizes and all that stuff. You don’t go “Excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to have a microphone would you?” to the fat kid in the corner. I know this seems silly because it is wrestling and everything, but think about it for a minute. Also, the whole schoolyard thing…

Let’s just call this How To And How Not To Cut A Promo In Real Life

When cutting a promo on someone in real life, make sure you insult their parents. If their parents are dead, even better. This will get them emotional and they will truly believe they are fighting for their parents honor. Then you kick them in the grundle and you win. If they have a dog, mention that you’ve had sex with it. Either that or they have had sex with it. If they have a little sister, you are in luck. Older brothers protect nothing more than their little sister. If you can corrupt her, you are in luck. I call this the “Raven/Sandman Effect” because quite frankly, older brothers act as if their little sisters are their own children. If you can date her, you are in luck. But I digress…mention that you really enjoy the quiet nights you spend with his sister. Mention that they are quiet until she can’t take it anymore and then the cops have to come. Tell him how trashy she is and how many children you will father with her. As he gets angrier, multiply that by two. Also, use the word f*ck a few times. If you use it properly, there is nothing better. It has the FFF and the UHH and the CUHH and it will stun him. Honestly if you say “Yeah? Fuck you!” he can’t come back and be like “Yeah, f*ck me…well…gaylord!” It just doesn’t work. If he tries his friends will laugh at him and he will be out of it mentally, leading to a big win for you.

Now the things you don’t want to do. Don’t under any circumstances, use wrestling language. Do not tell him that you are going to layeth the smacketh down on his candy ass. It sounds like you want to film a porn with him. Do not do the crotch chop and yell “SUCK IT!” Once again, porn. Don’t turn to the people around and say “If you want me to whoop this sumabitches ass gimme a hell yeah!” They will look at you with profound amazement of your stupidity. Except for one kid who will go “Hyatte Rules!” who you will develop a friendship with until he turns heel on you. Sick lives we lead. Do not, DO NOT have a friend help you and try Total Elimination. I have a chipped front tooth from that because my friend misfired on the top kick and nailed me. Also, during the fight, do not try any wrestling moves other than submissions or the occassionally slam. Do not try to whip your opponent into the fence and set up for a backdrop. He isn’t bouncing back and he most certainly isn’t going to push off of your back and flip onto concrete. I do recommend using the Sharpshooter if it becomes available. For one, they get confused when you are putting it on. Secondly, when you put it on they cry like women. You will get some inner satisfaction as you hear this, thinking that the schoolyard has become your personal “Dungeon.” If you happen to say “Whatcha gonna do brother!?” I will personally teleport to wherever you are and beat your ass. If you really want to use wrestling terminology, cut a Warrior promo. They will have no clue what the hell you are talking about and will lose concentration. You will win.

So just rememeber, when in the schoolyard, fight and cut promos wisely.

I can’t really do a Crown for Smackdown because I haven’t seen it. I do think there is a good chance of us seeing Randy Orton and HBK on Thursday, but other than that I’m drawing a blank.

Victoria Rules Because:
Not only has she updated her site with pictures of her against Trish, but she is also having a contest. How well can you draw Victoria executing the Widow’s Peak? Draw it in black and white and send it in to win!
Visit Victoria at

This week, Christy had her first televised match and it didn’t look too great. But, lest we forget, Trish started pretty much the same way and she has become arguably the best Women’s performer of all time. Personally, I think that come Sunday, Christy and Trish will surprise a bunch of us. We are expecting an abortion, even though Trish can carry people. But I think that Christy is a legitmately tough chick who has enough guts to not give up when the pain kicks in. She probably knows more about how to work than some of the people in OVW right now. Sunday, she’ll show up. Trish will show up. And we’ll walk away surprised.

Visit Christy at her newly revamped website,

We all know Warrior. He has legally changed his name to Warrior and will forever be known as Warrior. He also has his own language. Recently, he weighed in on the Terry Schiavo case. This prompted a call on the staff board for one of us to get drunk and interpret it. So, read my reponses in bold writing under his italics. Be aware that a kind and dear friend typed while I dictated. You can Warrior’s site here. Have to plug his site since I’m using this.

‘There is ONE life and, then, there are the LIVES of all the others.’

Terry Schiavo.

Terry Schiavo…true

As is the case each time you open your mouth, you truly can only speak for yourself. So it is that I do. On every issue there are so many angles and motives being worked, some upfront, most ulterior, that if you are a person who needs to find others in agreement with your opinion before you have the confidence to voice it, then your thoughts aren’t really worth much anyway. Mine are my own. And on this issue I am at odds with ass-kissing water-carriers.

How else do you speak? Yes, when I speak I speak for myself. So it is that I do. What the f*** is he…ok…ulterior. My thoughts are my own thoughts. Good Warrior. Who carries water? Warrior is very true though.

Since each may truly only speak for oneself, as voices posture back and forth for “live” or “die” I wonder: would it be too much to ask (of course it would) that a demand be obliged where every individual weighing-in should do exactly that? That is, speak truthfully about what one really thinks. Many are saying plenty supposedly on behalf of Mrs. Schiavo. What they aren’t offering up to tell us reveals much more, I think, about their overall motives. How about we ask them if they would want to be kept alive if in the same vegetative state? Better yet, why don’t they just offer to tell us without us having to ask? The reason is obvious. The answer is too. It would be no. No.

Whoa, that first sentence is f***ing with my head. Oh, he is saying that each person who says “die” should die and (weird voice) THOSE WHO CHOOSE LIFE WILL LIVE WITH LIFE! Warrior is saying that if you ask those who want Terry to die, they would want to live in a vegative state. They have alterior motives. Warrior is so…true.

I have a living will; have for many years. As a former pro-wrestler working the late 80s early 90s, an era apparently cursed, its talent dropping off dead in disproportionate numbers, I thought it best to be prepared. When I went to an estate attorney to have one drawn up, he gave me a nuts and bolts generic one to begin the process. He told me to take it, review it, we’d then personalize it to suit my detailed wishes, and then I’d execute it. In this generic document there was already standard boilerplate language about what if you were medically incapacitated, in a vegetative state. It’s blunt and clear: after a reasonable amount of time and effort, pull the plug, discontinue life support. It exist in this original rough draft because it is what reasonable adults prevalently opt for.

C’mon, they died from overdoses. They weren’t cursed. That is a good first draft for a will though. On his will it says ‘Warrior’. That’s funny. I want to have a cool name. I want my will to say Transformer as my first name and Morethanmeetstheeye as my last name. But Warrior is so…true

Reasonable adults discuss these kinds of matters. Not unusually, but casually and seriously. Friends, family, and loved ones do — spouses even more. It’s natural that they do. How about we ask all the faces hogging screen time what the instructions are in their own living wills? No, Terry Schiavo didn’t have one. Millions of others don’t either. That they irresponsibly don’t doesn’t change what wishes they predominately express while they are alive. I’ve never had anyone tell me, in a conversation imagining the horror, that they’d want to be kept alive in such a vegetative state. Never. So, I can’t imagine that Terry Schiavo did, nor that her and her husband never, ever broached the topic.

He says that people talk about this shit all the time and everyone wants to die. He wants to die, you want to die, everyone wants to die. (weird voice again, sorry, I don’t watch wrestling). I HAVE THE POWER OF THE CARROT! Vegative state…carrot. (laughing) Warrior = True though.

Outside of this, I have the customary ignorance and half-ass know-how to offer like everyone else. None of us spouting off our own queer three-cents have the factual details of what happened 15 years ago when this woman suffered this tragedy, or since. And up against an emotionally sensitized clock, none of us ever will. Whatever truly happened in the courts for the last seven years, whatever doctors and medical experts have determined about Schiavo’s short and long term prospects, and what the bedrock constitutional legal realties are none of us will ever, veritably, find out — not from any of the frothy televised mouthpieces anyway. Not with all the immediate, on-the-fly spinning, mistranslated half-truths and photo-optic powerplays going down. Sure, Michael Schiavo is a cad and scoundrel. There’s nothing to doubt here. He should have saw through to a conclusion Terry’s end-all fate before he got on with his life. It’s ‘death till us part’ — ’till I’m a vegetable’ doesn’t meet the standard. If he’s a knave though, what do we call the conniving cowards bleeding blood from this Republic’s laws? How about President, congressmen and senators.

He said queer and three cents in the same sentence. He called my three cents queer. Who does that? It’s two cents and they certainly aren’t queer. Frothy televised mouthpieces? Warrior is on some shit dude. OH SNAP, HE CALLED MICHAEL A CAD! Wrestlemania 21 baby! Warrior vs. Michael Schiavo in a “Feeding Tube On A Pole” match! Hell yes! “‘Till I’m a vegetable” isn’t a standard! Rock on Warrior! You are so…true!

The story that Michael wants her to die to collect money is weak. There is none he will get. Neither has it been proven that he selfishly and inconsiderately blew any money on a high lifestyle in lieu of getting her treatment. Her family telling me he has withheld therapy from Terry is sorry ass. If he did, that’s abominable. But if it was my child and I believed more concentrated therapy would help, I’d find a way to pay or learn how to do it myself, and it wouldn’t take me fifteen years. I haven’t heard that her family has been prohibited from seeing her or being with her. And if she, different from the credible medical analysis it seems, has the potential to rebuild her cognitive abilities, show me — again, especially after 15 years — more than the same 10 seconds of footage over and over of her trailgazing a balloon. If it’s your argument that more therapy would bring her out of the state she is in, help me out, tell me where you have been for fifteen years and why there is no progress to show for it. The fuller story — the whole story we will never know — is that Terry was bulimic and once when purging her food (ironically, to fool her body it was starving) had a heart attack, shut her system down and cut off oxygen to her brain. The subtitle on all the news programs is “Brain dead due to chemical imbalance.” This is physiologically correct. She purged all her electrolytes, her potassium levels went through the roof and her heart freaked out. But for me that’s not enough to tell. Give me more. Things like: Through self-abuse, she caused her vegetative condition. She, alone, is responsible for her condition. Yet, try getting those who have conspiratorially embellished the story (her husband had something criminal to do with it) to believe this truth. Maybe it’s just that neither the therapists or law enforcement down in Florida are any good. I don’t know. Add it to the list of other things I don’t know. I agree that it is tragic and sad. But. It has always seemed to me (and I always get back to this in everything I say and write), in these issues over “what is the right thing to do”, “what is the wrong thing not to do”, that it would go a long way toward reaching agreed -upon effective solutions if reason, facts and truth were prioritized and important persistently. That is to say — if what were right and wrong were yielded to all the time instead of just when it suits biased purposes. Terry Schiavo isn’t the only human being in this condition. Her parents aren’t the only ones suffering. This is not the only feeding tube that has ever been pulled. Both political sides are slinging hope-it-sticks crap, not at a reparable, patchable wall, but at our already well denigrated and pockmarked constitution, our government of laws, not men.

Too many words. He did say “trailgazing,” which may be an Olympic sport. Our Constitution isn’t pockmarked though. That’s just weird to say. Warrior used to tag with Sting. (laughs stupidly) They were Bladerunners, and they were so…true.

I have to say what others have not.

Go for it Warrior. Be true.

Terry Schiavo’s life is not the most important one on the line, here. The life of our Republic is. The life of our kids’ future is. The life of the future lying ahead for every single human being yet to come is. As much as our hearts may be disturbed, our heads and our consciences should be more bothered by how our gov reps, sworn to uphold our Constitution, are showing no informed restraint at all about trampling all over it. Schiavo got her “due justice” — by any and all forms of reasonable and rational interpretation, both judiciously and medically. It does not matter that there are those who erroneously think she did not — SHE DID! All the rest of this demagoguery going on is nothing but sophistry and judicial venue shopping –and this ugly admixture is a starvation more cruel (of something else) than the painless one Schiavo is being subjected to now.

Ok, the life of our Republic is not on the line. That’s being overdramatic. It’s like selling for Papa Shango. I’m so f***ed up I can’t understand Warrior. Does that mean I’m sober? (laughs) If I’m sober…then Warrior is very…true.

(No, I don’t agree with liberals — about anything. On this issue, though, I just don’t happen to agree with Republicans and con-servatives. Then again, whats new here? I’ve now been more out of agreement with Republicans and con-servatives longer than the length of time I was in a agreement with them before I found out what frauds and cons they were. No, I’m not a damn independent, either. I’m a Conservative who truly is one.)

Yes! No agreement with liberals either! (weird voice) WARRIOR! TRUE!

David Limbaugh, brother to Rush Limbaugh, talks about how his brother cogently pointed out that it really boils down to the simple matter of keeping alive a human life. That we have a responsibility as citizens of the world, Americans of this Republic that we are part, to pass on ITS IDEALS, and that this compassionate reverence for each human life is certainly one of them. In short, doing everything and everything to keep Schiavo alive is the decent human thing to do, it sets a nice, heartening example for future generations. This view is about as shortsighted and cowardly as they come. No wonder we are in such a pickle over this when our highest praised, and highest paid, con-servative voices spout off this slobbery nonsense. Let me tell you why.

Rush Limbaugh = Talent on loan from God. Lay off Rush and Hannity. Be true, just be nice to Rush and Hannity.

There is ONE life and then their are the LIVES of all the others. As sorrowful as it may be on an individual basis, sustaining the life of the concepts within our Founding documents is more important than saving one person’s life. Especially if it means that while we rescue ANY ONE life we also kill — compromise by compromise, slight by slight, ruse by ruse, con by con — the life of the very thing that allows each human being here in this country to have their unalienable right protected in the first place. What does it say about us if we misuse and misrepresent, through calculated ill-interpretations, our Constitution, to only protect each one of our own cheap, personal selfish rights — sure! while we are living — but don’t leave any Constitutional integrity behind for generations yet to come? The Founders and Framers did just that for us. They gave everything they had so that one day others would reap all their fight wrought. What makes us think we are to do any less? Did they suffer less? Can we say they didn’t give so much? Were their hearts never broken? Did they exist pain free and sorrowless? Are we that weak, so narrow-minded and shallow in our beliefs, human substance and knowledge of how great our Republic is that we would be ok with leaving behind a pile of rubble and a supply of modern-day super glue thinking that would be enough to fix it?

Dude, I have no clue. (weird voice again) WARRIOR! (snorting an snarling) TRUE!

For the sake of my great, great-grand kids I will not live to see, I hope not.

That’s not being optomistic Warrior. Does he have kids? Why don’t you know if he has kids!? (snorts) Why aren’t you true…true to Warrior?

“To those great men, who thus framed our Constitution, and secured the adoption of it, we owe a great debt of gratitude, which can scarcely be repaid. It is not then, as it is now, looked upon, from the blessings, which, under the guidance of Divine Providence, it has bestowed, with general favor and affection. On the contrary, many of those pure and disinterested patriots, who stood forth, the firm advocates of its principles, did so at the expense of their existing popularity. They felt, that they had a higher duty to perform, than to flatter the prejudices of the people, or to subserve selfish, or sectional, or local interests. Many of them went to their graves, without the soothing consolation, that their services and their sacrifices were duly appreciated. They scorned every attempt to rise to power and influence by common arts of demagogues; and they were content to trust their characters, and their conduct, to the deliberate judgment of posterity. If upon a close survey of their labors, as developed in the actual structure of the Constitution, we shall have reason to admire their wisdom and forecast, to observe their profound love of liberty, and to trace their deep sense of the value of political responsibility, and their anxiety, above all things, to give perpetuity, as well as energy, to the republican institutions of their country; then, indeed, will our gratitude kindle into a holier reverence, and their memories will be cherished among those of the noblest benefactors of mankind.” [emphasis mine]

Joseph Story, Justice of the US Supreme Court 1811-1845

Dude, f*** this. False.

Existence is filled with tragedy. And each human life lives to one day die. Creation makes it so. IT doesn’t much care if we agree with this inevitable fate or not. Both our ‘anxieties’ and ‘energies’ are so out of perspective today– ridiculously, and only 228 years out from times when they were so brave and clear. I guess when you live in times where every other commercial is about sexual potency, what is being advertised even more is the lack of staying power ‘We as a People’ have in other serious regards.

Yea Warrior, every commercial is like Viagra this and Viagra that. How many times can we see Blatt on TV talking about his impotency? Word Warrior, word, and true.

I find it ironic how neoconservatives believe in a messianic mission to spread democracy around the World (two evils — democracy and spreading it — our Founders were against themselves), but won’t accept the fact (one out of their their control) that bad, sad and tragic things happen to the beings in this World. I figure, playing God goes both ways: they’re killing what can live, and not letting die what is maybe meant to. This ‘full understanding’ is not one phony Conservatives believe they need to have; the God they play is above it. For me, believing in only half of something half the time is what I call hypocrisy. If there are life-things we can’t find the answers to, then, I figure, neither are we supposed to be persistent at making stupid, dumb-ass fools out of ourselves acting God-like like we have. Neos should approach the liberals about whether their trademark jack-ass might be for sale; the asses they are making out of themselves are custom-fit for that saddle. If they really believed, they’d be consistent believing this each moment of their short lives: at the end of day, human beings trying and failing at many earthly things, God will sort it all out to suit Himself. But they aren’t and they don’t. Depending on political motives, moods and biases, they put in, or take from, His hands.

F*** Warrior. Seriously how crazy is this dude? (Towlie voice) I got no idea what’s goin’ on but I know it’s true.

My sympathies go out to the Schiavos. They really do. But our Founding documents aren’t their daughter’s alone. They are mine. They are yours. They are for ALL flesh and blood, not just for the flesh and blood of ONE. They are for young, fully alive and animated people who have not yet had a chance to experience the freedoms and protections they secure. They are, even more, for those who are not living yet. All of us need to never forget that. People living in tougher times didn’t question it or doubt it. Schiavo is brain dead. Her head is literally filled with mush. Never will her mind work to think again. Yet, here we are, so many of us, willing to defend her single, solitary existence, sacrificing our own laws and creating out of thin air empty, unjust ones, while at the same time further breeding a future existence where, one day, human beings with minds that do work and can think will, quite likely, live under a government where they will not even be allowed to do so.

Warrior tells us like it is. We feel bad about Terry, but we can’t change every law we have ever made to fix the problems that her family is having in trying to save her. Warrior is true. (snorts then laughs…how can you people read his shit? Did Warrior snort during interviews?)

Some of us are not willing. I, for one. Because at the end of my own life, for all the faculties and graces I will unpreventably lose, I’ll still want to have my guts.


“I, for one” is not a sentence! Warrior wants to have his Warrior guts when he dies. F*** Warrior! I need some ropes to shake. Do you have ropes? Are the ropes true?

FInal thoughts: Warrior, when being read after 14 shots of vodka (dare me to drive?) is surprisingly spiritual and correct in many ways. He is very true to his words and his words are true to their wisdom. Warrior shows beyond words what words really are. These with which we live are those which inhabit our lives, and we must not forget that. Warrior, so true.

Well, that was quite the experience. I’d like to thank my friend for taking the time and putting up with me. Especially when I was snorting and making those odd noises Warrior used to make when he got angry during promos. Good fun though. If you ever get the chance I would play this game with your friends.

News and Thoughts

– Well, only one bit of news this week. Since it happens on a bimonthly basis, it really isn’t news. Lex Luger got arrested again. The “Total Package” is going to need the “Total Bailout” again. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He is a huge example of what drugs can do to f*** up your life. He played a role in Elizabeth’s death, has been arrested more times than Tupac was, and is a general deadbeat. He has nothing other than wrestling to do, and he was never good at that to begin with. So what do you do if you are him? I can think of two things: Overdose or go back to school.

Plugging It In

– has it’s voting for the trailers up. All of them have been great, so go vote.

– Plugged until the day I die…

The plugs and all things wrestling will get more in depth when we hit the Thursday Pulse. By then all the build will be done and we will head straight into Wrestlemania weekend!

Terry Schiavo

I know this was somewhat touched upon with the Warrior thing, but let me just say a couple of thing. Also, for those wondering, yes, this is wrestling. I won’t take up too much of your time with this, but if you want, click away. If you are interested in this, I’ll go in depth on moodspins tomorrow. For now, let me say this: This is the saddest case I have ever seen. Terry’s husband is already with another woman and has children with her. By paper only is he married to Terry and all he wants, I’m guessing, is to cash in on whatever life insurance policy she has. Regardless, starving someone to death is a horrible thing to do and the people responsible should be ashamed of themselves. Also, do not come down on the Bushes. There is only so much they can do. They, like us, are not above the law. They can only try to change things to their very best, which I believe they have. We’ll take a bigger look at this tomorrow life I said, but when you read something about this or see it on the news, be very aware that this isn’t taking someone off of a respirator. This is starvation. This is sick.

Enjoy your week, I’ll see you tomorrow on moodspins and of course, later this week, right here…on! (Cheap Pop)