24 – Recap – 9:00PM-10:00PM


Tick, Tick, Tick… Jack’s life remains in the hands of Marwan. It looks like Air Force One is the next target of the terrorists.

Will Almeida save Jack or sacrifice him? Find out tonight.

Check back at 9PM Eastern.

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We have a full house here at the Jestor’s Lair. Russ Montgomery, Rob Purchase and Murtz Jaffer have joined me, Matt Romanada, for an exciting hour of Tony Almeida-goodness.

Rob: I fear Almeida is losing airtime

Murtz: I am just waiting for him to F#$# Michelle.

Previously on:

Murtz: This is Romo’s favourite part of the show.

Romo: Oh you know it.

As the Previously on goes on and on we discuss just how obvious it was that the gun was empty.

It turns out the bad army guy is Mitch Anderson.


Over at CTU Edgar is working on finding Jack.

Chloe has found the van Jack and Dina were in. She tells Michelle Dina’s body was found.

Michelle tells CTU that Jack is being held by Marwan and they need to do everything to find Marwan to stop him from his next attack.

Jack is in the back of a truck/van. Marwan gets a call, he is in shotgun. Mitch Anderson calls and tells him that the plane has been grounded because a part of the plane is faulty.

Romo (quoting Marwan): Resolve this now.

Murtz: He (Anderson) is the ugly Kevin Bacon.

Russ: I say ugly Caruso.

Mitch talks to one of the technicians about the problems. Turns out the plan will not be able to land. Mitch shoots the guy.

Murtz: MURWAN styles!!

Almeida talks to Michelle about his attempts to track Jack.

Murtz: He has got the 5 O’Clock shadow. Keep it in your pants Michelle.

More sexual tension between the two of them

Murtz: lick his ear.

Rob: suck his cock.

Tony and Michelle telling Audrey about what is going on with Jack.

Audrey comes over and Michelle tells her despite the fact she was arguing against it before.


Murtz: Just give Tony 10 minutes and she (Audrey) will forget the name Bauer.

Marwan starts to interrogate Jack. Jack is not interested in helping. He tells Marwan that he will fail.

Marwan tells Jack that America will remember Secretary Heller being held captive.

Jack starts to promote how great America is.

Murtz: Not this patriotic crap

An associate and Marwan discuss how to distract CTU from the main target.

Marwan comes and asks Jack about Behrooz.

Russ: I am surprised they haven’t started beating him.

Romo: They know Jack will die rather than talk.

Russ: Still I would like to beat up Keifer Sutherland.

Rob: Who wouldn’t?

Romo: He was Snake afterall

Chloe asks Edgar to get him a password he refuses as she is not his boss anymore.

Russ: Big News” Fat Man mouths off to dyke!

Chloe goes to talk to Curtis and he tells her that she is working under Edgar.


CTU gets a call from Marwan.

Michelle talks to Marwan who tells her that he will trade Jack for Behrooz.

Curtis wonders why they want Behrooz.

Jack is trying his best to get away.


Rob: I am not happy about how this episode is starting.

Murtz: I disagree.

Russ: What is the deal with Behrooz, does he know more about other cells?

Murtz: I think he is more deeply involved. I think he will be the bad guy in the next 24. I could see him being Marwan’s kid.

Rob (random rant): Fuck Edgar!

Romo: Hey Edgar saved America from 106 nuclear explosions.

Murtz: It is not worth saving.


Arab guy on a computer talks to Marwan about what CTU is up to.

Russ: Ooh it’s the Middle East Edgar.

Michelle asks CTU at a board meeting why Marwan wants Behrooz. Tony thinks it is because Behrooz knows more about Marwan and can expose him.

Michelle orders Curtis to push Behrooz in interrogation.

Rob: I love how Almeida is in jeans and a J Crew t-shirt.

Murtz: Look at the strut.

Almeida and Audrey discuss Marwan’s call.

Curtis is about to start the investigation. Almeida walks in.

Murtz: Oh yeah!! Almeida is gonna order Curtis away.

Curtis lies to Behrooz about his mother being alive. Curtis throws him up against the wall and starts to ask him questions.

Some random CTU guy puts a needle into Behrooz while Curtis holds him down and Tony watches on.

Marwan is back on the phone. Michelle tells him she wants to make sure Jack is alive. Jack gets on the phone and tells her he is in a warehouse downtown.

Jack tells Marwan that he is expendable. Marwan agrees.


Brown Edgar tells Marwan about what is going on with the pilot.

Edgar and Chloe argue about what Edgar should be doing job wise.

Russ: Huge tension

Rob: I love it.

Romo: She wants Edgar

Russ: I think Edgar wants a chicken fajita.

Mitch comes in and tells another guy the plane is ready to go.

Russ: He is just gonna shoot him, why bother?

The guy says he is going clear the plane for take off.


break time.

Romo: They are going to hit Air Force One.

Rob: So the President isn’t in on it?

Romo: No he is gonna die.

Murtz: I disagree, I think the Prez is in on it although if he died that would be cool.


Edgar is trying to narrow down where Jack is.

Chloe is pissed off. Audrey asks what is going on but Chloe does not tell her.

Chloe asks Audrey about how she is doing with Jack being held hostage and Paul being shot. Chloe is acting weird.

Russ: You are an F$@#ing secretary go to your job.

Curtis asks Behrooz questions while he is under some sort of truth serum. Almeida gets a call and leaves.

Chloe gets a call from Sarah and asks if there is any connection with the military. Seems an air force pilot’s wife and kids are missing for two hours.

Chloe passes the buck to someone else. She wants Edgar to look at it. He promises to take care of it.


Russ: There is hot sauce all over my keyboard”¦Edgar!

Almeida updates Audrey on what is going on.

Almeida tells Michelle he does not think Behrooz knows anything.

Bill Buchannon from Division here. He will take charge of the operation.

He wants to know why Marwan wants the boy?

No one wants seems to have an answer to this question.

He asks what happens if they don’t do the exchange?

He shoots down all the ideas brought up by CTU guys.

They are gonna prepare for the trade but haven’t decided if they are gonna do it?

Jack starts to kick the shit out of two Arab guys while his hands are tied about his head.

Some other guy comes to swats him in the head. He is out. They take him down and drag him away


break time

Murtz: Purchase’s heart is saying Tony but his head is saying Driscoll.


Murtz: Is Edgar more likely to f*ck A) a bucket of chicken, B) full blown mannequin C) Chloe.

Russ: Chicken

Rob: My call is also chicken

Murtz: I will have to concur

Romo: I am going with the mannequin.

Rob: He probably has a blow up doll under his computer at CTU.

Russ: yeah it’s a Chloe.

Romo: In a chicken suit.


Rob: Almeida son!

Sarah goes to talk to Edgar and drops a CD with info of the military hostage situation.

Murtz: Oh now he is gonna mess it up.

Almeida tells Audrey they are going to go ahead with the exchange.

Audrey asks Tony if he will be there. He is gonna stay at headquarters. He admits the operation is not intended to get Jack. He says they have to consider Jack expendable and they need to get Marwan.

Tony: Jack is about the only friend I have left and I will do anything to save him.

Murtz: That is the Almeida I love.

Curtis tells Behrooz they are gonna send him to Marwan. Curtis gives him a watch to put on. Behrooz is refusing to go. They shoot him with a tracker in his skin.

Behrooz tells Curtis that he is not a man of his word, he is just using him.

Edgar is about to look at the CD but Almeida asks him to do something else. Edgar doesn’t look at the CD.


Behrooz is being brought through CTU.

Almeida asks if the tracker is working.

Bill and Michelle talk about how they don’t have time to sweep the area for the swap.

Marwan calls and gives final instructions. He gives detailed instructions.

She refuses his demands that they will see Jack before the trade.

Marwan: Your Boy Scout is just fine.

He tells an associate, “that will keep them busy” and to kill Jack once they get Behrooz.


Break time.

Murtz: I want Behrooz to turn so bad.

Russ: Yeah they are sure pushing him that way.

Murtz: I think he is going to finger Bauer for killing his mom and then have a chance to shoot Jack.


The van is transporting Jack.

Rob: Bauer has had a very disappointing episode

Romo: He has been tied up.

Russ: Asian prostitutes could do more tied up than Jack Bauer.

Behrooz tells Curtis to just pick up Marwan at the trade. He tells him that he will have to lead CTU to Marwan. Behrooz is shitting in his pants.

Marwan tells his guy that he hasn’t decided what to do once they have Behrooz.

Rob: Is Curtis getting shot up?

The van stops. Curtis gets out and takes Behrooz to the end of the bridge.

The other van stops.

Michelle thinks Marwan isn’t in the area.

She orders Curtis it’s a go.

Curtis sends Behrooz and Jack walks towards him.

There is a sniper at

Behrooz asks where his mother is. Hack

The sniper is ordered to take Jack out. CTU shoots the sniper.

Jack is pissed that they gave him the kid.

The van with Behrooz gets away.


CTU is in chase.

Jack calls CTU and asks Tony to find a phone line near the dam because he destroyed two phone jacks that should give them the location.

The guys in the van call Marwan and he tells them to look for tracking devices. They find the watch. The guy tells Behrooz his mom is dead. The guy finds the tracker injected in Behrooz. He takes out a knife.

Chloe reports to Curtis they have found the second tracker.

Edgar tells Chloe he is gonna get the satellite to help find Behrooz.

Tony finds the location where Jack was held from the phone company.

The pilot gets an order from Marwan to get in the air. He is in a stealth plane.


Murtz: Very weak ending.

Russ: yeah it was.

Rob: Not happy.

Come back for the final comments.

Final Comments

Russ: This whole thing could have been avoided if Edgar had learned the crucial reality of proper time management. (Oh crap I have an assignment due tomorrow)

Romo: I think it would have been better if Jack had died and Tony had taken over both at CTU and in Audrey’s bedroom.

Rob: Almeida son! All I have to say is too much Chloe and Edgar, I hate Audrey too, not enough Mitch Anderson. Love that Mitch Anderson.

Murtz: Chicken wings, chicken gyros, full blown mannequins and a pissed off Chloe, just another night at the Jeste’s Lair.

Russ (with a final word): I do not know whose situation is more dire, Behrooz or Terri Schiavo.

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